7 Leo Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Do you want to know more about yourself and connect spiritually to the spiritual energies around you? Are you a Leo yourself or someone with heavy Leo energy in your birth chart and you’re looking for the perfect place to find out what your spirit animals are?

Worry no more because in this article we will tell you the seven Leo spirit animals that you should know about!

Spirit animals are everywhere around us, they are thought forms and energies not seen by the naked eye but truly exist in this world to guide, inspire or bring forth positive effects in our life! For the most part Spirit animals are here to guide people in their journeys.

If you are a nonbeliever then you can think of Spirit animals as metaphors for our psychology. Something that a person can emulate depending on the characteristics and personality of the spirit animal.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel and is the second fire sign on the list! Driven, ambitious, extroverted, and confident! These people are not to be trifled with! Leo is represented by the Lion. A loud powerful force of nature that screeches its roar to intimidate and demand respect from others.

A Leo’s energy often resonates with yang energy — masculine, dominant, dry, and light.

Leos can be obsessed with theatrics and other creative endeavors because they have a knack for it. Many people in the entertainment industry often have this sign.

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Leo let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Leo affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why Leo is embodied by these totem spirit animals.

Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Solar Energy: Sun, Fire, and the Fixed Nature of Leo

Leo is powerful and confident. The natural leaders of the zodiac. Leos are incredibly magnificent and regal because of the energy they exude and how they work with people. Leos are optimistic, open-minded, and have natural sex appeal which gets them in places later on in life!

Charismatic and big-hearted. Leos truly are kings and queens in their own right!  

Leos live their life to the fullest rather than going against the norms. They can be the best performers and their aura naturally gleams in the spotlight! Leos are people that can surely work in the artistic industry if they truly want to because these things come naturally to them!

They are popular, and well-liked because of their persona and attractiveness, and are naturally drawn to drama all the time!

Creative, theatrical, and out-of-the-box thinker Leos truly steal the spotlight with the Sun being their ruling house and the fire element being the natural mode. However, it is not all gleaming spotlight and happiness as their fixed nature can make them obstinate and inflexible at times.

These people are not the most adaptable and can be irritated when things do not go in their way!

The Sun has fiery eyes that prioritize passion, ego, and expression of self-identity. The Sun will not hide away its light and will force other people to see life from a beautiful more vibrant perspective. The orange-colored eyes of The Sun are beaming with power and confidence!

It can be inspirational to many and envious to some. To the Sun expression of one’s talents, power and self is of utmost importance in this lifetime

The Sun’s power and fire element are also amplified by the fixed modality of Leo! Fixed modality is known for being stable, practical, and persistent. Similar to Leo’s way of handling business these people do not joke when it comes to working and perseverance!

Leos can be some of the most hard-working people in the world! Truly placing time and importance on self-improvement!

Overall, Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun, the positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Leo are someone who is deeply big-hearted and compassionate, someone who uses his or her power, affluence or talent to help other people, being confident in a humble way and inspiring other people to do the same, being generous, determined, optimistic about life.

They’re the kind of friends who will cheer you up and will lighten the mood every time you feel somber.

Meanwhile, an unevolved Leo can be extremely obsessed with power and control, someone who is overtly strict and obstinate, someone who thinks he or she is better or superior to others and can be drawn to the toxicity of drama just for the sake of being in “the spotlight”.

They can also be too loud, aggressive, and dominant and can bully others just for the sake of it.

Now that we have talked about the element and modality of Leo which forms the overall energy of the sign let’s now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Leo and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Leo or those who have heavy Leo placements! 

Leo And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Lion

The first and rightful first placer on the list is the Lion! Leo where the name suggests. Lions are the main totem animal that Leo individuals can connect to.

The Lion is the leader and the king of the jungle. Powerful, influential, and regal in its own right! Lions are some of the most fearsome beasts in the animal kingdom that exude strength, confidence, and assertiveness! Similar to Leos who are bigger than life!

Leos are comfortable in their skin, are generally confident, and have a sunny disposition about life. They are also fiercely protective of their loved ones similar to Lions who are always in charge of protecting their cubs. The Lion is the spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates the solar fiery power and energy of Leo! 

The Lion symbolizes royalty, magnanimity, and generosity, physical and mental strength.

Leos are greatly known for their social standing in life! Whether it is their chosen career, business, love life, or partnerships Leos are always in the game and The Lion perfectly represents the power, charisma, and confidence Leo individuals hold.

Another thing is that in many cultures Lions are commonly associated with traits such as courage and military might so it is no surprise the Leos have this animal totem in their list!

2. The Tiger

The Tiger is noble and fearless and is one of the most fearsome beasts in the jungle forest! Tigers are known for their extreme physical strength, agility, power, and strategic way of hunting observing from afar, and using their surroundings to hide.

The Tiger is a perfect representation of the fixed modality and energy of Leo. Leos are truly strategic and are wonderful leaders when they put their effort and passion into the table.

The Tiger is also a spirit animal heavily connected to the element of fire. The Tiger can be a great strategist in its wildlife but they are especially daring fighters who can be relentless in their pursuit of prey.

Similar to Leos who have an immense amount of drive and energy to pursue what they truly desire in this lifetime!

Tigers are almost similar to Lions only the difference is their habitat but similar to Lions, Tigers are also the king of their jungle!

In many cultures, The Tiger is highly connotated with bravery, competitiveness, unpredictability, charm, and impetuous attitude. If you are feeling down or low you can channel the inner rage of the Tiger to get your spirit going!

You can channel the Tiger by meditating with a candle or any form of fire near you as you visualize the strength and the roar of the tiger consuming you, devouring you, and changing your energy into a more dynamic, powerful,l and forceful person.

