How To Make a Leo Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Leo woman and her jealousy issues! How she acts when she’s jealous and what she does do when angered? Alongside that, we will give you exact ways how to make your Leo woman jealous! So sit back relax and enjoy!

To make your Leo woman jealous you must show that you are being flirted with by many men around you. You can also mention one of your exes and this will rile him up! Remember to be wild and sexy to make him overthink and be jealous!

The Leo woman is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel.

She is strong, refined, and regal and she takes pride in herself and her achievements. Her courageous nature makes her incredibly powerful. She is a fixed fire sign which gives her power and control over her fiery temperament as opposed to her sister signs (Aries and Sagittarius).

Leo women are known for being fearless. Being born under this sign makes a woman a natural-born leader who likes taking control in a group situation. She is socially adept and intelligent and is extremely good at handling affairs. She uses her warm energy to inspire, support, and protect people around her.

She leads people with courage and a big heart. She is an individual who likes to lead people by inspiring them with their creativity and imagination. Leo rules the fifth house in Astrology which deals with pleasure and attention.

Whether it isn’t creative work, passion, or doing things that make you feel good this corresponds to Leo’s energy.

She is ruled by the Sun’s archetypal masculine energy. This makes your Leo woman unafraid and more likely to bend the social rules instead of being traditional and feminine. Unlike other women who will be confined to their feminine roles, your Leo woman will be out there pursuing what she wants.

She embodies strength in a feminine way and this makes her an admirable character! Her warm and inviting nature can also make her pretty, popular, and extremely liked, especially by her peers and colleagues.

Also because she is naturally confident she will naturally attract situations where she will be at the center of the spotlight.

A Leo woman’s fire is a controlled fire that gives warmth, light, inspiration, and at the same time awe t everyone who goes near it. She is the personification of a burning passion. Fiercest and most loyal of all fire signs. To her whatever she put up in her mind she will “achieve and succeed”.

This Heliocentric sign loves the idea of ruling alongside that this woman loves the fact that she has the power to lead and therefore be “‘royal-like”.

Your Leo woman also is deeply talented and gifted. She is imaginative and creative and combined with her confidence can make her achieve great things in whatever passion she pursues…

At best your Leo woman is outgoing, strong-minded, warm-hearted, outgoing, confident, dynamic, brilliant, charismatic, and comfortable being in the spotlight.

When angered or jealous she can show some of her shadow traits like being stubborn, overbearing, autocratic, cocky, overdramatic, explosive, and overtly prideful.

Your Leo woman

Now that we have talked about your Leo man for beginners let’s dig deep into his jealousy issues. We will tackle how a Leo man expresses his jealousy and what is he like when angry. We will also dig deep into the things he will do when he’s jealous of someone.

Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Leo Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Leo woman’s jealousy starts with deeply hidden resentment that she hides in a big smile facade. Your Leo woman is naturally magnetic, loyal, and courageous and this also makes her capable of having a big ego. Because of this big ego, any slight against it can enrage her and make her furious.

Her level of rage can be powerful, explosive, and fiery. This means that your Leo woman will express her jealousy in a fiery way. The fixed fire nature of Leo along with the Sun’s energy can make her jealousy overbearing and loud. She will do things explicitly just to make remove the jealousy she is feeling.

It’s almost as if she is out there on the stage performing her frustration for all the world to see! She will be angry and she will express it in a drama-queen manner!

With this expect the fights to be obnoxious and overall draining! She will not sit around and wait for her feelings of rage and jealousy to subside. She will show it with a bang and she will expect you to take all of it!

Alongside that, her overall approach to you will be off. She will try her best to show you and everyone that you are badly hurt but you strive and persist. Alongside that, she will be an aggressor often triggering you and the person she’s jealous of to act up on things she does.

In a way, this is her showing the resentment she currently feels and deeply believes that what she is doing is justifiable, To her because she is feeling jealous she will feel a need to do something about it, and doing scheming things is an act of revenge that will serve a purpose on her ego.

She will be hot-headed, especially when dealing with the person she’s jealous of. She will think the worst things about that person and she will have her friends back her out. More often than not her problems are an open book to her friends so they will probably join a team with your vengeful Leo woman.

It is important that when doing this you must be aware of the repercussions and consequences of the things you’re about to do. Even if you think making her jealous will give her purpose or somehow will make her more attentive to you.

