7 Virgo Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Do you wish to know about the important spirit animals of the Virgo sign? Do you want to know more about yourself and connect spiritually to the spiritual energies around you? Are you a Virgo yourself or someone with heavy Virgo placements or you’re interested in the 6th sign of the zodiac?

Worry no more because in this article we will tell you the seven Virgo spirit animals that you should know about!

Spirit animals are certain energies that imprint different power and energy on certain users.

Spirit animals are thought forms and energies not seen by the naked eye but truly exist in this world to guide, inspire or bring forth positive effects such as courage, wisdom, prosperity, or protection! For the most part, Spirit animals are here to guide people in their journeys.

If you are a nonbeliever then you can think of Spirit animals as metaphors for our psychology. Something that a person can emulate depending on the characteristics and personality of the spirit animal.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel, In Astrology Virgo is the analytical and logical powerhouse sign, incredibly hard-working, practical, grounded, and very reserved. These people surely are wonderful people to hang with! Virgo is represented by the Maiden holding a golden wheat.

Virgo is often underestimated but this is where their power lies Virgos are a quiet force of nature. Reserved and logical these people are not to be trifled with! Virgos’ knack for business and drive can make them wealthy and successful later on in life!

Virgos have very reserved slow grounded energy. This earthy energy often gives practicality and stability to Virgo’s life, Virgos have perfect routines and schedule that makes their self-improvement way better.

Their solid earth energy gives them the logic to tackle long-term goals and challenges, unlike other signs who might be a little confused and might lack perseverance.

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Virgo let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Virgo affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why Virgo is embodied by these totem spirit animals.

Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Mercurial Energy: Mercury, Earth, and the Mutable Nature of Virgo

Mercurial energy is a bit complicated when mixed with the practicality and stability of the element earth. This makes Virgoan energy complex and unique out of the all elements and modalities combined.

Mercury is fast, agile sometimes chaotic planet and the element of the earth creates a steady speed for the energy to properly move forward this is what makes Virgo practically a controlled and organized energy.

Virgos know how to plan their day or even their whole year forward and are incredibly powerful when they use their logic to get what they want.

Virgos are quiet and reserved, and their energy is not for everyone, they may be seen as reserved but they are not meek and can be quite upfront when needed this makes them kind of intimidating at first glance because they seem to know what they’re doing and they seem to be handling stress and work well.

They may not be the most charismatic but their work and achievements speak for themselves.

Virgos are quite of following the rules and traditions because their routines and schedules are an ineffective way to get what you want, it may not be the most fun or interesting but it will get you to places.

They are logical and organized due to the earth element giving them practicality while the Mercurial energy gives them fast-quick thinking. 

Another thing to point out is that the earth’s energy combined with mercurial energy brings an immense focus on details.

This makes Vigo incredibly organized to the point of being overtly critical and modest in actions and words. This is why Virgos are often remarked for their sarcasm because it is their way of insulting people they can’t stand to be with.

The fake niceness is not because they’re fake but rather because they’re professional individuals who do not let their emotions guide their mouths and ways of thinking.

Virgos are hard workers but that doesn’t mean they lie to be the center of attention! Virgos are incredibly bright and talented but are often shy in showing them off!

To Virgo, humble bragging is even worst! To them, it is best to be lowkey and not overcompensate for things because to them the real praise they want is the praise they give to themselves.

These perfectionists only stand for their opinion and their opinion. This makes them wonderful and interesting individuals because they’re not people-pleasing and they do not care about other people’s opinions. 

The mutable modality gives Virgo energy a somewhat understanding and patient energy, they know that things might take time for them to work out and this does not mean they should give up early, the mutable energy of Virgo also helps them to be not so obstinate about their work life and this makes Virgos adaptable and open to changing up courses if it means empowering them or bettering their situation.

Remember that mutable energy in Astrology is the “ending” of things so this also means that Virgos are not sulky and can move on pretty easily.

Overall, Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, the positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Virgo are someone compassionate, helpful, and doesn’t repress his or her emotions just to look tough or intimidating, is genuinely kind, and uses his or her intelligence for good, someone who offers help and practical solutions to other people’s problems and someone who inspires others to be their best self.

Meanwhile, an unevolved Virgo can be a perfectionist to the point that nothing ever satisfies them, they do not understand the meaning of being nonchalant and going with the flow, someone who feels superior to others because of his or her talents or intelligence, someone who is cold, intimidating and aloof and prefers to be so to make others feel worse and someone who likes to use sarcasm and silent treatment to people they do not like.

Now that we have talked about the element and modality of Virgo which forms the overall energy of the sign let’s now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Virgo and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Virgo or those who have heavy Virgo placements! 

Virgo And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Cat

The chill and cozy house cat is the perfect representation of the cold and cool Virgo, often reserved at first, house cats are intelligent, clever, observant, and are often in their own space and world similar to Virgos who are often introverted and reserved.

Most domesticated animals especially cats possess Virgoan energy.

The Cat might be a little cutesy animal but their actions are strategic and precise and they often come with the element of surprise same with Virgos who are deeply intelligent and know when to strike at the right time!

The Cat is also a symbol of intelligence, high-critical thinking, and independence.

These certain attributes play well to the energy of Virgo. Cats may have been long domesticated by humans but cats surely are creatures that have their way of thinking and are independent regardless of being house prisoned for centuries.

If not cats are the ones that truly choose their owners and surely they give time and attention to their owners if they truly deserve it. 

Unlike their common rival, the dog. Cats are highly devoted only if their owners are truly deserving of their time and attention, cats do not take any abuse from their owners and will retaliate once they feel they are bullied, similar to a Virgo’s attitude in life and love.

