5 Pisces Woman Weaknesses In Love

5 Pisces Woman Weaknesses In Love

A Pisces woman must deal with her weaknesses in addition to her strengths because they are a part of her identity. If you want to get to know a Pisces woman better, you must first become accustomed to her weaknesses and you mustn’t ignore her weak points if you truly want to get to know her personally.

A Pisces woman’s weakness in love includes her being overly emotional which might make her anxious about her decisions in life. She is often slow and oblivious because she tends to get lost in reality because of her imaginative characteristics.

She is naturally closed off and she also heavily guards her feelings.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Dating a Pisces Woman

5 Pisces Woman Weaknesses In Love

Pisces women are super sensitive, so you should be aware of your tone around her because she will pick up on even the tiniest shift in your attitude and she might even misinterpret your compliments.

If you’re dating a Pisces woman, you must communicate with her on a daily basis and remind her that you still care about her and that you adore her. 

If you don’t show her the love she deserves, she may believe the relationship is one-sided and she may question if you’ve lost interest in her and are looking for someone else.

It’s difficult to understand a Pisces woman’s thoughts and she will keep secrets even if she wears her heart on her sleeve. She will keep her difficulties to herself because she does not want to burden you with them. 

Even when she’s in pain on the inside, she’ll insist that everything is perfectly fine. You must ask if you want to know what your Pisces woman is thinking and make it known that her emotions are important and valid as well.

Pisces women are dreamers in particular and she lives in her own universe, her head in the clouds, dreaming of humanistic methods to improve the world.  It’s no surprise that she’s the first to offer help.

Your Pisces woman, ever the sympathetic giver, is truly unselfish, placing the needs of others ahead of her own and she is completely committed to people she adores, which in this case is you.

A relationship with a Pisces woman is simple and peaceful because she’s a peacemaker and she won’t start a fight unless there’s a good reason.

In her love relationships, she is an inspiration, encouraging, and emotionally supportive towards you yet, if she doesn’t feel respected, she is fast to change her opinion.

Use fractionation to connect emotionally…

At this point, I want to talk about fractionation… What is fractionation you ask… Fractionation is like putting a woman on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a sequence of repeated, intensifying cycles of emotional ups and downs… You give her an emotional high, then an emotional low, etc.

Women are emotional “creatures” and really connect with movies, activities, and men who satisfy their emotional needs. For her, the emotional ride that fractionation creates is absolutely addicting!

For instance, you can send one-sentence texts using fractionation, in one of these 2 formats:

  • express your approval of one of her bad qualities… or,
  • express disapproval of one of her good qualities…

For example, “I love how you can be so boring.” or “I’m disgusted by your good manners.”

Statements like this will stop her in her tracks and she’ll reply to your texts asking what you mean.

This is just a quick example… Click here to read more details about fractionation in the Shogun Method.

OK, let’s look at the signs she’s in love…

5 Weaknesses of Pisces Woman in Love

She is anxious

5 Pisces Woman Weaknesses In Love

Your Pisces woman may desire to be independent and prefer to go alone, but it’s all due to her fear of trusting others as she’s also apprehensive about starting something new.

A Pisces woman finds it challenging to get fresh experience since she lacks confidence in her own abilities, and as a result, she misses out on leading a fulfilling life because she is hesitant to put herself out there.

As a result, she finds it difficult to initiate a relationship at times because she’s concerned that the person she loves isn’t a good match for her and she doesn’t want to be hurt but at the same time, she doesn’t want to disappoint the person she cares about.

Unfortunately, a Pisces woman may end up suppressing her emotions, resulting in a lot of unrequited love because all of her fears keep her from reaching her full potential but if she just relaxed and let things flow, she could find her true love.

She is emotional

She is so sensitive that even the simplest things make her cry and she gets saddened by occurrences that have little effect on the people and she may be a bit of a letdown in that sense.

She will most likely feel sadness coursing through her veins, so finding happiness again will be tough for a Pisces woman because she’ll lack the motivation to do anything.

A Pisces woman goes through a lot of stress with her emotions and her mood might change from being happy to unhappy and depressed in just a matter of seconds.

She is incredibly sensitive and empathetic to your needs, but this makes her unpredictable because being so in tune with her emotions might help a Pisces woman relate to you. 

It can also cause her to be overly emotional as well as moody so it’s technically very uncommon for a Pisces woman to start crying or shut down completely during an argument.

She is unrealistic

5 Pisces Woman Weaknesses In Love

This weakness could be linked to the current emotions of a Pisces woman because she regularly feels the desire to escape in her imagination since she is easily terrified, depressed, and disappointed.

She has a habit of dismissing reality when it doesn’t conform to her preferences or expectations so rather than confronting what is real and practical. She prefers to create dreams in her thoughts where she may escape as it’s her method of dealing with the fact that things don’t always turn out the way she wants them to.

When it comes to real-world situations and concerns, she can be a bit out of touch and it may have an impact on her productivity or even your relationship.

Things that aren’t ideal are tough for a Pisces woman to accept and she is quite specific about what she desires so regardless of the circumstances. She continues to strive for and pursue the ideal of perfection that she has in her imagination.

She is slow

She’s the type of woman that is determined about sticking to her ideas and she only uses ideas and concepts that she is comfortable with. She has a hard time allowing herself to be open to new ideas, especially when they contradict her beliefs. 

When it comes to Pisces women, learning new talents can be tough because she may require some time to get into the swing of things but the only person who can prevent her from getting what she wants is herself.

Moreover, a Pisces woman also cannot pick up quickly about your feelings and emotions towards her as she is slow when it comes to understanding the signs.

A Pisces woman prefers to be in touch with herself and her emotions, which is why she only focuses her attention on herself and her feelings.  When it comes to the practical matters that everyone else has to deal with, she can be completely oblivious.

She is closed off

5 Pisces Woman Weaknesses In Love

She’s a sensitive soul that prioritizes other people’s feelings and she considers her words carefully before speaking since she is afraid of saying the wrong thing.

A Pisces woman prefers to live in peace and despises getting into arguments but as a result, she may find it difficult to be open about her feelings or thoughts.

Your Pisces woman might push you or others away when she believes that she is going to intentionally hurt you in a way from which she will never recover.

Your Pisces woman tends to keep herself guarded in different ways as she can use humor to keep you from breaking her emotional wall, or she can be a little more reserved because of the depth of her emotional nature.

Your Pisces woman can feel things that other people can’t or something that you could not understand. She is usually silent and hesitant to open up her heart, but that isn’t to say that she doesn’t care about you or doesn’t have strong opinions because that is a different story.

More details about getting her emotionally connected to you…

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Pisces woman’s weaknesses in love, final thoughts…

The weaknesses of a Pisces woman in love are:

  • She is anxious
  • She is emotional
  • She is unrealistic
  • She is slow
  • She is closed off



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