7 Aquarius Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Are you an Aquarius yourself and you want to know more about spirit animals?

Are you in need of spiritual guidance or protection from these totem animals? Worry no more because, in this article, we are going to give you the best information on the internet that gives you in-depth details on the seven spirit animals of Aquarius that you should know about! 

A Spirit animal or a totem animal is a spirit guide that brings forth numerous things in a person’s life, a spirit animal can bring forth luck, abundance, positivity, and love or it can be a protector that blocks any energy drainers or psychic attacks.

Particularly these spirit animals are often connected to a person who highly resembles their energy or traits. Particularly Aquarius spirit animals are progressive, innovative, calm, and collected and often have a “weird” or quirky nature to them.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac wheel and is the last air sign on the list!

Aquarius is innovative, intelligent, fun, unique, and interesting! Their enigmatic quality comes from them seeming to lack any emotions or showing any vulnerabilities. Alongside that Aquarius seems to be fun and flirtatious yet can be cold and aloof.

Aquarius energy is the embodiment of complexity, the one capable of maintaining order or causing chaos, the one who can be deeply compassionate and humanitarian yet can have egoistic and selfish tendencies.

Aquarius is gifted with logical insight and a fixed mindset that can endure hard times but they can be sometimes too enigmatic for other people and they can be incredibly distant at times.

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Aquarius let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Aquarius affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why these totem spirit animals embody Aquarius. Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Uranian Energy: Uranus, Air, and the Fixed nature of Aquarius

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and upheaval, independence, and total progression from the old and ugly, Uranus is powerful and constructive through its destructive forces. It is the modern planet that deals with the energy of modern society – technologies, politics, New Age spirituality, and the like.

This planet is incredibly fascinating and complex in all aspects. 

Unlike other planets that are malefic or restrictive, this planet has a total positive energy that shakes the core foundations of our society, unlike Saturn which is the strict and obstinate father Uranus is the progressive, understanding, and carefree father that encourages innovation and individuality.

Uranus places much importance on being true to yourself and staying unique as these essential qualities are often overlooked in a society that places so much importance on trends. 

Uranus is not just a rebel without a cause type of archetype, Uranus can and will follow a rule that is just and fair but he often questions the laws and offers people a greater perspective on things. Uranus is intellectual and powerful and wants you to be the same.

This is the planet that calls for revolution and upheaval so if something isn’t right or something vile is happening behind the facade of these laws that are used for control Uranus uproots it and causes destruction on everything that isn’t fair.

The Air element is all about thoughts, logic, intellectualism, and sociability and is linked to extroversion. Since Aquarius is an air sign these individuals can exhibit a flair for words and can be highly intelligent! Not just highly intelligent as these individuals are innovative and can think outside of the box.

Aquarius individuals can be successful entrepreneurs or business owners because they can offer reliable solutions to the problems of other people.

Unlike Libra or Gemini who can be into superficial talking (gossiping, playful banter) Aquarius likes talking about more meaningful, deep, or even quirky things! Think about conspiracy theories, the occult, aliens, and UFOs! 

The fixed modality also makes Aquarius highly persistent and can be stubborn at times because of this. Fixed modality is all about immovable energy so this makes Aquarius an extremely hard-headed sign despite being an Air sign!

On the positive side, this gives grounded and stable energy to Aquarius which is why Aquarius individuals are often seen as calm and collected.

Overall, Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus which is associated with unpredictability, rebellion, creative imaginative endeavors, experimental innovation, science, technology, breaking down established rules, patterns or structures, and radical change.

The positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Aquarius are idealistic, intelligent, logical, a harsh critical thinker, tolerant, humanitarian, egalitarian, and selectively social. 

Meanwhile, an unevolved or unbalanced Aquarius is egoistic, aloof, cold, calculating, distant, rebellious, emotionally dry, unyielding, and someone who is disconnected from his heart and soul and can act in a very robotic or sociopathic way.

Aquarius And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Tardigrade

The Tardigrade or also commonly known as water bears or moss piglets is a known versatile and strong eight-legged animal that can survive space and could probably survive an impending apocalypse!

These animals are highly powerful because of their adaptability and power to live in many environments and take note they do not just live! They thrive in every environment they’re in! Similar to an Aquarius way of living.

One of the most interesting creatures on the planet, The Tardigrade is the epitome of an unkillable animal as these creatures are almost resistant to anything which includes desiccation or extreme freezing just like an Aquarius who is undeniably the strongest mentally among all the other signs.

Tardigrades exude a very fixed and persistent energy that is similar to Aquarius! The Tardigrade as a spirit animal is a very powerful and influential one as it gives Aquarius persistent and tough energy. Tardigrade as a totem animal is one unstoppable spirit that is irreplaceable and undeniably fascinating! 

This spirit animal is the most associated with Aquarius energy. The Tardigrade is powerful and relies heavily on being resistant to external environments! Similar to an Aquarius who does not let others bring them down.

