Does a Pisces Woman Cheat?

Are you afraid that your Pisces woman is cheating on you and is doing something sneaky behind your back? Do not worry anymore because, in this article, we’re going to show and tell you the ways and reasons why a Pisces woman would be unfaithful or cheat on you in your relationship. 

We’re also going to show you signs that your Pisces woman may be unfaithful to you without you even knowing…

Yes, The Pisces woman can and will cheat because she is craving for an idealized form of love that she does not get from her partner, she’s incredibly indecisive and goes with the flow, her mutable nature also makes her changeable, making her more likely to cheat than any other zodiac sign.

The Pisces woman is the ethereal woman of the zodiac, incredibly alluring and spiritually gifted, this woman gives a Siren kind of vibes, kind, generous, smooth, and easy-going this sign also exhibits deep emotions.

The Pisces woman is considered to be the most free-flowing and easy-going sign of the zodiac, incredibly creative and psychic, her watery energy can be beautiful and can attract all sorts of energy at once.

She is emotional and spiritual, the sign of Pisces is represented by the circling fishes, relating to the astral and spiritual realm, this woman is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter, and her energy is free-flowing and light.

There can be several ways why your Pisces woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why a Pisces woman would be most likely to cheat in a relationship than any other zodiac sign.

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Let’s jump right in!

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Are Pisces Women More Likely to Cheat?

Pisces women are more likely to cheat because of their indecisiveness and their tendency to be easily manipulated, seduced, and tempted, their mutable modality makes them more sneaky in terms of hiding their secret relationships away.

Pisces women do not generally go out looking for other partners when in a committed relationship, they can be however be in their emotional bubbles all of the time that they will try to look for romance in their head than appreciate what kind of relationship they have as of the moment.

They can be all over their heads, imagining what a perfect romantic relationship will look like, this can make their relationship with their partner be overlooked, they will try their best to not look for it as much as possible but they will easily succumb to it their emotional expectations.

This can lead to unhappiness in their current relationship making them more likely to cheat, their idealized love is so hard to find and so far-fetched from the reality that they will try anything to get it.

Alongside that, Pisces women generally lack any boundaries, it can be hard for them to achieve clear emotional boundaries and are succumbed to emotional dissonance, therefore, it will generally be easy to tempt and seduce them.

To achieve a long-lasting and genuine committed relationship, your Pisces lady must put on clear emotional boundaries between her and her expectations as well as ground herself more to the reality of things, people will not achieve anything if they daydream 24/7, they can only build a successful relationship if both partners are willing to work for it.

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With all of that in mind, the Pisces woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has water placements (Cancer, Scorpio) and Earth placements (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn).

Pisces is also romantically compatible with Sagittarius as both are ruled by the expansive energy of Jupiter, both of these signs can mutually understand each other on a deep emotional level and both can be expansive and adventurous, therefore their passion and sexual compatibility are off the roof!

Remember that the relationships formed with these placements are passionate and truly exhilarating, promising a good and fruitful relationship!

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Why Do Pisces Women Cheat?

Pisces women cheat because of their non-commital traits, their instant mood shifts and unpredictability combined with their inability to make described actions and decisions which makes them incredibly hard to commit and stay loyal to their partner, she wants more, and with that, he is delusional in trying to achieve an idealist form of love.

The Pisces woman has an imaginative and colorful mind, even in terms of love and relationships, she always idealizes it and imagines for the best possible outcome to the point of being delusional, they also fall hard pretty easily so expect their eyes to wander now and then…

Because of that, they can be easily labeled as disloyal, it can be hard to keep a Pisces woman’s mind because it’s always wandering, she’s lost in her world of thoughts and imagination and she might idealize someone pretty easily.

Pisces women also cheat because they’re non-committal in the first place, with that in mind, she can be a great player in the game of flings and hookups, she’s incredibly talented in socializing she’s the extroverted water sign and is keen in sharing their emotional and romantic experiences with others.

Pisces women will also cheat on their partner if they’re experiencing troubles or problems in the current relationship they have, either due to the partner being abusive or them being both incompatible with each other, a Pisces woman will cheat if she’s not being emotionally fulfilled by her partner.

In order to stay loyal to her partner she must feel genuine excitement whenever she is with her partner, a forced relationship is only gonna make it worse and will more likely make her stray away, she’s a go with the flow person and would like her experiences to be the same.

