How To Get A Pisces Woman Obsessed With You?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Pisces woman and her obsession tendencies. Alongside that, we will give you an insight into how she gets obsessed and what things she does whenever she gets infatuated with someone!

We will also give you a powerful way how to properly seduce her to make her obsessed with you!

The Pisces woman is the last sign of the zodiac wheel, governing the dates February 19 up to March 20. She is represented by the fish. Flowing and thriving in the water, she is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune – the planet of dreams, imagination, spirituality, and illusions.

The astrological components of what makes Pisces makes her one of the most spiritual and sweetest sign to ever exist. Highly empathetic and sympathetic to the point that she can pick up energies and vibes from people and places. She is a gifted psychic who has access to the spiritual realm.

Charming because of her sweet demure appearance. She is genuinely kind-hearted and sensitive and doesn’t agree well with harsh criticism or sarcasm. Her sensitivity when hurt can make her extremely erratic and prone to mood swings.

Her vulnerabilities can make her prone to attracting people who think she is gullible enough to be manipulated.

Her power relies on her feelings. She can pick up vibes a mile away and when her heart says not to trust a certain person it is her psychic ability protecting her. Emotionally aware and sensitive. She relishes experiencing a different set of emotions in the most possible way. 

This can make her extremely optimistic about finding love. She loves the idea of love, the idea that she will love someone and someone will love her for who she is. This pure-hearted woman is looking for love in different ways so her perception of love might be grander than the rest of the zodiac signs.

When not properly managed this romanticizing of love can make her prone to extreme delusions and daydreaming.  Nevertheless, they’re creative and imaginative which makes them successful visionaries in art and beauty.

 In love and relationships, a Pisces woman tends to pour out all her love, time, and attention to the person she’s with. She’s ready to give out her all in the name of love. She is cuddly and generally touchy. She loves the idea that her partner will be sweet to her too

A Pisces woman’s obsessive tendencies can develop when she starts idealizing the man unreasonably or unrealistically. She might think of him in a different way than the rest of the others. The daydreaming and obsessing prolonged can make her extremely obsessed with the person. 

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Pisces woman’s obsession tendencies. Let us tackle more about the obsessive tendencies of your Pisces woman in the next section! How does she become obsessed with someone and how does she act upon it? What are the things she’s looking for in a man?

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Pisces Women and Obsession Tendencies

Your Pisces woman gets obsessed with someone easily! But the good thing is that it passes on too easily too! The mutable nature of Pisces is the reason for this. She tends to get infatuated too early and too often to the point that it can be energetically draining for her.

Unlike Cancer and Scorpio who have some sort of persistence in their obsessive tendencies. Pisces tends to move from one person to the other. Their changeable nature makes them easy to move on from one person to the other. Although the obsession tendencies can be just as strong as her sister’s signs.

The obsession starts with simply idealizing or romanticizing that certain person, he may be attractive or has that certain quality that she longs for in a man.

Whatever it may be it can be this one simple thing about that man where she will start romanticizing him as her partner. She will use her imagination to daydream a lot.

This crush or infatuation will then develop into a full-blown obsession over weeks and months. The daydreaming will be more severe to the point that it will somehow affect a Pisces woman’s daily or work life. The obsession will be intense she will and will certainly have recurring sexual dreams about the man.

She might even experience an out-of-body experience due to her intense lust. After this, she will try to stalk the man on social media and try to get more information. She’ll be completely obsessed with the man to the point that she might show signs of interest in the man she wants to be with.

Your Pisces woman is deeply attracted to a kind and sensitive man who can understand her on a deep and intuitive level. She is deeply attracted to a man with a moral compass and a man who is chill, easy-going, and likes the idea of seeing the world from a different perspective (spiritual).

She is also deeply attracted to a man who can make her feel safe and protected so a height difference can be incredibly attractive to your petite Pisces woman. She wants to feel feminine around her man so a manly and handsome appearance can work well in attracting your Pisces woman.

Now that we have given you an insight into your Pisces woman’s obsessive tendencies you’ll get the signs she is interested in you! Now let’s move on to the seduction process! We will give you powerful ways how to make your Pisces woman deeply obsessed and infatuated with you!

How to Get Your Pisces Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Embody love energy within you

A Pisces woman will always be a die-hard romantic! As such it is important to take note that whenever you’re seducing your Pisces woman you are matching the level of romanticism she has! Be a die-hard romantic as same as she and she will feel it genuinely!

