7 Pisces Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Are you a Pisces and you want to dive deep into your spirituality and tap into your spirit animals for guidance and protection? Do you know what these different spirit animals represent and what they could bring in for you?

Worry no more because, in this article, we are going to give you the best information on the internet that gives you in-depth details on the seven spirit animals of Pisces that you should know about! 

Before we start with the seven spirit animals of Pisces let us first discuss the true meaning of what is a spirit animal! A spirit animal is a spirit guide that has the energy, personality, and imprint of the animal in question.

A Spirit animal is a spirit guide that brings forth numerous things in a person’s life whether it’s luck, success, love, positivity, protection, or guidance. Specifically, the spirit animals of Pisces are the ones that resonate well with the emotional, dreamy, and creative energy of the sign.

Pisces is the twelfth and the last sign of the zodiac wheel and is represented by the fishes. Pisces is dreamy, innocent, emotional, deeply intuitive and strives for deep romantic connections, and is in tune with their psychic energy and spirituality.

Pisces is a deeply mature zodiac sign regardless of how “innocent” they look.

Pisces individuals are fun and flirtatious and can be surprisingly sensual and sexy when situations test them but overall these individuals are known to be compassionate and can be great friends and lovers.

Pisces energy is all about breaking the barriers between reality, dreams, and imagination. It is the last sign of the zodiac that deals with everything soulful and spiritual.

Think about the crashing waves of the ocean or the birds chirping – even in mundane moments, a Pisces individual can gain spiritual insight that benefits their well-being. This intuitive nature can be enigmatic to some people without them realizing it.

Pisces individuals are emotional, romantic, sensitive, compassionate, and the most sympathetic out of all signs! Imaginative and creative! These people will go to great lengths just to ensure the happiness and safety of the people that are closest to them.

Pisces is loving and it shows in their overall demeanor and aura…

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Pisces let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Pisces affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why these totem spirit animals embody Pisces.

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Understanding Neptunian Energy: Neptune, Water, and the mutable nature of Pisces

Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions and is known for its remarkably hypervivid sensories. Neptune is a highly psychic and spiritual planet and is a highly captivating and mesmerizing planet that has a highly sensual influence in Astrology.

Alongside that Neptune is the planet of ideals, spirituality, intuition, and idyllic experiences, this planet domains dreams and delusions which could mean that any house it falls into your birth chart is where you will be highly obsessed.

Neptune has its association with Poseidon, God of the Sea in mythologies, and is highly associated with the element of water. With that said, Neptune, itself is a watery planet that exhibits water traits and ideas such as psychic receptivity, magic, illusions, and subtle yet powerful influence through emotions.

On the light side, Neptune is a highly spiritual planet that provides intuition and spiritual enlightenment as well as compassion and sympathy.

This planet on the bad side can represent the negative aspects of ideals and dreams, things such as nightmares, illusions, detachment from reality, escapism, vivid and excessive daydreaming, deception, addiction, trickery, and negative manifestations are some of the influences that Neptune can bring about. 

Almost every individual who has heavy Neptune influence in their birth chart can bring some of the most beautiful, artistic pieces you’ll ever see!

Whether it’s music, poetry, acting, or other creative endeavors this planet gives a tremendous amount of creativity and expression which is why this planet is also known as the planet that rules creative artists.

Neptune is also known to be the higher octave of Venus and similar to Venus who has an eye for visual aesthetics, Neptune also greatly values visuals and aesthetics and because of the Pisces individuals can be incredibly fashionable and can be some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet!

Their appearance and personality are warm, inviting, and calming yet heavily hypnotizing and sensual.

Neptune is a powerful planet that influences people in subtle yet life-changing ways, Neptune intensifies spiritual wisdom and insight and amplifies your intuition.

This planet has a deeply compassionate energy that often resonates with the martyr archetype. Because of that many Pisces individuals can be self-sacrificial and can often put themselves at risk for the greater good or the love of another.

Love it or hate it, the influence of Neptune can make Pisces individuals some of the most loyal and committed people who are deeply invested in their partners.

As mentioned earlier, Neptune also governs the artistic side of one’s personality. This means that it rules all forms of visual expression, including film, media, dance, ballet, painting, poetry, and the use of symbols or gestures.

To the sign this means that Pisces individuals are naturally expressive in their facial expressions and body language, they do not hide from any facade and dislike masking their true feelings and emotions. Their facial expressions can convey a thousand emotions and this also makes them one of the most genuine people out there!

Alongside the planet Pisces is ruled by the element water, this element deals with the subconscious, emotions, intuition, and compassion. Combined with mutable modality Pisces individuals are some of the most mystical people you’ll ever meet!

On the downside, the mutable modality combined with water energy could result in Pisces being highly indecisive and becoming easily influenced or manipulated by others.

