Why is your Pisces Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to tackle a Pisces woman and her jealousy issues! Alongside that, we will also tackle the reasons why your Pisces woman could be jealous and what are some of the good things to remember whenever you’re dealing with her to avoid hatred and fights.

Let’s get started!

To start your Pisces woman is the last and final zodiac sign in the zodiac wheel, represented by the Fishes, your Pisces woman is incredibly feminine, creative, emotional, spiritual, and intuitive. With that in mind, you are also dealing with an incredibly powerful woman who has access to spiritual realms!

Being a mutable water sign she is incredibly changeable and moody, the slightest change in energy or vibration can be felt by her heart and can make her emotional. Alongside with that being ruled by Neptune can make her prone to daydreaming.

Because of this, she can be a romantic and idealist lover who wants to be pampered and loved.

When jealous she can be willful and manipulative often using her magical powers to influence you or to make you do what she deems to be right. There’s a lot more unpacking why your Pisces woman is jealous…

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How Jealous Can Your Pisces Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 8/10

Your Pisces woman is jealous because she knows the person is a snake! Remember that your Pisces woman is powerful in the spiritual realm and that can make her incredibly psychic and sense danger from miles away.

In this sense, she can be able to feel and detect that the person is innately trying to push boundaries just to get with her partner and this pisses her off.

She can randomly give you the cold shoulder and might get emotional and moody when confronted.

Alongside that, she will be incredibly overdramatic about the situation and can become argumentative! Remember that when your Pisces woman becomes way too emotional and extremely dislikes the person for some unknown reason she is jealous!

Your Pisces woman is an incredibly jealous woman being in league with her sister sign Cancer and Scorpio, she feels things deeply and this makes her incredibly prone to being controlled by her own emotions without little control over them.

Her jealousy knows no bounds and will do everything to protect the relationship.

Signs Your Aquarius Woman Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She becomes unstable

The first and foremost sign that your Pisces woman is that she becomes pretty unstable and rough during the duration of the time when she is jealous. She can be incredibly hard to deal with as her agitated state of mind can make her decisions and body language annoying to deal with…

2. She becomes moody

The second sign that your Pisces woman is jealous is that she will be moody similar and correlating with the first sign of the list when you’re noticing that your Pisces woman becomes emotional all of a sudden and starts pinpointing or even starts doubting your relationship then she sees someone is a threat in your relationship!

3. She becomes suspicious of you

Because your Pisces woman is a deeply intuitive and psychic sign she will be extra suspicious of you during this time and duration of the relationship. She can be incredibly possessive and you’ll see who she’s jealous of when she keeps on asking questions if that person is trying to get close to you or not!

4. She will tell her friends about it

Being a nosy sign when incredibly agitated your Pisces woman will be confident enough to confide her secrets and problems to her close-knitted friends, as such you can ask for help from her friends by asking them what’s bugging your Pisces lady and they’ll give you a definite answer!

5. She goes to stalk you!

Physical and social media stalking – this is the fifth sign that your Pisces woman is pretty jealous when she goes out on her way to randomly show up without you knowing, it can be in your work or anywhere else where you’ll be surprised!

The other form of stalking which is social media stalking is her playing detective trying to find out your relationship with the person she’s jealous of! 

6. She will show it in her art…

The sixth sign that your Pisces woman is jealous is that she will try to use her pain as fuel in creating beautiful works of art!

It can be her flair for music or writing or painting! Whatever it may be you’ll notice that her artworks seem to depict the lower form of emotions such as spite, hate, jealousy, or envy, especially sadness!

It can also be the song or movies she’s listening to or watching and as such pay attention to the song and specifically the lyrics she is uttering. Usually, the form of art she consumes can tell what kind of emotions she is feeling at the moment!

7. She will snap and have an emotional outburst about it!

The last sign that your Pisces woman is jealous is that she will rant to you about it! Either she has been pushed too far and cannot bottle it any longer or she will snap and have an emotional outburst regarding the situation!

When she does this it is best to have a calm and understanding approach by appealing to her heart and by giving her reassurance!

How to stop your Pisces Man from being Jealous!

To stop your Pisces Woman from being jealous you must appeal to her emotional heart! Be a loving and understanding partner by appealing to her emotions. Give her reassurance that you are faithful and that you’ve been loyal no matter what happens.

Alongside that reassure her that you are doing necessary things to block that person from your life whether it’s unfriending the person on your social media or cutting that person in reality. Show her that she matters by being a reasonable partner.

Alongside that be a sensitive and emotional lover who knows how to be romantic and passionate during these hard times. Send her flowers and a sweet apology letter, cook for her, or do something nice that warms her heart.

Whatever that is you must show her your emotional sensitivity in these tough times because the more you show your romantic and loving side to her the more she will be cured of her jealousy!

By doing these things you are appealing to her emotional point of view. Alongside that, you must also show your loyalty by showing her that you will do the necessary steps to block that person out of your life! She will thank you later in life!

Pisces Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Psychic Pisces woman is loving, spiritual, creative, and an exceptionally wonderful person who is ready to give her heart and soul to you as long as you do the same to her!

Be kind and loving, understand her point of view when she’s jealous, and always stay true to the love and passion, and your relationship will bloom!

Do the things aforementioned above and you’ll surely ease the jealousy your Pisces woman is feeling and not only that you are ensuring a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with her…

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