5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Playing You

Although a Pisces woman is very considerate towards other people’s feelings, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible for her to turn her back on you. If you want to know the signs when a Pisces woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Pisces woman is playing you, she will be flakey and make no effort in making your relationship work.

She will be closed off and will lead you on by saying flowery words but not really meaning them. She will ignore you because she doesn’t want to waste her time on you. She will not make an effort to see you.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Pisces Woman In Love

She is caring

A Pisces woman constantly considers others and prioritizes their needs over her own, especially in love.

She expects her partner to be kind and empathetic and to think with his heart and soul as well. She is one of the most compassionate signs in the zodiac and is known to go above and beyond to make sure her loved ones are happy.

A Pisces woman will be incredibly caring, nurturing, and highly perceptive to your needs, almost as if she can read your thoughts.

She desires to love everyone without conditions because she is a loving nurturer. Unfortunately, she can occasionally overlook her own needs because she is so intent on supporting everyone else and the people she loves.

She is understanding

You will be understood by a Pisces woman as long as you are being genuine. When it comes to the person she loves, she will be docile and adaptable. You must, however, love and adore her and never take her for granted if you want to keep her forever.

She effortlessly mends hearts that have been broken in the past by providing safety and compassion.

Even those with the most serious problems can be helped by a Pisces woman’s advice.

She can easily fascinate you to the point that you want to be with her constantly. A Pisces woman, however, experiences highs and lows because of her sensitivity and empathy, and she needs some alone time to contemplate and put things in perspective.

She is passionate

Those who are fortunate enough to win a Pisces woman over should never allow the opportunity to pass them by since she loves deeply and passionately. She will be exceedingly loving and affectionate towards you, expressing her love for you with words of encouragement and devotion.

A Pisces woman craves romantic love and requires a soulmate because she is so insightful and sensitive. This can create a very special bond between her and her lover because of her intense love and empathy. Overall, a Pisces woman is passionate and romantic when it comes to relationships.

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Characteristics A Pisces Woman Dislikes In A Man


She wouldn’t let go of a man once she discovers one who strives hard to accomplish his life’s objectives. A true inspiration for the Pisces woman is a motivated person who would give his or her all to overcome obstacles in his or her path and create a great life for themselves.

She prefers a man who uses his endeavors to demonstrate his wit, ingenuity, and creativity. A Pisces woman will easily be angered by any aggressive actions or harsh words. She feels uneasy around a man who is lazy isn’t committed to his work and has no sense of direction.

She yearns for a man who will anchor her, and be her support system, in order for their relationship to endure.


Men who have a reckless approach toward life may turn off the Pisces woman. She needs a man who will responsibly carry out all of his responsibilities towards his family, his community, and everyone else. She craves harmony, therefore if a relationship doesn’t bring it into her life, she would much rather be alone.

Despite being one of the most understanding zodiac signs, one must show his love for her by keeping his promises to her. The Pisces woman’s concerns about the presence of true love in the relationship could be increased by recklessness in carrying out activities that have an impact on her.


A Pisces woman longs for complete independence and privacy.

It might be ineffective to try and put restrictions on her because it will only drive her away. She has to have enough space to let her thoughts wander, sometimes to the point where she risks being misunderstood or accused of ignoring her own obligations.

A Pisces woman will be hurt by someone who suffocates her and doesn’t respect her need for independence. So whether or not it appears logical to her partner, a Pisces woman will want a man who cherishes her individuality and recognizes her value.

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5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Playing You

She makes no effort

This a big sign that a Pisces woman is playing you when she only does the bare minimum with you. If she is serious about making your relationship work, she will take care to let you know how much she cares about your connection.

A Pisces woman is aware that wasting her time on someone she doesn’t care about won’t be the best thing to do.

If a Pisces woman doesn’t try to make her life happier, this can be a sign that she doesn’t intend to keep the relationship long-term. If she doesn’t pay any attention at all or give consideration, you already know the answer.

She ignores you

In other situations, a Pisces woman will ignore you rather than be honest about her feelings.

Although she doesn’t really have romantic feelings for you, she is reluctant to say it for fear of upsetting you. Your Pisces woman may not be all that interested in your relationship if you notice that she ignores you frequently.

A Pisces woman is playing games with you and merely keeping you around for her own convenience if she doesn’t put you first at all and only contacts you when she needs something from you. Moreover, she won’t feel bad about doing it again and again in hopes of driving you away.

She is flakey

A Pisces woman plainly doesn’t value you if she continually ignores you, tells you lies, and makes up excuses. She won’t come out and say that she isn’t really into you; instead, she will do deceitful strategies to provide you with excuses for ending the relationship on your own.

It’s very possible that a Pisces woman who is on and off with you is playing you. He will typically make it clear if she is serious about you but if she’s giving you conflicting signals, this indicates unequivocally that she’s not really into you.

If a Pisces woman is also acting suspiciously, she is either taking her time or playing you.

She is closed off

When a Pisces woman withholds any important information from you, she is playing you. She rarely confides in you about anything, and your conversations frequently center on unimportant topics. She never lets you get close to her, and you struggle to establish a deeper connection.

A Pisces woman may be emotionally distant and uninterested if she doesn’t really like you. She will refrain from discussing her personal matters or the future and you may tell her that she doesn’t want to deal with you when she becomes utterly closed off around you.

A Pisces woman won’t let you in and will be quite secretive about her personal life.

She leads you on

A Pisces woman can be a cunning trickster; she may seduce you by telling you whatever you want to hear. She might also make up stories like moving into a place together, going on trips together, and having a lot of children in order to get what he wants.

When she avoids establishing future arrangements with you, a Pisces woman is playing you. You’re probably right if you sense that she doesn’t want to be with you. The concept of creating a life with the person she loves appeals to a Pisces woman, who is a hopeless romantic.

She’s obviously playing you if she ceases showing interest in your life once she has what she wants.

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5 signs a Pisces woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Pisces woman is playing you:

  • She makes no effort
  • She ignores you
  • She is flakey
  • She is closed off
  • She leads you on



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