Hurting her ego can be massively damaging and can ruin the whole relationship if not done properly.

You should follow carefully the ways we will give to you in the next section to maximize the possibilities of her rekindling her passion for you instead of obliterating her ego. Your Leo woman will not be afraid to back down to a fight when needed so you better what out for her temper!

Overall a Leo woman expresses her jealousy in a fiery manner. This can make her stubborn and unapproachable. Her rage knows no bounds and when planning to talk to her it is best to let her calm down first before doing anything.

Do not act impulsively as this will only make the situation worst. 

Now that we have talked about your Leo woman and how she expresses her jealousy! Let us find out more! In the next section, we will give you the most efficient tips and ways how to make her jealous to divert her attention back to you!

Let’s get started…

How to Make Your Leo Woman Jealous!

Rile her up by mentioning your ex

Leo women are loyal and possessive and expect their partners the same so any perceived danger in the relationship will automatically turn her into a fierce warrior! Leos are known to be territorial so any slight mention of your ex or someone who admires you is a surefire way to make her jealous!

Mention that ex of yours casually or make something up like how you’ve seen that ex of yours in a supermarket or a shopping mall and how much you think your ex hasn’t changed still then. You can try saying the most exaggerated of things to make her jealous.

This will surely rile her up and in turn, she’ll be forced to do something about it! 

Hit the gym and get that physique you’ve always wanted!

Be a masculine man! Work out and get bigger at the gym having an incredible physique will automatically make you 100% attractive to all the women in your age group. You are also proving to her your masculine and dominant side which is incredibly attractive for a Leo woman.

To her, by you being masculine she is confident enough to show her inner femininity. This makes the relationship worthwhile and passionate. Alongside that, by having a better physique you are surely gonna attract plenty of women in and out of your league which will make them jealous!

Post thirst traps

In relation to the third step you can try showing off your buff pictures online and this will surely garner enough attention. By posting you’re also showing you’re proud and confident about your appearance and this makes you incredibly attractive to your Leo woman.

We guarantee that your Leo woman is always online on social media and she’ll be in shock and awe once you share that thirst trap of yours in your story. Either he will be amazed by your results or will be overthinking the fact that you are “showing” your body off for everyone to see.

This will turn her inner imagination and will make her instantly jealous and curious!

Have fun and show it to the whole world

Travel, socialize, drink, party, and meet up with friends, do something out of this world, be fun and adventurous, and post it on your social media! Make your life more appealing as it is and this will make her notice you more!

This will make her overthink you and the situation you have with her. By appearing to be these things you are being attractive and at the same time detached. She will overthink the situation and will be extra suspicious of you…

The key here is to make sure you’re having fun! By being passionate about living life and not caring less about what other people think or what your Leo woman thinks you are embarking on a self-journey of love, acceptance, and discovering who you are as a person.

Divert your attention to other women

Divert your attention and time to other women! Be fun and popular around women! Talk with them and be friendly with them. Your Leo woman will surely not sit around knowing that you are actively having fun with other women this will trigger her possessiveness!

You must be able to show her that women are actively interested in you. You can actively befriend them or be near their circle this is the best possible chance that you can have your Leo woman riled up! This will infuriate her greatly!

Resolve the problem by talking to her

You must resolve the problem by properly talking to her. Talk to her about the attachment styles, her preferred love language, and the things that will effectively solve the relationship problems. Moving on by having an open conversation will help her and yourself in progressing the relationship forward.

Making A Leo Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Leo woman is confident and this comes from her ego whether her ego is healthy or unhealthy the best way to truly trigger your Leo woman and make her jealous is by hurting this thing in her. This will affect her and her self-esteem so it is important to not overdo it.

Have a sense of control when doing it to make sure that you are doing it properly. If possible when finished with the teasing and stressful banters it is important to still show her your loyalty to her by reassuring her. Do not match the level of rage she might put against you instead be calm and collected when talking to her.

Remember the repercussions that might happen and always remember that you are making her jealous so you can get her time and attention not directly ruin her ego or her reputation. Trigger her jealousy to the point where she’ll be forced to communicate with you as to what is happening in the relationship.

In this way, you can save the relationship both of you so much time and stress. For more info about the other zodiac signs click the link down below!



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