How To Make A Pisces Woman Jealous?

Are you worried your Pisces woman is becoming less and less devoted toward you? Is she straying away from the relationship? Do you feel less love and time devoted towards you and you want her to show your worth?

Worry no more because in this article we are going to talk to you exactly how to make your Pisces woman jealous! Alongside that, we will tackle how your Pisces woman expresses her jealousy!

To make your Pisces woman jealous you must appeal to her sensitivity and emotions you must be passionate, romantic, sexy, and touchy then unavailable, ruthless, and cold the next (push and pull method) gives her ample time to overthink about you and be jealous.

You must also positively interact with other women while you’re with her! This will make your Pisces woman jealous!

Your Pisces woman is the last candidate in the zodiac wheel and also the previous water sign on the list. Pisces is emotionally attuned and driven by zodiac signs due to her being a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune. She is represented by the fish.

This woman is deeply in tune with the non-physical realm so she lives her life feeling vibes, and energies and connecting to a higher octave of soul. You’ll often see her express these through creating art, daydreaming, and writing music, or poem.

The sign of Pisces is a mystical and alluring one and in turn, this gives your Pisces woman energy that is deeply foreshadowed to be full of esoteric wisdom and power. She is creative and emotional and she expresses it purely through creating aesthetics.

She is an alluring woman, to begin with, and the allure of Neptune can give her a mystical beauty. She attracts men and people in general with her energy in general.

She is also easy-going and carefree thanks to her mutable modality which makes her well-liked by the people around her. She is as easy-going as the flowing rivers but this does not mean she is easy to understand.

Your Pisces woman at best is full of secrets, dreams, and aspirations but she does not show it completely. She is a dreamer and relishes being a dreamer. She loves the idea of creating a fantasy world and putting it into reality.

She is truly not of this world, otherworldly and ineffable your Pisces woman is a deeply sensual and romantic individual. Her love for aesthetics can be aligned with a Taurus but because Pisces deals with the metaphysical state of things your Pisces woman can be more in line with spirituality.

The planet of Neptune is graceful and sensual yet this planet rules a lot of different aspects such as religion, spirituality, hypnotism, transcendence, daydreaming, imagination, creativity, intuition, spiritual enlightenment, mercy, compassion, mysticism, and everything that deals with the mind.

On the downside, Neptune’s aspects also cover trickery, deceit, delusions, escapism, the use of drugs, and out of a proper mental state.

Neptune’s overall influence on Pisces is clearly shown by the aspects of this planet that can heavily color the personality of a Pisces woman. She is at best a spiritually gifted and emotionally intuitive person who does everything she can to be kind and helpful to people but at the same time build her fantasy world in this reality. 

However, whether it is the spiritual gifts that she has or just innate intuition. The sign of Pisces is a mysterious one and your Pisces woman should not be trifled with as there are forces greater in this world that protect her.

Maybe it is karma, luck or some sort of supernatural power gifted by Neptune whatever it might be life is always on her side and anything you do to them will come back times three!

At best your Pisces woman is loving, sympathetic, romantic, creative, sensitive, emotional, empathetic, compassionate, sensual, affectionate, idealistic, artistic, spiritual, gracious, respectful, and intuitive.

At her worst, the shadow traits of a Pisces woman can come off as being too delusional, more prone to addictions, easily influenced and swayed by others, indecisive, lack of boundaries, absent-minded, and careless

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Pisces woman for beginners let’s delve deep into how this mystical and alluring woman expresses her jealousy. What are the obvious signs that your Pisces woman is jealous?

Let’s dig deep in!

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How does A Pisces Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Pisces Woman expresses her jealousy emotionally.

She is the most spiritual sign out of all the zodiac signs and this means she can be too emotionally driven when jealous! Your Pisces woman is easily jealous and can resort to petty manipulative tactics or emotional breakdowns when she becomes jealous of someone.

Like other water signs who are fueled by their own emotions, your Pisces woman will be emotional when jealous and she will express her frustrations gradually as she becomes angrier and angrier with the jealousy she nurtures.

Like Cancer and Scorpio, a Pisces woman nurtures these feelings of resentment until they grow and explode. To her, it is an injustice and disrespect that she feels jealousy in the relationship.

She will overreact in situations, and she will show her anger in a rather forceful way and this can surprise many people! The sweet, innocent looks of a Pisces woman can completely oppose the amount of forceful rage she can do whenever she becomes jealous!

Remember that your Pisces woman is motivated by emotions so feeling jealous is a surefire way to rush up these emotions and make her extremely different from what you’ve seen in her.

Alongside the emotional outrage, she will also be all over your space. This is why it is a good tactic to make her jealous if you feel she’s straying away. She will be all over you and will ask you the most specific of questions.

She will ask about your whereabouts, your schedule, and your relationship with the person she is jealous of. She can also become quite of a stalker stalking you physically and on social media.

She might ask too many questions and might even go too far as to blatantly accuse you of cheating even if she has no proof of you doing so. The negative aspects of being delusional come to your Pisces woman when she gets overbearing emotions such as jealousy…

Your quiet and soulful Pisces woman becomes extremely out of place that she becomes mean and moody for no reason. Her frustration will come off in the form of snippy remarks about you and the person she’s jealous of.

She will be mean to the point that she will doubt and question your loyalty to her and not only that! Because of her frustration, she is subconsciously projecting a somber mood to the environment she is in!

She is especially good at doing that! Remember that your Pisces woman holds power in the energetic realm so you will feel the vibes are off whenever she is jealous! She will also be extremely manipulative of the situation and will use everything against you!