If they do not receive the same energy they will not hesitate to cut you down from their life.

Alongside that while Dogs are considered to be the light, protecting their owners at all costs, the cats represent the dark, they are highly self-reliant and will put their own needs first. This might seem mean or evil but this is the rule of survival for cats.

Similar to cats Virgos will put themselves first before helping others. They will not be martyrs just to save or put their emotions first.

2. The Rooster

The Rooster represents alertness, honesty, strength, prudence, and a high set of morality similar to the attributes that Virgos like to uphold and cherish.

The Rooster perfectly represents the purity a Virgo likes to uphold, in Gallic-Christian tradition and culture, the Rooster has always been a symbol of hope and faith things that a Virgo unknowingly radiates.

Because of their efficiency and ability to tackle any problem without breaking out, Virgos are highly known to be good problem solvers, and thus many people often upheld them in a high position or manner, many people admire the coolness of a Virgo’s attitude when it comes to life and unknowingly Virgos become a beacon of hope in dark times.

If you are a Virgo yourself and you find yourself in some deep trouble then you can try summoning the spirit animal Rooster through visualization and meditation. This spirit animal will help you and guide you throughout your journey.

3. The Squirrel

The Squirrel is another wonderful spirit animal or totem animal of Virgos. Highly intelligent, fast, and skillful, the energy of the squirrel is spontaneous yet efficient similar to the earth-mercurial energy of a Virgo.

Mercury is fast and chaotic while Earth’s element is grounded and practical, when you put these two things you create efficient and fast problem-solver energy!

The Squirrel also represents the quiet mischievousness of Virgo that often is unrecognized, many people like to think that Virgos are always clean and tidy but this is far from the truth! Virgos are just as nasty and wild if you are close enough to them!

The squirrel is also a powerful totem animal that represents high-positive creative energy, and optimism during hard times, being responsible and balanced.

Squirrels are highly spiritual animals that can guide one’s attitude so whenever you feel down or disoriented from reality you can always call upon this spirit animal for redirection and a sense of purpose.

The Squirrel represents the skillfulness and tactical strategic mind a Virgo has. This spirit animal is also a wonderful guide to call upon if you need guidance or protection from your travel or journey. You can call upon this energy through quiet meditation with nature preferably grounded to mother earth.

4. The Dove

The Dove is a typical symbol of love, peace, or freedom. Many traditions and cultures highly regard this animal as a peace-loving and positive-bringing sign. The Dove is a powerful spiritual guide for a Virgo because this spirit animal perfectly represents pure intentions and thoughts.

Many people think that darkness or being evil is what makes someone powerful but the truth is being good, having good intentions, and showing genuine kindness is the greatest power you can reap in this reality!

Karmic debts and lessons are surely a real thing and the more goodness you bring into this world will come back to your threefold!

This is a great lesson that the meek and pure dove symbolizes! Whether you like it or not! Virgos or people with plenty of Virgo placements can offer great help in society with their talents and skills! You can try summoning the spirit of the dove through quiet meditation or visualization!

5. The Ant

The Ant alone is little and vulnerable but a whole community of working and efficient ants can create an empire! The Ant perfectly represents willpower, hard work, perseverance, power in numbers, strength, endurance, and tenacity. Some of the attributes the Virgo energy possesses.

Ants in nature are mystifying creatures as these small size beasts can carry 20 times their weight!

Ants also symbolize prosperity and wealth! Particularly these creatures are auspicious and can bring quite positive energy into your life! If you require money and you are a Virgo yourself you can do ant magick which involves sprinkling sugar as you visualize the ants coming into the sugar as money coming into your life.

6. The Mantis

The Mantis is a symbol of calmness and the power you acquire through stillness and quietness. The Mantis is known for its sharp and deadly tactics to hunt its prey, quiet in movements, and lethal in accuracy. Similar to Virgos the Mantis is the fierce energy that should not be trifled with!

Virgos when angered can become quite deadly as the Mantis. Mantis is sharp, calculated, powerful, and intelligent.

In other cultures, the Mantis symbolizes fearlessness, and even today as we see in certain cultures such as the Chinese martial arts where they mimic the movements of the mantis for effective fighting strategies. This goes to show that practicality and strategic movements can get you ahead in life! 

7. The Camel

The Camel symbolizes good life and fortune, especially for those with their Sun in Virgo or those with heavy Virgo placements in their birth chart, camels represent long yet steady and wonderful journeys similar to Virgo’s life.

It can be hard and challenging but with hard work and perseverance, things will get better for a Virgo. The Camel is also known for its sassy attitude similar to Virgo’s outlook in life and humor.

In Feng shui, The Camel is a good symbol of luck and wealth so if you are a Virgo you can put an animal statue on display in your office space preferably in the south of your house which governs wealth.

If you are also in need of luck you can try calling upon this spirit animal through meditation and visualization and surely this spirit animal will guide you to achieve your great wealth!

7 Virgo Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Virgos are intelligent and successful individuals, whether you may see them flashing it or not you’ll always know that these people have got what it takes to be successful in their lifetime because they are hard workers and efficient individuals.

They also exude the old-money type of aesthetic, very formal, sophisticated, and clean. Virgos are systematic, strategic, calm, professional, modest, faithful, committed, reliable, driven, and organized.

The spirit animals of Virgo are always there the only thing you need to do is to properly call upon them through various methods of your choosing. These spirit animals are called upon to inspire power and guidance and you can call upon these spirit animals through other ways other than meditation.

You can try doing an art piece or doing your own ritual which involves calling upon these spirit guides whatever it might be it will surely be helpful as you already have an idea of which spirit totem animals are most likely to guide you upon hard times.

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