3. The Gorilla

The Gorilla is another wonderful spirit animal or totem animal of Leos. Gorillas are known to be unaggressive unless provoked but can have a sizable temper when angered. Physically strong, dominant, and assertive similar to Leos.

The Gorilla represents the quiet force Leo exudes. The Gorilla is also a wonderful spirit animal to call upon if you need guidance or protection from your travel or journey.

Gorillas are also some animals connected to wisdom, loyalty, and protection. If you are a Leo who is confused and feeling a little down due to setbacks you can call upon the spirit animal Gorilla to give you positive energy and hope.

The Gorilla is an expert spirit animal in providing divine intervention! You might feel it through your vibes or see some signs but the point will be that The Gorilla will be there for you no matter what the cost is!

4. The Chimpanzee

The next on the list is the totem spirit animal Chimpanzee! You might be wondering why a Chimpanzee? Well for the most part The spirit animal Chimpanzee deeply represents the inner optimism and intelligence of Leos.

Chimpanzees are smart, and efficient and love the attention or the spotlight similar to Leos who are deeply charismatic and optimistic!

The Chimpanzee is a great spirit animal to call upon whenever you need a dose of optimism in your daily life!

Chimpanzees are optimistic and bright creatures! They love to smile and can be very much trained to be domesticated and live with humans.

Similar to Leos who has a knack for making others comfortable with their sunny attitude. The Chimpanzee is also a spirit animal deeply connected to the energy of fire which makes it a perfect fit for a Leo to be its spirit animal!

5. The Panther

The Panther is a spirit animal that deeply represents leadership and unity, in many cultures and even in modem media the Panther has been synonymous with strength, power, and quiet power. The Panther may not be the loudest feline but it contains a lot of power, to begin with.

Leos truly resonates with the energy of The Panther because this spirit animal often gives strength to lead and preserve.

The Panther also symbolizes sexual potency, virility, fertility, and health in many cultures. This means that the energy of Panther can be deeply called upon if you need some sexual charging up or if you are having trouble in romance and sex. The Panther can be a good energy to call upon to create lust and passion in the bedroom!

Alongside that, The Panther also represents patience, self-reliance, and power that comes from within. You can channel the panther energy through visualization and meditation and this enhances your strength and power.

6. The Bee

The Bee is a highly energized being! For the most part, bees rely on the power of the Sun to get and store food. Bees are essentially light beings who can convert the solar power of the sun into something tangible and useful (food) similar to Leos.

The Sun is a powerful planet that affects the energy and power of Leos. The solar energy of the Sun gives Leo power, confidence, optimism, and magnanimity that no other sign has!

Alongside that bees are considered to be magical and even mysterious in some cultures. Some texts believe that bees are the guardians of the natural world and deeply represent power, vitality, and magic. Bees are wonderful spirit animals that can provide nourishment in your life!

You can call upon the power of the bee to make your life wealthy, more prosperous, and more in tune with positivity and romance!

7. The Dragon

Last but not least! The Dragon! This untamed wild beast is a spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates the larger-than-life energy Leo possesses. These mythical creatures are often fascinating yet scary creatures are known for their power of breathing fire!

Similar to Leos the spirit animal of the Dragon teaches us to be more ambitious and to dream big!

The Dragon symbolizes power and leadership! In many cultures, The Dragon is known to be the most energetic and powerful creature! 

In many cultures and traditions, it is perfectly safe to say that this mythical creature represents pure force or power. Either good or evil, The Dragon is certainly not a benevolent creature but is known and feared for its power to destroy and kill.

These humongous flying fire-breathing beasts are the epitome of power and affluence! In chivalric and Christian traditions The Dragon represents evil and symbolizes infernal powers although just a myth this can also represent the destructive force Leo is capable of.

The Dragon I deeply associated with the “yang” energy or the masculine energy.

The Dragon is a powerful archetype that is a bringer of light, heat, fire, or dryness. This means that Leos are capable of achieving whatever they want in life similar to Dragons. You can call upon the power of the dragon through intense fire meditation or sex magick.

Whatever it is that you please to do always know that the power of the dragon lives inside of you because you have this spirit animal by your side!

7 Leo Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Leos are powerful individuals, whether they may show it or not Leos exude regal energy that can be admired or hated by others. Leos are charismatic, creative, ambitious, decisive, strategic, confident, enthusiastic, and determined.

These individuals perfectly encapsulate the fire sign energy of boldness and owning power.

Leo is ruled by the Sun so many spirit animals gained in the list also have their connection to the Sun and fire.

Always remember that the spirit animal of Leo can be used to inspire power and guidance and you can call upon these spirit animals through your things. Whether you believe in magic or not the use of meditation accompanied by visualization can work wonders in creating the life you desire.

By incorporating these spirit animals into your life you will notice very powerful changes paving the way! Whether it’s your career or love life you’ll always see a boost of confidence and progression in whatever it is you’re doing.

Whether or not you’re a Leo or you have Leo placements like Leo Moon or Rising then you can incorporate the said spirit animals into your spirituality or psychology. A good way to practice your magic is through the use of fire.

Essentially it is your element so you can work on it to amplify your manifestations.

For example, you can try meditating with red or yellow candles as you visualize the power and energy of the said Leo spirit animals to get what you desire! 

You can also call upon them through quiet thinking and visualization! Remember that your Spirit guides are here to move your path forward! Life can be hard sometimes and a little help from these mystical energies will help you along the way!

For more information about other zodiac signs and the spirit animals, they represent click the link down below!



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