When A Pisces Woman Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

A Pisces woman loves being in a romantic relationship, so there must be something wrong if she starts to ignore you. To help you figure out what are some things you can do to get her to stop ignoring you, I have listed them below!

When a Pisces woman is ignoring you, you should try to be open with your feelings. Compromise with her so you can make solutions and let her sort her feelings out by giving her space. To get a Pisces woman’s attention back, you should at least do something nice and be more appreciative of her.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, dealing with someone ignoring you is hard, but before we dive into what you should do, let’s first look at this woman’s dark side and some reasons why she might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Pisces Woman

Although being sensitive is acceptable, a Pisces woman occasionally becomes overly emotional and tends to blame her loved ones for her own mistakes. Additionally, she frequently self-victimizes without considering the viewpoints of others.

She is quick to become attached when she truly loves someone. She will work tirelessly to avoid disappointing people and become emotional if a conversation seems to be difficult. A Pisces woman’s morale usually suffers, which destroys many of her relationships.

Reasons Why A Pisces Woman Ignores You

It might be difficult to predict how a Pisces woman would respond when she is unhappy with a certain aspect of her life. Your relationship will likely lose importance to her if she chooses to stop spending time with you.

Obviously, this doesn’t always imply that she’s over with you, but it does show that you aren’t her top priority anymore.

You will know your existing relationship is changing when a Pisces woman starts to ignore you. You shouldn’t assume that her actions indicate that she no longer likes you because there could be a number of reasons why she chooses to ignore you.

She might simply be unsure of what she wants for the future or confused about it, which would explain her lack of commitment to her actions and response.

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5 Things To Do When A Pisces Woman Is Ignoring You

Do something nice

A Pisces woman loves being taken care of, and the same thing would be done for you. Sometimes she would put you before herself, especially if she knew you needed assistance immediately.

However, if she sees that you barely have time for her, acts as though she is a nuisance whenever she is present, or refuses to offer assistance when you can, that is when she starts to ignore you.

Because she is sensitive, a Pisces woman communicates more formally. Verbal communication does not come naturally to her, so you can express your regret by making a thoughtful gesture for her.

Without making her feel awkward, express to her how much you care without having a long talk. These actions could be a present that she enjoys receiving as it enables her to understand that she would no longer be justified in ignoring you.

Compromise with her

A Pisces woman can become bored of excuses. Over time, she will get weary of your repeated letdowns and your need to find an excuse for every misstep.

She might initially inform you, but if you keep asking her the same question repeatedly, she’ll soon stop and ignore you. If you recognize this as the issue, it is best for your relationship if you address it right away and find ways to fix them.

A Pisces woman can have an answer to the problem in her brain that you might not agree with. The reason she felt distant from you may have been your refusal to do what she wants, so offering a compromise or a new approach to the issue is a way to get past this.

Making a Pisces woman aware of a different approach to the issue may help her find serenity in a way she hadn’t previously considered. Because she would rather keep her loved ones than cut them off, an adaptable Pisces woman will be receptive to hearing about fresh options.

Be open

A good relationship with a Pisces woman requires calm, reasoned communication. Sometimes all she wants is to see some vulnerability, and sharing your feelings with her will help her empathize with you because this is her area of expertise.

Expressing your emotions and showing vulnerability will help a Pisces woman feel more at ease with the intensity of her emotions. She will cease avoiding you and start talking to you, rather than avoiding you to express herself to you in secret.

She might start ignoring you if you’ve unintentionally or intentionally stopped talking to or paying attention to her as much as you used to. A Pisces woman thinks you should be able to sense her feelings and react favorably to her even if you don’t.

Tell her she has your whole attention and makes an effort to understand her feelings. Be joyful when she is and make an effort to cheer her up when she is down because if you don’t, she’s more likely to ignore you.

Give her space

Sometimes, a Pisces woman just needs her own area free from interruptions. She might just need some time to collect herself, and at this point, you may observe her find out. A Pisces woman wants to be alone if she looks calm and is not angry in any way.

She’s not really ignoring you at this stage; all she wants is some breathing room and time to herself. A Pisces woman can be thinking about your relationship or resolving a momentary issue.

In any case, you ought to offer her the time and space she requires so that she may relax and talk to you normally.

Due to a Pisces woman’s passionate nature, she may become quite close to the ones she loves. But it doesn’t mean you have to invade her personal space all the time, especially if she doesn’t feel like having anyone around.

The best thing you can do to attract her is to give her room to think about your relationship if she consistently ignores you because she might be feeling overwhelmed by your advances.

Don’t send a Pisces woman a ton of texts in a panic; doing so will simply make her ignore you even more.

Appreciate her

A Pisces woman is the kind of person that places high importance on expressing appreciation when it comes to doing and expecting considerate things. She thinks that making you joyful should be done in small ways without necessarily waiting for the proper moment.

However, whether you’re in a relationship or not, she will lose interest if she does this and you don’t acknowledge or appreciate her. A Pisces woman might quit trying and begin ignoring you as a result of your attitude.

A Pisces woman merely wants you to pay attention to her and act upon her requests; she doesn’t require you to live exactly like her. You receive the same treatment from her as you would if you gave her minimal attention for no apparent reason.

She would gradually establish friendships and trust with people who value her time more than you somewhere else. This is a sign that a Pisces woman notices that makes her reluctant to talk to you any longer.

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When You Ignore A Pisces Woman

When being ignored by someone close to her, the Pisces woman will become depressed. When the dream bubble bursts, she will struggle to face the hard truth because she has an idealized perception of what relationships should be like.

Even though she is a very forgiving sign due to her selflessness, she won’t forgive the pain that was done to her mentally and emotionally.

A Pisces woman will begin to feel less valuable and less confident as a result of the discomfort. She will be let down if she is taken advantage of, and she is unable to tolerate the tension caused by revenge.

Therefore, she would prefer to let go and go on to new, enlightening experiences than to hold grudges forever.

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5 things to do when a Pisces woman is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Pisces woman is ignoring you:

  • Do something nice
  • Compromise with her
  • Be open
  • Give her space
  • Appreciate her



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