5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Using You

A Pisces woman knows how to control her emotions around you, so it would be a bit difficult to find out if she is being serious. If you want to know the signs when a Pisces woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Pisces woman is using you if she constantly lies about her whereabouts and gives you a reason not to rely on her. She will act like she is the victim, which is also a part of her mind games that are very convincing. A Pisces woman may also act overly sensitive to test you.

Read further to know more about a Pisces woman’s weaknesses in a relationship and how to keep him interested!

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Signs A Pisces Woman Wants To Break Up

She becomes distant

A Pisces woman is the type of person who initially relies more on nonverbal cues than spoken communication. Therefore, she will be prone to acting distant and detached first when she has some awful news that you might not handle well, such as the news that she wants to end the relationship.

You’ll be able to tell when a Pisces woman is truly serious about breaking up with you, even though it’s more probable that she’s just seeking to unwind and have some alone time to process deeper emotions.

Any justification he can think of will be used by this sign to avoid you, and you’ll sense a gap in your relationship with him. Therefore, even what you might consider a Pisces man’s typical independence could be a sign.

She starts arguments

When she wants to end the relationship but is hesitant to say it out loud, a Pisces woman may pick fights with you. She might try to drive you over the brink by making passive-aggressive digs. A Pisces woman’s strategy is to continually pick small fights in the hopes that she will react violently or defensively.

A Pisces woman will anticipate that you would either start a conflict or approach her directly about her abrupt seclusion. When this occurs, she will use this as an excuse to end the relationship and blame you for it. A Pisces woman will cite this as a reason to end things by claiming that you were cruel or too harsh.

5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Using You

She is unreliable

Your Pisces woman has a negative side, and that is that she may be quite uncommitted and casual about things. There is nothing more annoying than someone who can’t commit to something, which is what she’ll do if she is only using you.

Sadly, this is one of a Pisces woman’s strategies for really getting under your skin.

A Pisces woman attempts to push you away because she is so terrified of being hurt that she acts as though she doesn’t care about the plans you make. She doesn’t seem to be respecting your time, which is something she wants to emphasize with this behavior.

Let a Pisces woman know how awful her behavior makes you feel when she behaves erratically; this can prompt her to reconsider how she is treating you.

She is sensitive

A Pisces woman may exhibit extreme sensitivity. There seem to be those days where whatever you seem to do or say, she seems to take such offense to. This aspect of her may not even be that conscious within her. This is yet another trick your Pisces woman does when she is only using you.

This sign wants to know if you are prepared to change your behavior in order to please her.

However, a Pisces woman must understand that her sensitivity and emotions are her own, and she must learn how to manage them in a healthy way. Nevertheless, she will conveniently point the finger at you even if it wasn’t your fault because she wants you to solve her problems.

She constantly lies

Your Pisces woman is either feeling like she doesn’t have to answer to you, or she is aware that she is being dishonest if she tends to omit specifics when you ask her what she’s been up to. She is a master of lies and deception, so she is definitely using you if you can catch her lying.

A Pisces woman particularly engages in this behavior when she is seeing someone who she has no intention of making last.

A Pisces woman may have met a male friend who is actually a little more than a friend if she claims she went to hang out with someone but omits important details of where she was heading. Keeping this sign’s options open, she always appears to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side.

She plays mind games

You know your Pisces woman has a way with words that can persuade anyone of anything if you’ve spent enough time with her. This includes tricking you into believing she is telling the truth when she is actually lying, as mentioned before.

Playing mind games is one of the signs that your Pisces woman is using you and leading you on.

A Pisces woman has a talent for tugging at people’s heartstrings, which offers her a lot of power because she is skilled at manipulating people’s emotions. Although she is skilled at persuasion, she still has her weaknesses.

Don’t be surprised if a Pisces woman has; if you call her out on it, she’s obviously going to deny it.

She plays the victim

A Pisces woman won’t accept any responsibility for her mistakes and will place all the blame on others. Just be aware that she may be trying to test her boundaries with you if she displays extreme sensitivity and plays the victim.

She wants to test how much she can get away with and how far she can take things with you. A Pisces woman would attribute all of her issues and offer justifications for why they were never her fault.

A Pisces woman is extremely perceptive to other people’s feelings, but she also has a lot of power since she is adept at finding the weak points in others. She might play for no other reason than to have fun and relax, not giving any thought to potentially negative outcomes.

A Pisces Woman’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

A Pisces woman may appear to be upbeat and positive all the time, but in reality, she is really worried and troubled. She is constantly worried that something will go wrong and that all of her dreams will come crashing down.

Hence, a Pisces woman’s anxiousness makes it hard for her to settle down in a relationship.

A Pisces woman tends to worry excessively, and she finds it challenging to establish relationships at times because of this. She does not want to cause harm to anyone and does not want to let down the one she genuinely loves.

Unfortunately, a Pisces woman may wind up suppressing her feelings which can lead to a lot of unrequited love.

How To Keep A Pisces Woman Interested

For women born under this sign, confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons. She will instantly fall head over heels in love with you if you make such an excellent first impression. You’ll lose a Pisces woman’s respect the longer you wait to speak to her.

She will perceive you as a coward, and she despises cowardly men above all others.

Approach her in a way that suggests you won’t take no for an answer if you want her to regard you as a man who knows what he wants. Inform a Pisces woman of your admiration for her beauty and extend an invitation to meet up right immediately.

You’ll notice how much your Pisces woman will value your kindness, attentiveness, understanding, and respect.

5 signs a Pisces woman is using you, final thoughts…

If a Pisces woman is using you:

  • She is unreliable
  • She is sensitive
  • She constantly lies
  • She plays mind games
  • She plays the victim



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