How To Get A Pisces Woman To Chase You

How To Get A Pisces Woman To Chase You

So, you happen to like a Pisces woman. It is either you know her very well or barely know her. One thing’s for sure, though. You want and crave to know her more, and you’re here because you want her to be in love and chase you. Here’s how.

To get a Pisces woman to chase you, you need to be vulnerable and authentic around her. Respect her space by giving her time for herself. Appreciate her and educate yourself on what’s interesting to her. Visit her house with pets and lead with compassion.

Create a love den for when she wants to be alone.

These tips, above, are just scratching the surface.

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That said, let’s delve into the characteristics of your Pisces woman before we offer more detailed tips to have her chase you.

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Understanding your Pisces Woman

How To Get A Pisces Woman To Chase You

Your Pisces woman is probably the combination of every Zodiac sign. She is the oldest sign, so she has seen and heard it all. She can be very nurturing and guarding in two ways: using her humor to keep people away from penetrating her emotional walls or being a little bit more reserved.

She is the epitome of a very feminine girl. She can be considered the ultimate woman who enjoys a lot of pampering and being dolled up. Even if she is someone who plays some sports, she will always have her feminine side very prominent.

Because she is the oldest sign, she is very intuitive and aware of her actions. She will not share everything that she thinks and feels unless you are someone she really trusts. She is also very loving and forgiving, and a lot of people can take advantage of this.

When she is hurt, she can have that side to her that gets back and take revenge. She may be very soft and subtle, but she will come onto you if you do her wrong. She will be playful, and expressive, and will garner the attention of everyone while making sure she’s not revealing too much of herself.

As per the lover she wants, she wants someone who knows how to balance emotional depth and excitement. She would like someone who is traditional that is there for her when he or she needs her. She needs someone who can lead and be steady as she is experiencing emotional waves and tides.

She has the tendency to abuse pleasure to cope. She can escape through alcohol, drugs, or sex. However, she can also express this pain through her music or art. She will be in her personal sanctuary away from everything and everyone. So, he needs someone who is sturdy but flexible to be vulnerable when needed.

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9 Ways to Get a Pisces Woman to Chase You

Be vulnerable

How To Get A Pisces Woman To Chase You

When you get with a Pisces woman, expect to uncover a lot of things in your life, maybe even things that you probably did not know. Be willing to be an open book for her because she likes to see that you can be vulnerable with her. This shows that you trust her.

You can share about anything in your life. This may be your future plans, desires, deepest secrets, sufferings, and even kinks. You should also be the first one to signal the green light, and let her know that “Hey, I’m so into you”.

Respect her space

Being in a relationship can be very draining for a Pisces woman because when she loves, she loves hard. She loves hard to the point where she’s like emerging herself with her lover. And this can cause her to lose herself in him or her.

When she finally comes to her senses and realizes that she’s been using too much energy in the relationship, she would want to snap out of it and just leave and escape. If her lover (potentially you) does not know this, this would be pretty alarming.

But as early as now, know that your Pisces woman would want to have personal space to just recharge her energy to be the wonderful person you met the first time.

Be authentic

Your Pisces woman remembers everything – from the tiniest details to the big ones. The goal to impress her and get to know her can cause made-up interests and preferences.

And if she figures out that you told her little lies as you progress in your relationship, she is going to be pissed. So, just be true to yourself and do not pretend to be someone you are not.

Appreciate her

Your Pisces woman does not want and needs material, and she would rather receive appreciation than get a Gucci bag. Her empathetic little soul loves to help people, and that is something that you can appreciate her for.

Appreciate her kindness and the way she puts a smile on everybody’s faces. Appreciate how understanding and forgiving she is. This will make her whole day.

Educate yourself about what’s unknown

How To Get A Pisces Woman To Chase You

Your Pisces woman is a very soulful individual, and she loves talking about something she is passionate about. She also loves mysteries and what’s unknown in this universe. If you’re the same, then this tip wouldn’t be hard for you.

But if you are not, you might want to start reading and watching a whole bunch of YouTube videos, so you’ll have something to talk about.

Be romantic

She is a hopeless romantic herself, and so you need to be the same. There are a lot of ways to be romantic and with one Google search, you have your answer. But when you’re being romantic to a Pisces woman, give him a gift that reveals something that she hasn’t told you about her.

You see, a Pisces woman loves to dig into the mysteries of the world, and she will be very much flattered if you give her something that exposes her soul. Aside from that, you can also light candles and dance with her under the moonlight. Do not be afraid to show your love!

Visit her with pets

People with a Pisces placement love animals! This is because of the sixth sense that gives her the power to communicate with animals. And if you really want to melt the heart of a Pisces woman, then visit her with a box of puppies or kittens. Watch her eyes get bigger as soon as she sees them!

Lead with compassion

At this point, you know how your Pisces woman has a good and gentle soul. In order to get to her, you need to be able to do the same for the people that need it. However, this cannot be done just to manipulate her. Do not do this with bad intentions.

You need to be able to have empathy with people around you. Figure out what they really need and do everything to help them out. You cannot be too hateful towards the world. You need to see a lot of goodness in it like your Pisces woman.

Create a love den for her

How To Get A Pisces Woman To Chase You

A Pisces woman will want to hibernate at some point in her relationship, and when she does, she might want to go somewhere where she can just let go, wander off, and lose track of time. Let her know that you understand her and that you are willing to give her all the time she needs to recharge her energy.

One thing that you can do for her is to create a little love den. Decorate it with things that bring her peace and harmony. Allow her to be creative in her own space and watch her run back into your arms when she’s finally recharged!

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To get a Pisces woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Be vulnerable
  • Respect her space
  • Be authentic
  • Appreciate her
  • Educate yourself with what’s unknown
  • Be romantic
  • Visit her with pets
  • Lead with compassion
  • Create a love den

Happy chasing and being chased!



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