Be kind and sweet when talking to her. But do not be in a rush to flirt or seduce her, remember you must gain her trust first before you can get or say any freaky things to her. Like the stream of water flowing keep the conversation as casual as possible.

When you’ve developed a friendship with your Pisces woman then you can try subtly flirting with her.

Try teasing her romantically and divert the topic into weird things like spirituality or out-of-body experiences. This will be surprising to your Pisces woman because then she will deeply realize how much alike you are with her!

The more you do this the more she is turned on and the more she will feel drawn towards you!

2. Flirt with him!

The next step in making your Pisces woman obsessed with you is that you must flirt with her in the right way! The flirting should be sweet, casual, and full of compliments instead of the usual teasing and banter.

Remember that your Pisces woman is sensitive and she might find it hard to reciprocate if the flirtation comes with a lot of teasing and banter. Instead opt for kind-hearted, sweet, and thoughtful compliments to her. Pay attention to what makes her beautiful and say it genuinely to her.

Remember that the more your Pisces woman remembers your kind and sweet words to her the more she’ll be infatuated with you.

Genuinely compliment whatever trait you find attractive about her! It can be her hair, the way she dresses, how she does her makeup, or her physical traits like her eyes or smile. Most Piscean women have big and expressive eyes so complimenting this trait will surely be memorable for her!

3. Be a sweet and sensitive man

The world is full of aggressive men who think being aggressive and pushing other people away is the best way to attract a woman. With your Pisces woman, it is different. To her, a true man can value sensitivity and kindness.

A true man can express his vulnerabilities without the fear of being seen as feminine or weak. With this, you must be attuned to your feelings and emotions. Be a sensible person who is soft-spoken. Be a gentleman to other people and treat others with respect and kindness.

The more kind you appear to be the more likely she is gonna admire you and the more chances of her romanticizing and idealizing you as an ideal partner…

4. Work on your appearance!

It is known in today’s age that appearance matters. Even if looks come second or last to your Pisces woman it is still important to look good and feel great – the more confident you look about yourself the more attractive you’ll appear to be!

With that said it is important to work out and eat healthy to stay in shape, practice a good skin care regimen to have beautiful skin, look at which hairstyle works perfectly for you, and practice good posture, especially whenever in public. Speak with a manly deep voice.

The macho man seems to be universally attractive to all women.

5. Connect to her spiritually

Experience emotions deeply and in a positive and learning way. Your Pisces woman is a known spiritualist and her deeply psychic nature can be an extremely powerful way to connect with her. Talk to her about these things and topics that may seem weird to other people.

This in turn can make your conversations deep and mesmerizing.

Alongside that practice mindfulness and meditation and you must connect to your spirituality. Try not to allow any sort of pessimism into your life! The more positive you are the lighter your energy is gonna be and the more attractive it is for your Pisces woman.

6. Seduce her subtly and gently

Your Pisces woman is shy and sometimes awkward in things that govern sex, she may be sexually charged and lustful but she will not make the first move just to get it. As such you must pursue her in a seduction process that is subtle and gentle.

Your Pisces woman will need a little push or two for her to take a step further into the relationship, prompting her to take the relationship to the next level. You don’t have to do anything big or bold just go subtle with your words whenever you’re teasing her.

Seduce her in a way where she won’t even feel like she is being seduced, incorporating lots of touches on the neck and hands. Try to maintain strong eye contact with sexy smirks. The more you do this the more she’ll give in to the temptation.

7. Don’t be afraid to become emotional and vulnerable if it needs to be.

The last key step on the list of making your Pisces woman obsessed with you is that you should be open to experiencing emotional vulnerabilities with her. You can be the hottest guy in the room or the most adept at sexually seducing her but if you’re not emotionally vulnerable the same as her the obsession will not last long.

Remember that the mutable nature of a Pisces woman can make her extremely fussy and erratic about her obsessive tendencies.

The key here is to show her that you can be a wonderful long-term partner in the long run and you can only do it by showing her you can be emotional and vulnerable if the situation needs to be.

Being open to emotional depth whenever you’re with your Pisces woman will ensure that she will become too attached to you to the point that she’ll be loyal to you.

Pisces: The Graceful yet emotional Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Pisces woman is a graceful and emotional lover, incredibly feminine and romantic she seeks love to fulfill a part of her heart that’s often gaped with a hole. Be sure to use the ways aforementioned above! This will ensure that she will be infatuated and obsessed with you like no other!

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