How does a Pisces Woman Express Love?

In this article, we’re going to show you how a Pisces woman expresses her love and affection toward her significant partner! Alongside that was also going to show you how to get your Pisces woman to express her feelings to you more!

Your Pisces woman shows her love through words of affirmation and affection, she will be incredibly slushy and slobby towards you! She will also be incredibly romantic and you might feel her love through her energy and vibration!

Also, she will be incredibly compassionate and empathetic towards you! She is an ideal lover!

The Pisces woman is the 12th and the last woman of the zodiac wheel, emotional, deeply intuitive, empathetic, kind, and warm towards others, especially to other life forms, she is a deeply mystical person who is soulful in her approach to her romantic relationship.

She is the archetypal martyr, self-sacrificial and self-giving, her selflessness lacks any boundaries making her an easy target for lower energies and narcissists.

In a sense, she embodies love and light in this world of decay and regret, in a romantic relationship, she can be your soulmate, she’ll do anything to make you feel loved and wanted.

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With that said let’s dig deep further on how a Pisces woman expresses her love, what is her love style and how she expresses her feelings as a whole, we will also tackle what she’s like in a romantic relationship…

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How does a Pisces Woman express her feelings?

The Pisces woman expresses her love and affection in a deeply colorful and vivid manner, she can fully and openly express her love through meaningful words and conversations and she is not afraid to fully let it out.

Your Pisces woman sees your soul, but she also craves to let you see hers, she wants you to be a part of her, her love is an all-consuming feeling, it feels to the bones…

She will be extremely nurturing to the point wherein she gives all that she has to you, she has the power to connect on what you truly desire on a deep level, and she is gentle and beyond sensitive to your needs!

She is a wonderful lover, a romantic one so she’s very creative and expressive when telling her emotions to you, she will be full of joy and contentment whenever she sees you.

She is also more open to letting yourself be more vulnerable to you, she craves your emotional connection so any form of vent will be greatly appreciated by your Pisces woman. Your Pisces woman loves to love and it shows in her words and actions towards the course of your relationship with her, she is soothing to be around.

Her energy and vibes are peaceful and soulful, and she is also deeply informative to you about spirituality. She might openly express her beliefs more to you because she’s comfortable around you.

Also in a romantic relationship, not only she will express her feelings through words and physical intimacy, but she will also show it through acts of service.

She will be deeply in service to you and she will be selfless in doing so, it is important to reciprocate back anything she has done to avoid her feeling drained in the relationship.

Remember that her love is deeply transcendental and it can be felt by your body, mind, and soul, her incredibly romantic nature can make her extremely attached and fixated on you and your relationship with her.

With all those things in mind, she will be devoted to her partner up until the very end, that’s how powerfully she expresses her love for her partner! In lovemaking, she can be overly submissive and likes erotic touching.

Wanting you to be the dominant partner all throughout, she likes to receive pleasure by being receptive. She likes the foreplay of the lovemaking and even more so she likes the emotions being felt during the lovemaking because she prefers sensual and slow sex rather than a forceful one…

Overall, your Pisces woman is deeply emotional and vivid in expressing her feelings and emotions, her powerful love is expressed through her words, physical intimacy, and touch, and her love touches her partner’s heart and soul.

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How to get your Pisces woman to express her love to you!

Touching and heartfelt dates impress her

To get your Pisces woman to express her feelings for you she must feel loved and wanted, you can do that by arranging dates that are out of the ordinary!

Instead of taking her on a usual date, arrange a fireplace by the beach! You can also try giving the usual norm of sending flowers but make it more heartfelt by adding a secret letter.

By doing these things you are making sure that you are truly showing your love and affection to your Pisces woman!

Inspire her creative side!

Your Pisces woman is a deeply spiritual woman who has a flair for beauty, art, and music, because of this you can appeal to her creative and imaginative side by trying to get her to bond with you by doing these creative and special interests or hobbies!

Make something together! Something both of you will enjoy, while doing so, let her imagination or creativity take over. Whether are you both trying to play a chord on the guitar or a painting class 101 between the both of you.

Whatever that might be, when you’re creating something with your Pisces woman, something that you both will take a part in, it will surely build an emotional connection between the both of you!