Overall, this is toxic to the Pisces woman and to the partner, when you feel that the relationship is becoming unhealthy and unloving and you know to yourself she doesn’t love you anymore, It is best to leave the toxic relationship out because the best form of regaining your power is by being the first one to leave the toxic relationship.

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How to find out if Pisces Woman is Cheating on you?

There are numerous signs that your Pisces woman is potentially cheating on you or is doing something behind your back, with that said, these are the signs to be dissected and discussed to fully know if your Pisces woman is cheating on you…

Let’s find out!

The first sign to notice is that she will have an extremely hard time sleeping especially if she cheated and was the one who’s given up to temptation, she will feel extremely guilty and will have full of remorse, and she might try to get help by drinking sleeping pills but it won’t help, any recurrent nightmares can signify her hiding something from you.

It can also be the full opposite, if she’s experiencing weird dreams and you’ve noticed she’s smiling, moaning, or uttering some name in her sleep, it could mean that she is fantasizing about someone else in her dream, always remember that your Pisces woman is incredibly psychic and is, therefore, more open in going to the astral realm.

Either she is having extreme guilt and remorse that she has done something terrible to his partner like cheating or she is enjoying the fantasy in her dream world, accelerating the cheating process, this can be a weird but surely accurate sign that he’s cheating on you.

The second sign that subtly tells you she is seeing someone else is that she will always be daydreaming, whether its right in front of your face or if you’re noticing it, it can be a deadly sign that she’s trying to escape his reality and live on another one, this daydreaming is also accompanied by less intimacy between the two of you.

Daydreaming is an easy and almost an automatic habit your Pisces woman has however, a happy Pisces woman whos in a relationship she badly wants will not daydream in front of her partner and would instead love to do things with her partner, therefore it can certainly be a sign that she’s cheating on you!

Also with that said, if your Pisces woman is cheating on you, she will be more inclined to hang out and meet with her new lover in a secret place, this can make her extremely distant, she will say she is busy or that she has a hectic outside schedule that makes her unavailable at home all the time. 

The point is that she will be unavailable to you but not to her new lover, she will tell you all these lies to make you believe that she’s doing something that’s why she can’t be with you as of that moment,  she will tell you she’s busy or with her friends, if the excuses keep on piling up then this is a clear sign she’s cheating on you.

 The third sign to look out for is her complete disinterest in you, she will not try to bother you about anything, she will not be interested in you or your whereabouts and her questions to you seems forced, this is because her attention is already on someone else.

The fourth sign that she is cheating is that she is trying to manipulate you by projecting, she blames you for all of the problems of the relationship and accuses you of things you don’t even know or do, she might also blatantly accuse you of cheating.

This is a form of coping mechanism and a tactic to not get caught, she can’t accept that she cheater and she projects her own emotions of guilt, when you’ve noticed this unhealthy pattern, you have to choose to move on and cut off your energy from her to deflect any harm caused by her.

Last but not the least, the main sign that she is cheating on you lies in her actions and behavior, does she show and reciprocate the acts of love or words of affirmation you’re sending to her? If she’s not, she is subtly implying she’s not into you anymore and is just going with the flow of wherever the relationship is heading.

She will stop being romantic, she will seem bored of you and will be less intimate with you, she will refuse your romantic or sexual advances, and she will be keener to going out or hanging out with other people than you.

Her body language will scream “I don’t want you anymore”,  whatever it may be, you will certainly feel the lack of intimate love and passion in an emotional and energetic level of your well-being, when this happens it is best to plan your way out of the relationship, do not wait for her, it can take a million years for her to be decisive, take action and break off the unhealthy cycle of the relationship!

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Final Verdict: The right path is The Way Out! Leave and cut off your Pisces lady!

The best way is the way out! The right path course of action when you know your Pisces woman is cheating on you is to break it off and never let her see you ever again, move on with the relationship and show the world that you’re much better without her.

Remember about your self-worth and cut the cords, no matter how much you may have invested in the relationship, it’s of no use if she’s not happy with you anymore, alongside that being the first one to break off the relationship gives you the power.

Breaking up with your lying and cheating Pisces woman is like telling her: “I will not let you disrespect me anymore or my self-worth, I am now cutting you off because you are toxic and you will not be the victim in this relationship, own up to the consequences of your actions”.

Alongside that, be more open to love and light in your life, and celebrate life! Spend more time with the people closest to you, travel and explore, and pursue any financial or spiritual goals you may have, in the end, you will be the winner in this situation.

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