Overall, Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune, The positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Pisces are someone who is highly sympathetic, compassionate, intuitive, emotionally aware, open-minded, understanding, patient, spiritual, wise, romantic, and an old soul.

Pisces individuals are graceful and sensual and are highly psychic which deeply resonates with the personalities of the seven spirit animals we’re gonna dive deep into.

Meanwhile, an unevolved or unbalanced Pisces is someone who is too self-sacrificial, indecisive, clingy, moody, easily changeable, and easily swayed by other people’s emotions and opinions can be manipulative in a subtle manner, lazy, and can be prone to addictions.

Pisces And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Fish

Pisces is a zodiac sign that is represented by the fish and it comes as no surprise that this spirit animal is spiritually connected to anyone who has their sign in Pisces!

The Fish is deeply connected to the water element and represents love, adaptability, intuition, compassion, and vulnerability similar to a Pisces who is deeply connected to those things. 

The Fish is deeply connected to the sign of Pisces because of their similarities mainly due to both of them being able to go with the flow and having a tremendous amount of self-preservation.

Life as we know it had powerful currents similar to the oceans and other bodies of water and just like the fish who often goes with the flow of the current a Pisces doesn’t mind where life takes them. The Fish is a spirit animal that represents a lack of emotional boundaries and difficulty in making life decisions. 

Although the easygoingness of Pisces and the Fish are highly admirable and enviable traits these when overdone can be great problems as Piscean individuals will have trouble asserting themselves and creating a stable life for themselves!

The Fish in the ocean is fearful and tends to hide away from any conflict similar to a Pisces who often has a reflexivity to avoid conflict and assertiveness.

This spirit animal is always near or upon you because this is the spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates the core energy of a Pisces. However, you can specifically call upon this spirit animal to bring on love and romance into your life! 

2. The Unicorn

The Unicorn is a mythological beast that has been subjected to many lore and fascinating stories! For the most part, this animal has been deeply connected to higher spiritual powers and magic and it is not surprising that this spirit animal deeply resonates with the last zodiac sign! 

Pisces is known to be the most magical and mystical, its deep connection to the spiritual realm and fascination with the occult and magic is one of the reasons why this spirit animal often resides in many Piscean individuals!

The Unicorn is a powerful spirit animal that is linked to purity, health, and magic, and not only that Unicorn has been a long symbol of prolonged vitality and joy!

The Unicorn is also known as a symbol of purity and virginity, individuals who are pure and carry light traits are often guided and protected by this mystical spirit animal!

The Unicorn is known to give spiritual powers to anyone who deserves it and as such, it has become known lore that anyone who upholds purity, justice, kindness, and virtue is the one to be gifted with immense power to materialize the things they want and to travel within this world and the spiritual one.

In many cultures and traditions, the Unicorn symbolizes protection against evil and brings forth good fortune and faith!

To call upon this spirit animal you must first sage the space you’re about to meditate to rid of negative energies or impurities, then take a bath to wash away any impurities in your system! After that light white candles in your space and begin to call this spirit animal.

3. The Butterfly 

To have the Butterfly as your spirit animal means that you are constantly evolving spiritually! Pisces is a known spirit animal that is deeply connected to the spiritual realm and this is often why this spirit animal often resides in the Pisces’ energy and imprint. 

This spirit animal teaches you to light-heartedly accept life as it is, the tribulations and all the emotions that you have to undergo to create a metamorphosis. This spirit animal teaches you that life is not meant to be suffered but one that should be experienced without attachments.

The Butterfly is the spirit animal most commonly associated with one’s transformation and the power of patience and trusting the universe that no matter what happens things will work their way for you!

To call upon this spirit animal go into nature and look for butterflies yourself! Be in deep solitude and gratitude as you mentally communicate with the spirit animal that is probably around you already! Ask for mental clarity or you can even ask for spiritual insight and you’ll surely get it in no time!

4. The Lady Bug

The Lady Bug is a symbol of great luck and hope and this highly resonates with the sign of Pisces who is often gifted with good karma because of the genuine light energy this sign possesses.

The Lady Bug is a known spirit animal that can bring forth luck to the person who calls upon it and this spirit animal is known to reside well with highly-evolved Piscean individuals!

Pisces tends to be a soft-spoken, kind-hearted, compassionate, sympathetic, and considerate individual who is drawn to helping others, especially those who are weak and disabled and this makes this kind-hearted spirit animal drawn to the positive energy of Pisces.

Ladybugs are known for their “ying” energy and although this spirit animal has no affinity to any elements its kindness and compassion can be likened to the energy of water.

To Call upon this spirit animal is to call upon light energy and to be able to properly communicate with this spirit guide you must be devoid of any negative emotions or ambitions.

