How To Get A Libra Woman To Chase You

How To Get A Libra Woman To Chase You

Perfectionist. This is one of the characteristics that a Libra woman is known about. You are admiring one, and you just can’t move on from life unless you get her heart. Here’s how you can do just that.

To get a Libra woman to chase you, you need to dress well and be attractive to her. You also need to be social and interact with people. Take her out on a date. Give her compliments and be very sensitive around her. You also need to listen to her. Never tell her that she’s needy.

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Getting into details of these tips will surely allow you to have your Libra woman melt her heart, pursue you, and chase you. But, of course, we need to understand where these tips are coming from. So, let’s delve into the details of your Libra woman… 

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What Your Libra Woman Is Like

How To Get A Libra Woman To Chase You

Charming, popular, level-headed. These are the proper words to define a Libra woman. She is charming in her own way and can be popular because of her charm. But there is definitely more!

The Libra sign of the Zodiac is a cardinal sign, and so you can get a vibe of control off. When you are dealing with a Libra woman, you have to remember that she is the scale of the Zodiac, and so she can be imbalanced in a bad and good way.

She can tip one way or the other. And so, being with her can really be refreshing.

You Libra woman is a very positive person about everything. She is always thinking about the outcomes of things. She can be a little people-pleaser and making people happy can be one of her priorities. She likes to live her life to the fullest and make memories.

With regard to business or work, she can be a little controlling. Together with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, she is born with great leadership skills. She may seem like she is flexible with things but the truth of the matter is, she is not. She can be flexible in some other places maybe but not at work.

With this in mind, she can be a little bossy. But this also can be a good thing because she is someone who wants to rule her own kingdom. She wants to own her own business and can work better by herself than with groups.

A Libra woman likes to be in love, but not in the cute loyal way that you expect.

There can be a lot of back-to-back relationships, especially when she is young. This is because men are more giving to her. There is this sense of magnetism in them that is very charming and just attracts the opposite sex or the same sex. We are inclusive around here.

She can also be very indecisive because of her nature. Instead of moving forward, she can dwell on the choices she made and stick with which path to take on.

To tame a Libra woman, you must thrive on fun, joyousness, and heartfelt laughter. But you know, there is a lot more to do than just that.

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7 Ways to Get a Libra Woman to Chase You

Dress well and be attractive

How To Get A Libra Woman To Chase You

A Libra female definitely knows how to look good, and so she would want the same in a partner. However, this does not mean that you get to dress extra and too over the top. You should know how to be harmonious with the way you look rather than be extremely flashy.

You should know how to be good-looking but not drop-dead gorgeous. Libras always strive for harmony in their lives, so you cannot look very excessive.

Be Social

Taking into account balance, a Libra woman also loves to have social interactions. She is not egocentric, and they like making people happy. Unlike other signs who like to talk about themselves around people, your Libra woman does not do that.

Your Libra woman is more focused on getting into a dialogue and human interactions.

The type of conversation that she loves is knowing about your culture and your outlook in life. And so, you also need to be ready with these things to talk about. You also need to be social with people around her. She loves that.

Take her out on a date

Libras cannot stay at home because they are very social people, and they crave human interaction. Sometimes, they prefer being out doing activities, rather than doing things at home. And so, it is only fitting to take her somewhere that she’ll absolutely enjoy.

Some date ideas you can go with are inviting her into a museum, or a gallery, or just eating at the newest restaurant in town.

Remember that she has a thing about beauty and the senses. However, this is not like that of the Tauruses who like indulging in good food. Your Libra woman’s thing for the senses is more intellectual.

What you can do is let her feel the overall feel of the environment. You can take her to places that have a romantic atmosphere.

Give her compliments

How To Get A Libra Woman To Chase You

Your Libra woman likes to think that she is beautiful inside and out. She may seem to be very out there, beautiful and confident. However, she can get a little insecure. So, you need to let her know that she is definitely the most gorgeous person you have ever met.

You can also give her compliments about how she brings harmony into your life and how intelligent she is. She likes taking care of herself and looking good is definitely one of her priorities, so you need to notice that and compliment her all the time.

Deal with her with sensitivity

Your Libra woman is empathetic, and she can pick up on the negative emotions of people. She can get easily affected by other people’s feelings. When someone cries, you bet she will cry too because this is just how she is.

So, do not come at her with rudeness and toughness. You need to be able to talk to her with a sense of calmness in your voice.

Listen to her

Your Libra woman tends to swallow up what she really feels because she wants to always make people happy. Remember that she is naturally a positive person, so if she openly speaks up about something that tears her up and when she speaks something with great passion, listen to her with all ears.

You need to make sure that you understand her feelings and that you get where she is coming from. Let her know you see things that she’s seeing and be on her side.

Never call her needy

How To Get A Libra Woman To Chase You

Libra is a sign of partnership, and as stated earlier, she loves to be in love. So, she will be continuously looking for her soulmate until she finds someone who gets her. So, it might come off like she is being clingy or needy. She is not. She just wants to make sure that you are the right person for her.

And if this happens, it is because she is into you. She wears her feelings close to her chest, and she reveals this side to you if she likes you. However, it is not co-dependent or clingy. Again, this is just her way of testing you. 

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To get a Libra woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Dress well and be attractive
  • Be Social
  • Take her out on a date
  • Give her compliments
  • Be sensitive around her
  • Listen to her
  • Never call her needy

Happy chasing and being chased!



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