Where does a Pisces Woman Like to Be Touched?

Do you know where your Pisces woman likes to be touched? Do you wish to know where your Pisces woman’s erogenous zones lie? Do you want to know where your Pisces woman likes to be touched and caressed? How will you approach her?

What are the best massage techniques you can use for your Pisces woman’s erogenous zones? What is she like during and after foreplay before touching her and how does she react when he gets at ease, relaxed, and pleasured? How can you utilize her pleasure spots to your advantage?

Worry no more! In this article, we are going to talk about where your Pisces woman likes to be touched! We will tell you how to properly massage, touch, and caress this area! Specifically the pleasure spots or her erogenous zones as colloquially people might term them.

We will also give you some insights on how to properly massage, touch, and caress these areas of sensitivity! We will also give you some insider tips on the useful techniques especially techniques of massages that you can do to make your Pisces woman relaxed, pleasured, and happy!

Let’s jump right in!

Pisces rules the feet! In Astrology Pisces rules this body area and this means this is her main focal point of sensitivity and pleasure. You can touch, caress and massage her feet so she feels immensely relaxed and pleasured! To be able to massage properly the feet you must know their anatomy!

Emphasize massaging the skin where her tibia is located and also massage and stroke the soles of her feet. You can also massage the other parts of his feet such as the ankles and toes. Using your thumb or the palm of your hands to create gentle pressure around the area. 

Pisces women are the epitome of sensual and mystical beauty. The otherworldly appearance seems to be a catch that is unique and delicate in some sort of way. Her beauty is mystical and appealing. Unlike other signs whose beauty is conventional, your Pisces woman exudes charm and a siren-like beauty.

Pisces is the sign of creativity, spirituality, and romanticism so best be prepared to handle their emotional delicacy of hers.

Pisces is a peace-loving sign. These women are deeply spiritual and practice some sort of spirituality or occult practice in their life. This might seem quirky to others but to your Pisces woman deeply feels the vibrations and energies of the metaphysical reality we live in today.

She is intuitive and psychic and she uses her gut instinct rather than her own emotions to decide what’s best for her. This deeply emotional water sign craves physical touch like no other so touching and massaging her is an especially good way to form an emotional and spiritual bond with her!

Pisces is also a free-flowing sign, just like how fishes go with the flow in the stream of a river. Pisces women are nonchalant and are changeable as the waves of tides which on the flipside can make them a bit indecisive, changeable, and easily swayed and influenced.

This emotional water sign must learn how to stand up for themselves and make clear boundaries. Their kindness can be taken for granted and this can make them reputable for being a pushover!

However, this is far from the truth! Pisces women’s strength comes from their own emotions but they need to be able to properly control it. On the bright side, they are extremely charismatic and trusting to the point that they trust the Universe to lead them on a journey of whatever they see fit.

Her go-with-the-flow and nonchalant attitude and perspective can make her a bohemian spiritualist, a traveler, or a creative genius! At best your Pisces woman is particularly gifted in creating crafts of art that most people will appreciate!

Whether it is her creative pursuits such as acting, music, the arts, or just anything under the sun. She does believe in the power of magic because she makes magic through creating art.

She is passionate and imaginative and in her lifetime she will experience mystical things that only she can explain and psychoanalyze.

Art can be how she deeply expresses it. Whether you perceive it as her being too imaginative or delusional surely your Pisces woman surrenders in the powers of spirituality.

Pisces women who are evolved can be some of the greatest mystical spiritual healers out there. They can use their energy and emotions to help people with psychological and physical ailments. They can be great healers and therapists.

Alongside that evolved Pisces will manifest through their kindness, genuine, empathy, and loving attitude toward others. Unevolved Pisces women can succumb to deep depression, addiction, and numbness in life.

They can also have a severe inferiority complex and victim mindset which can make them lash out at everyone through emotional manipulation and spitefulness.

In love and relationships, your Pisces woman can be one of the sweetest and most emotional partners you’ll ever have! she‘s incredibly clingy and touchy! She’s also a die-hard romantic which means she will treat her relationship with utmost love and commitment.

Alongside that, your Pisces woman can show her love through a variety of ways one of which is physical touch. She will love to give you kisses and sex just to please you and she might even go overboard as making your life way easier by helping you out with your problems.

She might also share her inner vulnerabilities with you by showing you her poetry or any form of art that she is passionate about.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Pisces man and scratched a little bit of his personality let’s dig deep into how your Pisces man likes to be touched, massaged, or caressed. How can you turn your Pisces man on by touching him during the foreplay act? 

Let’s find out!

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Where does a Pisces Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Pisces rules the feet. This is the immense pleasure spot where she can derive various amounts of sensations and arousal. With that said you can touch, caress and massage the feet in a multitude of ways. It is simple and easy because you only have one body part to emphasize all your work.

Also, you have to remember that whether or not you are massaging her feet for the sole purpose of relaxing her or arousing her entirely depends on your body language, to begin with.

This is because whether you like it or not, messaging her feet will stimulate it enough to cause her arousal. This means that you already have an advantage because your Pisces woman is simple to arouse! Just touch and massage her feet and she’d be ready to go!

Your Pisces woman deeply craves to be touched during foreplay and touching her in her centermost pleasure spot is what will bring her immense joy and pleasure!

