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What Does An Aries Woman Like In A Man?

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If you want to set up the Aries lady in your life with the perfect partner or win her heart for yourself, you should know what characteristics she looks for in the opposite sex.

An Aries woman wants a man who can be her best friend. He should be funny, clever, athletic, and ambitious. The right guy should have some of the same positive qualities as an Aries woman, but be different enough from her that he can balance her negative traits.

10 Characteristics an Aries Woman Loves in a Man

Sense of Humor

Every zodiac sign has either a positive or negative polarity. Aries is one of the six positive signs of the zodiac, meaning that an Aries woman is optimistic and loves to laugh.

She doesn’t like to surround herself with negative people and won’t settle down with a pessimistic, humorless guy. Her ideal partner doesn’t have to have her same sense of humor, but he should be light-hearted and funny in his own way.

A sense of humor is so important to an Aries woman because she wants a partner who can be both her lover and her best friend. She needs to be able to tease and joke with him like one of her girlfriends.

An Aries woman is very independent and enjoys her freedom, so she won’t give up her time or sacrifice her freedom for a man unless he can make her laugh.

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Each astrological sign correlates with a set of body parts that reveals something important about that sign’s personality and values. Aries rules the head, face, and brain.

This tells us that Aries women are highly intelligent. Not only are they smart, but they can also think very quickly.

An Aries woman is an asset during a crisis because, although she might get emotional, she can also react quickly and come up with a fast solution.

Intelligence is important to an Aries woman, and she has to have a mental connection with a guy to be interested in him. You should never dumb yourself down to try to impress an Aries woman because it will have the opposite effect.

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Aries is perhaps the most athletic and energetic sign of the entire zodiac. An Aries lady often works in a field that showcases her competitive, physical side, such as being an athletic coach or a personal trainer.

An Aries woman needs a strong, healthy partner who can keep up with her. You don’t need to be a professional athlete, but you should enjoy working out and be fit enough to accompany her on her adventures.

An Aries woman is always at the gym, walking her dog, or even at a sports bar cheering on her favorite team. She wants a partner who shares these same interests, and she isn’t attracted to a couch potato.


As one of the most independent signs of the zodiac, an Aries woman is never clingy and she can’t stand it when a partner is too needy. She feels suffocated when a man wants to spend all of his time with her.

She needs a guy who can give her space, so don’t bombard her with calls and texts when you’re not with her, and don’t try to tie her down with plans every day. She is attracted to a man who has a life outside of the relationship, so show her that you have your own hobbies and friends.


Although she is fiercely independent and doesn’t need anyone to take care of her, an Aries woman secretly likes being nurtured by her partner.

Her private yearning for a care-taker is best explained by her astrological sign’s “age.” Each sign has a spiritual age based on that sign’s position in the order of the zodiac. As the first zodiac sign, Aries is the “youngest.”

This means that Aries is the baby of the zodiac, and while an Aries woman is self-sufficient and doesn’t need anyone to support her, she enjoys being coddled by her partner.

She is too proud to ask for help, but she loves it when her man performs acts of service that make her feel cherished. Bringing her breakfast in bed, rubbing her feet, or warming up her car for her when it’s cold will go a long way towards winning over an Aries lady.


An Aries woman isn’t one to hold back her feelings, so she often tells her partner how amazing, handsome, smart, and special he is. If an Aries woman is in love, she can be her partner’s best cheerleader.

But she doesn’t want her partner to rely on her for his self-esteem. She wants a self-confident guy, not someone she constantly has to reassure.

Confidence is also important in an Aries woman’s ideal man because she can be flirtatious. She won’t be unfaithful if she’s in a committed relationship, but she likes attention from the opposite sex and can be very coquettish.

Her partner needs to have enough self-confidence to understand that her flirtatiousness doesn’t mean anything and she’s not going to leave him for another man.


Some women crave stability and predictability in a relationship, but an Aries lady is not one of those women.

An Aries woman yearns for excitement in her life and her relationship, so she needs a partner who is just as adventurous and playful as she is. She enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and any activity that gives her an adrenaline rush. The best match for her is a guy who likes to try new things and wants as thrilling of a lifestyle as she does.

Her ideal man should love activities like riding roller coasters, white water rafting, and sky-diving, or at least be willing to try them when she suggests them. Better yet, he should be the one to initiate these exciting exploits.


Aries is a very impulsive sign, and although an Aries woman has habits and a daily routine, he also needs the occasional break from the ordinary.

Her perfect partner is the perfect combination of steady and spontaneous. He should help keep her grounded and discourage her from doing anything impulsive that could hurt her, but also be willing to do spontaneous things with her.

Perhaps an Aries woman and her partner will be going for an evening walk, only to stop by a club and dance the night away instead. Maybe, instead of planning a vacation, they spin a globe and let fate choose their destination.


An Aries woman has many wonderful qualities, but patience isn’t one of them. He hates waiting and needs instant gratification. Traffic jams and long lines are a couple of her biggest pet peeves.

Her ideal partner should be much more patient than she is so he can keep her calm and entertained when she is forced to wait for something. If she’s getting irritable because they are standing at the end of a long line at the grocery store, he should be able to soothe her and make her laugh to keep her mind off the wait.

An Aries woman’s immaturity, selfishness, and brutal honesty make her annoying sometimes, so her partner should be very patient with her, as well.


Every zodiac sign belongs to one of four natural elements: fire, air, earth, or water. A sign’s element reveals that sign’s disposition.

Aries is a fire sign, and fire signs are known for being passionate, temperamental, and hot-headed. An Aries woman is very mercurial, and it’s very easy to make this zodiac sign mad.

She is also extremely honest and never holds back her true feelings. You won’t have to wonder where you stand with an Aries lady or what she really thinks of you because she is incapable of lying and will tell you directly to your face.

When she gets upset, she may lash out at her partner, even if he’s not the reason why she’s mad. Sometimes, she says harsh things in the heat of the moment that she regrets later.

But although she gets furious quickly, she apologizes and calms down just as fast. She needs a guy who can keep up with her mood swings and won’t take her grumpiness personally. Her ideal partner should be able to forgive and move on quickly, and she will do the same for him.


If you want to find the best match for an Aries lady, you should know the quintessential characteristics of her zodiac sign and what traits she wants in her ideal partner.

An Aries woman is drawn to a smart, exciting, and independent guy. She wants someone who is similar to her enough that they have common values and interests, but different enough that he balances and complements her. A patient, supportive, and thrill-seeking man is exactly what an Aries woman needs.

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