An Aquarius energy is similar to a Capricorn but the difference is Aquarius is optimistic. Aquarius knows the harsh realities of life but that doesn’t mean they’re pessimistic instead they use their wit and out-of-the-box thinking to make their life better than it is.

The Tardigrade is a fairly modern discovered animal that also resonates with the new age and modernized thinking that an Aquarius does pretty easily! A tardigrade is a weird and quirky animal that highly represents the quirky nature of Aquarius.

Nevertheless, this spirit animal grants immense power to Aquarius individuals! To call upon this spirit animal you can try meditating and visualizing this microscopic creature and envision the traits that you want (courage, power, persistence).

2. The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is another notoriously quirky spirit animal that thrives on being alone with its thoughts. These animals are cutesy scrappy loners that are incredibly resilient and versatile!

Similar to an Aquarius personality of being an aloof loner who is incredibly intelligent and versatile. Honey badgers are known to be complex creatures that are pretty erratic and unpredictable, again just like the sign of Aquarius.

The Honey Badger is a free-spirited, independent, and highly cunning spirit animal that can come across as stoic similar to an Aquarius urge to become independent in life. The Honey Badger is the spirit animal that represents the tough, cold, and extremely cunning side of an Aquarius. 

This spirit animal gains momentum and control through self-reflection and rationalizing of one’s thoughts and experiences which is highly similar and almost parallel to an Aquarius individual’s journey.

Aquarius is often stereotyped for being unemotional which is not often the case, unlike other signs that relish “experiencing” or “feeling” their own emotions Aquarius does the exact opposite.

An Aquarius tries to rationalize the emotions he or she feels until they realize something because Aquarius is logic-oriented this person is calmer and more collected when dealing with heavy emotions similar to this stoic spirit animal.

In the spirit realm, The Honey Badger has constant, fixed, obstinate energy that highly resembles those of fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus) although the Honey Badger is inclined to Aquarius because of its quirky nature.

This spirit animal doesn’t take any opinions or influence of others because to the Honey Badger is the spirit of independence and living your life your way!

The Honey Badger is a powerful spirit animal that is heavily connected to the earth element, surprisingly, this spirit animal that resides in the earth element is heavily connected to the sign! This is mostly because of the grounded and stable energy of Aquarius (being a fixed sign).

To truly connect with this spirit animal you must try to become more connected with the earth element despite your having an affinity for the air element. Get grounded! Connect with the colors green and brown while meditating!

3. The Zebra 

When The spirit animal Zebra appears in your life such as you dream of wild zebras or see zebra prints everywhere then it is a beautiful message of hope and positivity to Aquarius individuals, The Zebra is an optimistic spirit animal that encourages you to see the brighter side of life without being naive to the duality and complexity of it.

The Zebra also represents independence, being carefree, compassionate, and sympathetic.

The Zebra is also a spirit animal that represents the humanitarian aspects of oneself and thus is a great spirit animal that deeply resonates with Aquarius.

Alongside that having Zebra as your spirit animal could mean that you are unique and bold in your way and that you exhibit traits such as being quickwitted, intellectual, resourceful, and argumentative (in a good way).

Having this spirit animal behind your side could mean a lot of positive things are coming into your life and you should always remember to appreciate yourself and your uniqueness.

This spirit animal highly resonates with fire and air elements. The Zebra also brings a tremendous amount of bluntness to one’s personality.

This totem spirit guide is straightforward and has a tremendous amount of psychic powers and authority that is used for the betterment or progression of other people or oneself. This spirit animal is affluent and encourages you to think for yourself and express your unique and interesting side.

To call upon this spirit animal you must try doing good deeds such as helping people, being in love, showing love or affection to someone, or just about anything that makes you feel good. The more you do good deeds the more this spirit animal will be inclined to help you and bring forth good karma.

4. The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle is a symbol of freedom, hope, independence, and authority similar to an evolved and confident Aquarius who uses affluence and intelligence to better progress society. The Bald Eagle as a spirit animal represents freedom at all costs and this shows the unconventionality of an Aquarius dealing with life.

In the animal kingdom, bald eagles are some of the most powerful raptors that live in North America. With its large size and massive wingspan, the bald eagle is a physically strong predator that dominates the northern skies. These creatures are strong and mighty.

The Bald Eagle represents the dominating and powerful side of Aquarius that seems to be overlooked by many people Aquarius is branded as quirky or weird. This sign can become affluent and powerful if they truly want to!

The Bald Eagle is persistent, calculated, strategic, and patient, it flies over and has a bird’s eye view of everything at once similar to an Aquarius’s ability to look at the big picture. This spirit animal is deeply connected to the element of Air and as such exhibits such air qualities.

This spirit animal is sociable, extraverted, intellectual, powerful, and capable. 