This woman is straight to the point when it comes to sex and touching and rubbing her feet can be immense foreplay for her already!

This makes her feel relaxed and subconsciously you are putting your time, affection, and love into her by emphasizing touching her feet which is an incredibly erogenous zone to your Pisces woman!

She loves the idea of being touched and this also makes her insanely aroused to the point that she’ll be all over your body!

To do the massage ask for her consent to be massaged in this sensitive area. If she agrees let her comfortably sit down on a chair or sofa. Put oil in your hands and rub it as you fill your hands with enough moisture and lube from the oil then you can begin the massage by doing warmup twists.

To do the warmup twists place your hands on the side of the foot as you gently pull the side of the foot. As you repeat this twisting motion emphasize the ankles and the toes and let her feel the gentle pressure you are creating through the twists.

After the warmup twists, you can begin to use the arching foot technique. To do this hold the top of the foot in one hand and with the fingers of the other hand, rub the length of the arch.

Use light to medium pressure as you do this repeatedly on each of her feet, from the heel to the ball of the foot use your pressure to create immense sensations in her body!

This will deeply relax her and make her feel sleepy and at the same time aroused! This also helps alleviate any swelling due to the build-up of fluids during walking!

Alongside that, you can also use these two techniques to ensure maximum pleasure on your Pisces woman’s part. Namely the heel squeeze and knuckles method.

To do the heel squeeze you must hold the top of your Pisces woman’s foot in one hand and then hold the back of the heel in the other. Then using your thumb or two or three of your fingertips repeat squeezing the back of the heel.

Lastly, the knuckle technique is simple. Using your knuckles or fist use hard pressure on the bottom of her foot. Specifically, hold the back of the foot with one hand

Then hold a knuckle or full fist on the other hand against the bottom of the foot

Then use the knuckle or fist to knead the bottom of the foot, remember to use hard pressure on this one to alleviate any tension that is residing there. Surely your Pisces woman will be deeply relaxed, aroused, and calmed after this session!

Overall massaging your Pisces woman is an easy way to arouse her and serves as a game-starter in the foreplay! However, you shouldn’t just pay attention to her feet! Remember that your Pisces woman loves massaging in general so you can also massage other parts of her body!

You can massage her head or her back or even brush her hair anything that includes touching is already intimate for your Pisces woman and she sure enjoys it!

Quick Overview: Pisces Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Grab her butt!

The approach behind her then begins to grab her butt as you squeeze hardly on her buttocks. You can also whisper some flirtatious or witty banter to her as you caress her butt!

This might not be the most pleasurable part as her erogenous zone is located in her feet but she will truly feel aroused by you manhandling her and making her submissive as she already is!

2. Brush her hair!

Brushing or playing with her hair is another good way to make her feel relaxed! Remember that your Pisces woman is a spiritual person and she can pick up vibes and energies from other people.

With that said the top of her head is where her crown chakra is located and whether she likes it or not this chakra can be overreactive for some reason which also explains why she is deeply psychic and intuitive.

You can play with her hair or use the comb to gently brush it. This immensely connects you to her soul which can be soothing physically and psychologically. Alongside that bruising her hair is another great way to incorporate touch into your bond with her.

3. Massage his feet!

Her feet are where her erogenous zone lies! So it is no surprise that many Astrologers want you to emphasize this body part! There can be many techniques that you can incorporate whenever you are massaging her feet.

You can do Thai or Swedish massage on her but the most common and simple techniques are the warmup twists. Squeezing the heel and knuckles method.

To massage her feet you can also apply pressure using your fingertips to create point pressure on the side of each of his toes then gently create circular motions using your fingertips.

You can also use your fingertips to create pressure in the soles of her feet, particularly the centermost part of her bottom feet where a lot of nerve endings are situated. 

4. Rub her face or her back

Rubbing her face or her back is a sign of endearment! Remember that your Pisces woman at heart is incredibly emotional, sensitive, and delicate and this means that she overthinks the slightest body language you give to her.

Rubbing her face or her back is a great sign that shows love, affection, and attraction. Simply use your hands or fingertips to glide and stroke in the area of your choosing!

5. Touch her wherever you feel like it!

Emotions matter! Passion matter! Genuine feelings matter! Especially to your Pisces woman! With that said you can also focus your love and affection on other parts of her body and not just her feet! Touch her on her breasts or legs or you can even start kissing her while touching her hips.

Anything that you feel will make the situation more passionate and romantic!

Touching a Pisces Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Pisces woman is sweet, emotional, delicate, sweet, and deeply spiritual but that doesn’t mean she is a pushover! There is great emotional strength behind the dreamy eyes of your Pisces woman!

Although she is seen as good-hearted there lies deep sexual energy in your Pisces woman and you can tap it by incorporating touching and massaging into the relationship!

To your Pisces woman, deeply knows that sexuality is a sacred act that can create an immense amount of energy. Sex is a powerful creative life force and it can be utilized for many purposes and not just pleasure.

With that said your Pisces woman likes being touched and caressed so you can incorporate the massage techniques, we have given to you to ensure that your Pisces man feels pleasured and relaxed!

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Pisces woman feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • Her feet
  • Her hair
  • Her face and back

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