She will try to paint herself as the victim and you the abuser and you’ll be sure to be painted as the bad guy because of this! Your Pisces woman will resort to this pettiness if she cannot hold her anger much longer. The whole mood of her room will be erratic, somber, and hopeless.

Overall, it will not be hard to spot an obvious sign that your Pisces woman is jealous she relishes showing it every time she feels it.

She will be emotional and all over the place. Alongside that, she will be extremely manipulative and might play the victim just to get revenge on you and the person she is jealous of. This is far different from the sweet and innocent Pisces you’ve been accustomed to seeing.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Pisces man and how he expresses his jealousy let’s move on and tell you the most efficient ways how to properly make your Pisces man jealous so you can divert all of his time, affection, and energy towards you!

Let’s get started!

How to Make Your Pisces Woman Jealous!

Hot and Cold (Push and Pull)

Your Pisces woman is an extremely romantic person who likes to be touched, and cared for and speaks sweet words too. She is the kind of woman who would be touchy to the point that she becomes clingy. This is what makes her viable to being attacked as you can use her sensitivity to her advantage.

The most common and pretty effective tactic you can do to make her jealous is to do the push-and-pull method. Be an unreliable partner who will give her a spontaneous amount of passion and energy then become detached and unavailable the next.

When you become romantic and sexy and touchy then cold the next you are making her doubt you and your loyalty and at the same time, she will be chasing your energy every time you take it away from her. This will be an effective strategy to divert her energy toward you!

Make her jealous on social media

Your Pisces woman is active on social media! She creates her world around it!

With so many websites and apps where you can connect and engage your creativity and fantasies around your Pisces woman generally has high engagement on it and that means you can use this to make it known just about how she’s missing out in life now that she’s straying away from you.

Post your after-gym selfie or post your recent haircut! Whatever it might be show her that women are commenting on and liking your post! This way she’ll have more room in her mind to be overthinking about you and the fact that women are putting interest in you.

Mention this girl at work

Make up a story of how flirtatious or friendly this girl from work is. Tell her that you know she is making a move on you and that you are overlooking her advances. You can even send yourself a sweet gift just to prove that this girl is crushing on you!

Whether or not it is surprising to hear your Pisces woman will be delusional and be overthinking about the situation!

When you mention this “girl” at work whether the story you’re telling is real or not will get her riled up because you are directly informing her that someone is interested in you and this makes her extremely jealous! Be careful as she might go stalk you on your work if you ever do mention this to her!

Talk about your ex

Your Pisces woman no matter how sweet or kind she may seem to be will always resent the women that you’ve had past with! Remember that your Pisces woman like other water signs is pretty connected to the past so mentioning your ex is a surefire way to rile her up!

Being reminiscent of the past and making your Pisces woman remember that you dated and shared memories with your ex is another way to make your Pisces woman jealous! Mention this ex of yours and how you randomly saw each other in a public area!

Tell how much she’s changed or how different she looks now than before.

Mention your ex in a casual conversation preferably if it’s just the two of you and mention it to her calmly and casually.

It’s as if you are saying you’re ok that you saw her and catch up with your ex. This will get your Pisces woman overthinking about the situation she is in and at the same time will get her to become angry and jealous over time.

This is an incredible tactic that will easily get your Pisces woman angry and jealous and this in turn will make her divert all her time and attention toward you the only caution is not to go too intensely on this as it will be hard for you to control the outburst of emotions that might come after using this tactic.

Be extra sweet to your friend

Another effective tactic to be simultaneously used with the other step before is to be extra sweet to your friend! Whenever you’re with your Pisces woman it is best to be extra sweet and friendly to the other girls. This shows interest and flirtation on your part which will make her jealous.

Your Pisces woman becomes extremely enraged when you do this because this clearly shows that you have no remorse in the relationship and that you are being outright cold and mean towards her.

When you become extra sweet to someone and she sees it she becomes enraged with the fact that you are giving more time and attention to someone rather than her.

Talk positively and interact with this friend of yours! Share stories with her while you actively ignore your Pisces woman beside you! Genuinely participate in a meaningful and active conversation with this friend while not including your Pisces woman in the conversation.  

Tell her exactly what she needs to hear

Your Pisces woman is emotional and romantic and telling her exactly what she needs to hear will get her to act upon the relationship.

Either in this way, you can go the high route or be toxic. You can either tell her what’s bothering you in the relationship and tell them exactly what you feel so both of you can express each other’s emotions completely or you can tell her that you are boring her.

The thing with your Pisces woman is that she is easily swayed by the influences of others and whether you like it or not you have a greater say on how she acts upon the relationship.

We’re assuming that she’s straying away from the relationship but that doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you anymore there can be other reasons for this.

The best way is to truly find it out by setting up a proper time when both of you can talk to each other and express all of the thoughts you have about the relationship. Speak on your behalf and let her speak. This will be incredibly good for both of you as both of you learn more from each other.

Making A Pisces Woman Jealous? (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Pisces woman is a gorgeous and alluring sign! Emotional and powerful in her right jealousy can be an unpleasant feeling that can drive her to madness! She may not be as feisty or downright confrontational as the other signs but she will definitely show and let her point straight out when she’s jealous!

Emotional, manipulative, and passive-aggressive when jealous of your Pisces woman’s emotion is not to be played with in this scenario!

She can be downright explosive when her jealousy issues are triggered. Mind games are a sure good way to make her jealous to divert her attention back at you but it will only take you to a certain extent.

At the end of the day, it is still best to create an open conversation where both of you can figure out each other in these times of crisis. Open communication can strengthen your bond with your Pisces woman and at the same time, you’ll gain more knowledge on what her loy language is.

This is to ensure a more fruitful and long-lasting relationship with her.

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