Meditate in a quiet room and try as much as possible try to be pure in your intentions. You can ask for more positive and meaningful experiences that will teach you things! Do this and see the magic happens!

5. The Whale

The Whale is a sea mammal that for years of prolonged evolution has adapted itself to life in water! Similar to a Pisces!

The Whale symbolizes deep spiritual wisdom and adaptability, like the water that can mold and form itself into any shape Pisces represents emotional, physical, and spiritual adaptability that most signs don’t have!

Whales are humongous and when seen in the wild can be some of the most magnificent creatures you’ll ever see exist on this planet. Similar to Pisces the spirit animal Whale is known for its larger-than-life appearance!

Pisces is often dreamy and sensual and can be exceptionally popular because of the aura they exude! Similar to The Whale who is often majestic in movements!

The Whale has been known to represent traits such as magnificence, gratitude, beauty, transformation, the power of water, and deep spiritual insight! This spirit animal is called upon to amplify your psychic abilities or to purify any negative energies in your system!

This spirit animal is deeply connected to the ocean and as such being connected to the sea while meditating can be the most effective way to truly embody this spirit animal!

6. The Sloth

The Sloth represents the charming yet seemingly lazy attitude of Pisces as this spirit animal is often known for its flair and easy-going attitude, The Sloth represents many dynamic qualities a Pisces possesses which include deep imagination, friendliness, nonchalant attitude and outlook in life.

On the positive side, this spirit animal represents Pisces’ friendly attitude because regardless of gender, race, religion, or background you’ll always see Pisces individuals seemingly getting along with everyone!

The Sloth is also a spirit animal that can often appear in dreams and could deeply mean that you are down the rabbit hole! Whenever you dream of this animal it’s always a sign that you should redirect your path and allow yourself more meaningful and creative experiences.

The Sloth is the spirit animal that warns you of any impending danger whether it is in your work life or life outside with friends or lovers, this spirit animal might be lazy and procrastinating but is heavily intuitive and wants the best for you.

This spirit animal wants you to pursue your creativity and express your inner creativity. The Sloth is a very optimistic totem guide that wants you to see a brighter future ahead!

It is best to always ask for the sloth’s guidance and protection especially if you feel it in your bone that you are truly in danger or you sense that someone is not being honest towards you.

This spirit animal has high-vibration energy that this spirit animal seems to give an unlimited amount of optimism and luck! Alongside that, the sloth protects and inspires you!

To call upon this spirit animal you can try going into nature, specifically, connect to a tree that is considered home by a sloth and feel the energy of the tree as you carefully take deep breaths as you envision the sloth guiding you and touching your hand.

Carefully visualizing ask for guidance, protection, and creative insight.

7. The Koala

The Koala is a wonderful spirit animal that represents deep spiritual wisdom and innocence to the point of being oblivious, this spirit animal is laid-back and has a laid-back yet carefree attitude towards life.

This spirit animal is wonderful to call upon whenever you feel stressed and want to relax or soothe the energy of the environment you are going into. 

This spirit animal has been a known totem animal that symbolizes relaxation and going with a flow attitude because of how carefree the nature of this animal is. Alongside that 

The koala is seen as a powerful spirit animal that can bring comfort and peace of mind! Along those other qualities, The Koala also symbolizes devotedness, loyalty, commitment, love of family and friends, and homely and cozy energy.

If you want to call upon this spirit animal then try being more in tune with your body, relax and take a deep breath as you envision the spirit of the koala smiling toward you and showering you with positive energy.

Thank the spirit animal and ask for its guidance and influence! Do these things and see the magic happens!

7 Pisces Spirit Animals… Final Thoughts

Pisces is a beautiful, sensual, emotional, graceful, and intuitive powerhouse of the zodiac wheel and is one of the most blessed signs in terms of Good Karma and other benefic placements.

Pisces is genuinely kind and compassionate and this personality is an incredibly fresh breath of air among all the other signs who exhibit tough and outrageous personalities. 

Pisces individuals are highly spiritual, creative, and wise and can be great artists in their respective endeavors! Whether it’s acting, singing, or creating other forms of art such as writing, poetry, or painting, these individuals are highly gifted with creative and colorful minds. 

Overall these spirit animals are easy to call upon and can be great benefactors that can bring a tremendous amount of support to you!

These said spirit animals are highly connected to you and can be great spiritual mentors that can guide you and protect you along your journey! These spirit animals deeply resonate with the overall energy and imprint of Pisces.

Remember that visualization and proper meditation is the key to truly connecting with these powerful spirit guides!

Things take time so do not be discouraged if you feel nothing in your first few tries remember that you have to incorporate your spirituality so you can properly communicate with these spirit animals!

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