If you want to connect to this spirit animal look for an open area preferably outside where the air freely moves, begin to meditate and envision a golden light that comes from the massive wings of the Bald Eagle and ask for its guidance and protection!

This animal is highly protective of individuals who call upon it and is highly attached to the sign of Aquarius.

5. The Sea Eagle

The Sea Eagle is another powerful spirit animal that represents the core energy of Aquarius!

The Sea Eagle is also the spirit animal that represents leadership, courage, and the connection of the mind to the spirit. This animal is a massive bird and has a forceful grip alongside its sharp talons which greatly adds to its power and strength.

The Sea Eagle is a symbol of upheaval, rebellion, and power of the people against a tyrant. These things deeply resonate with the power Uranus holds and in turn, this spirit animal is deeply connected to the sign’s energy and imprint.

The Sea Eagle is bold, extroverted, dynamic, and at the same time enigmatic and aloof. This animal cannot be tamed nor be prisoned in a cage as it is at its best self when it soars the sky above the oceans.

The Sea Eagle is a powerful spirit animal that encourages power and spiritual insight, as a spirit animal it tells you that you should own your identity as a powerful human being capable of great intelligence and importance. This spirit animal forces you to become unique and own your inner quirkiness.

This spirit animal also amplifies the rational and logical side of an Aquarius and this spirit animal is a known protector, shielding Aquarius individuals from psychic attacks and redirecting you to safety when there are future experiences that might harm you.

This spirit animal is compassionate towards Aquarius individuals because of its connection to Uranus! 

To connect to this spirit animal meditate and visualize, properly call upon this spirit animal, and let it be known to this spirit guide what you wish to be needed to be done whether is more courage, success, or healthy romance this spirit animal can speed up your manifestation goals!

6. The Chameleon

The Chameleon represents the flair an Aquarius has whenever an Aquarius taps into his inner individuality or “quirkiness”.

The Chameleon blends in with all the others and can change its colors into different variations which represents an Aquarius ability to mingle with everyone regardless of gender, race, religion, or background.

The Chameleon also exudes masculine “yang” energy regardless of its colorful or flamboyant energy. The Chameleon also represents Aquarius’ creativity and imagination.

The Chameleon is a spirit animal that can often appear in dreams and other vague experiences. This spirit animal wants you to pursue your creativity and express your inner creativity.

Because of the chameleon’s superpower to change colors this spirit animal has been a symbol of change and transformation and is a very optimistic totem guide that wants you to see a brighter future ahead!

This spirit animal represents high-vibration energy and as such can be a spirit animal that protects and inspires you!

To call upon this spirit animal you can try going into nature, ground yourself on the earth as you visualize changing the colors of the chameleon, and while visualizing carefully ask for guidance, protection, and creative insight.

7. The Snow Leopard

Last but not least! The Snow Leopard is a powerful spirit animal that represents the inner rebelliousness and wildness of an Aquarius! This spirit animal pushes you to shed your old self and be the most electric, soulful, innovative you.

Alongside that, this spirit animal is a symbol of hope and change and can be a great totem animal to incorporate into your daily life. 

The Snow Leopard in most cases symbolizes power, courage, and determination which are all characteristics overlooked by people who think of Aquarius as a fun, sociable, “quirky” sign.

The Snow Leopard is adorned for its white fur and ability to reside in harsh snow and this resonates with an Aquarius ability to win in life and experience hard endeavors and still come out happy and successful. 

The Snow Leopard also teaches Aquarius to be wary and resourceful. Be mindful of the surroundings around you and carefully lay out your plans. Stay quiet about your goals and achieve them silently! The Snow Leopard is a spirit that represents quiet power something that is not to be trifled with! 

This spirit animal forces you to push out your limits and endure life alone! The Snow Leopard is known for its antisocial personality in which you’ll often see a snow leopard alone and can be quite territorial when hunting.

The Snow Leopard is a powerful totem animal that can be called upon with proper meditation and visualization.

7 Aquarius Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Aquarius is a rebellious, chaotic yet lawful good sign that is incredibly intelligent and strong-minded! Aquarius is a humanitarian leader who is capable of doing the greater good in the collective!

Aquarius is the final air sign in the zodiac wheel and as the penultimate sign of the zodiac Aquarius is considered to be the most thoughtful and deep air sign who is more grounded and stable regardless of being an air sign.

Aquarius individuals are intellectuals, innovators, entrepreneurs, and scientists who are incredibly successful in their areas of expertise! Alongside that Aquarius is a strategic and logical sign that heavily deals with the harsher aspects of life!

Think about politics, foundations, and culture that needs to be shaken up and reformed!

Aquarius is assertive in a calm way, analytical, original, humanitarian, easygoing, compassionate, independent, and persevering similar to the seven spirit animals that are deeply connected to the sign’s energy and imprint!

If you have Sun in Aquarius or heavy Aquarius placements (Rising, Moon) you can call upon these spirit guides for spiritual insight or protection!

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