Compliment her!

When complimenting her be sure to look for the most admirable trait that you see in her, look for the most genuine compliment that you can give to her! When complimenting her you are trying to show her that you admire her! By doing these things you are making her more openly express her love to you!

Understand when she’s moody…

Your Pisces woman can be sulky and moody because of her overly-emotional nature, she can also be heavily influenced by other people’s energies and emotions, as such, it is incredibly important to show her that you are truly there for her by understanding and respecting her boundaries as a person.

Try to be more patient and a little understanding when this moody attitude comes up, you also need to respect her boundaries because it’s the only way she can recuperate.

Your Pisces woman is a deeply introverted sign and she feels more than she gives, it can take a heavy toll on her so instead of arguing or being angry that she is moody try to show more love in the process.

Be extra romantic and caring in times when she feels down or moody, by doing this thing, you ensure that your Pisces woman will deeply be enchanted by you and there will be no power in this world that can make her unlove you!

Thoughtful gifts are the best way to her heart!

When thinking of a gift, it is best to think of a nice thing that will surely give joy to her heart! Random gifts can be appreciated but not as appreciated as the thoughtful ones that you’re gonna give to her!

When giving her something, don’t make it expensive, do it out of your pure heart and give her a gift that you have put thought behind, it can be a memory capsuled into a piece of jewelry.

A gift that spawned out from a meaningful conversation you had with her years ago, whatever it might be, the more thoughtful the better!

Sex is an integral and serious part of the relationship

Sex must be visceral, more feelings and emotions must be felt rather than the actual physical pleasure the lovemaking brings, keep in mind that when you are making love to her you are not appeasing her physical desires but her emotional ones.

As such it is important to make the sex more romantic and soulful, do not force it to happen nor do not make the sex seem like you are just there to get physical pleasure.

Instead, be mindful of yourself and how you present yourself to her, treat her gently, passionate gestures are a must and intense stares must be accomplished to make the lovemaking a beautiful process…

Dreamy life it goes…

On the last of the list, you must truly appreciate and show to your Pisces woman that you are the man for her, and prove to her that you are a good match by embodying some of the traits that she lives for!

Instead of being grounded or materialistic try being more go-with-the-flow in your approach, if you’re more material-based try being more spiritual-based.

You’ve got to understand that your Pisces woman will not last long with you if she does not resonate with you on a deeply spiritual level this means that you need to match her in this physical world as well as in the emotional and spiritual one.

Understand that she’s a dreamer and she dreams of living in a way other people daydream, do not judge or criticize her, instead fully appreciate her for who she is and tell her that you are willing to dream with her!

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The Pisces woman’s love style is dreamy and romantic, an energy that is heavily similar to those of cliche romantic dramas and films, full of emotions and passion, with that said, your Pisces woman is emotional and deals with her love by expressing it in the highest level possible.

She loves and she loves hard to the point that it can hurt her and make her feel drained, you must try to show her that she can also have boundaries in the relationship to avoid her being fully drained, and also try to be more understanding when she gets indecisive or moody.

She expresses her love freely and truthfully through sweet and affectionate words that will truly touch your heart and soul, she is an ideal lover, faithful and devoted throughout the relationship, and because of this keep in mind to take very well care of her delicate heart…she will appreciate it truly!

Take note that applying the tips mentioned above will deeply encourage her to allow herself to be more vulnerable and open about her romantic feelings toward you. The tips also mentioned above will keep your relationship with your Pisces woman romantic and long-lasting!

Remember that this is a general but accurate overview of how your Pisces woman loves and expresses her feelings, assuming that she is born under the sign of Pisces. There can still be changes in her personality depending on the position of planets in her birth chart!

The only way to find out is by setting up an accurate birth chart for your partner, you can do that by finding out her birth date and birth time as well as her location of birth.

Remember that the placements of the signs, houses, and planets in her birth chart can give an accurate story of what goes inside your Pisces woman’s life! 

For example, a Pisces woman who has an Aries moon can be more confrontational and driven than the usual dreamy and soft-hearted Pisces.

Another example could be your Pisces woman can have a Cancer moon, making her extra emotional and motherly, all of these combinations can result in a different personality of Pisces woman.



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