How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Woman

If you’ve got a Pisces woman in your life and you want to spice things up with her then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to your lovely and enigmatic Pisces lady in a text message and in the right place where you’re with him!

When talking dirty to your Pisces woman you must be direct and take the lead while being romantic and smooth at the same time, compliment her, tell her you love her while telling her how much you want to make out with her in the bedroom, get poetic and romantic, dreamy eye contact and romantic smiles matter.

Pisces women are the kind and dreamy romantics of the zodiac, ruled by Neptune the planet of illusions and ideals, Pisces women are extremely driven in finding the love they feel they deserve, incredibly psychic and emotional due to their water element, they will be extremely dependable and loving to their partners.

In terms of sex, she will be extremely charming and alluring, her otherworldly aura can turn you on and make you feel alive like no other, she can be sensual and can be submissive in pleasing her partner…

With that said let’s find out how to turn on your Pisces lady and make her more aroused and be more in love with you! Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Pisces woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Woman

When you’re talking dirty to your Pisces woman, you must be the man and take the lead, be a combination of sweet and tough, don’t be afraid to get rough and aggressive in the bedroom and in how you want to explore sex and lovemaking with her while still being able to feel and be sensitive to her emotions.

Explore her touch and pleasure spots, and ask her if she wants to be touched on a certain body part, if she positively responds go on with it and make her physically stimulated, while doing so compliment her body and her sex appeal, romanticize your lust and affection for her.

Your Pisces woman is naturally submissive and wants to please her own partner as such, you won’t have a hard time going after her sexually, you know you’re on the right track of the dirty talk when she is active and reciprocates.

Love her and be romantic all throughout, she will go with the flow instantly and engage more in the dirty talking stage, a raunchy and wild dirty talk that expresses both what you and she want to be accompanied by positive words of affirmation that will surely please her like no other…

Do these and in no time she’ll be under your wraps every time both of you get into a “sexy” time.

How to talk dirty to a Pisces woman through text?

Messages with subliminal or hidden meanings are the best

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Woman

Sending her messages with subtle or hidden meanings… these are the best to arouse her. casual messages with hidden dirty meanings will stimulate her mind and make her more engaged in the dirty talk.

For example, you can send her messages like “Do you wanna see my mushroom tip?” or “I’d really wanna take you to heaven, too bad we’re on earth…” 

Send her sexy pictures of you

Get creative! Don’t just send her a nude picture barring all of it, gym selfies are boring to her, instead, appeal to the aesthetic and the moment of photos, you can send her a picture of you smiling with your arms flexed or you stretching up which shows your belly button.

The key is to look seemingly innocent when you send her those pictures, she’ll be asking why you’d send it and she’ll get imaginative as to why and what you want to happen…

Appeal to her pleasure spots

A Pisces woman’s pleasure spots will always be in her thighs, her nipples, her neck, and hands, compliment her body while telling her how much you want to kiss, lick and suck those pleasure areas she has.

She will surely get crazy wild and reciprocate back the love and lust you pour out into her!

Tell her what things you’ll do to her

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Woman

Because your Pisces woman will not be always assertive about what she feels to do, making the moves and taking the lead in sex and pleasure is a surefire way to get her aroused!

Tell her the things you’d do to her once you see her again, tell her how much you want to pin her down against the wall, tell her how much you want to play out this kink or fetish you have in your mind, anything that puts you in the dominant position will surely turn her on like no other.

Emojis are a great tool to add!

Because your Pisces woman is extremely expressive and emotional while talking dirty to her a surefire way to add color to the conversation is to put emojis, there is plenty of raunchy emojis out there.

The key is to know which emoji you should use that fits the statement, for example, if you tell her how hard you are right now then accompany it with a wet water or eggplant emoji, the point is to let the emojis add imagination to whatever dirty talk you’re having with her right now!

Get romantic and clingy…

Throughout the duration of the dirty talk, be romantic, don’t be afraid to say “I love you” to her. Connect with her emotions and feelings, and be sensitive to her wants and needs at the moment. This is of utmost to her and shows that you can be a trusted partner and companion.

Bonus: Send her a raspy voice message of you

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Woman

It’s no surprise that Pisces women and women, in general, prefer their men to have a deep and raspy voice, it is seductive and alluring to them because it showcases an utmost peak of high masculinity and sex drive.

As such, sending your Pisces woman any random message showcasing your deep raspy voice is a great tool to turn her on and make her wet.

The messages can be random, it can be you saying anything under the sun but it’s most effective when you’re being assertive in telling her what sexual things you wanna do to her!

Talking dirty to a Pisces woman, final thoughts…

Pisces women are great lifelong and romantic partners, to begin with, so it comes as no surprise if you want to please her…

Pisces women are dreamy romantic types of the zodiac, so be sure to love her and be romantic to her all throughout the duration of your relationship, don’t be afraid to show your emotions to her.

Be the man this extremely feminine woman needs and surely she’ll get clingy and attached to you like no other!

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