7 Scorpio Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Do you want to know the spirit animals of Scorpio? Worry no more because you’re in the right place! In this article, we are going to give you the best information on the internet that gives you in-depth details on the seven spirit animals of Scorpio that you should know about! 

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac wheel.

In Astrology, Scorpio is the powerhouse sign of the occult, sex, rebirth, and transformation, people born under this sign are passionate, intense, and powerful!

Scorpio is represented by the deadly Scorpion and also rules the eighth house heavily connected to death and rebirth. 

Scorpios are formidable and powerful people. The Plutonian energy often gives a striking appearance to a Scorpio’s aura and energy!

Their intensity and their tendency to be persistent and driven can make them successful people later on in life! Their presence and personality mixed with a mystery make them interesting!

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Scorpio let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Scorpio affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why these totem spirit animals embody Scorpio.

Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Plutonic/Martian Energy: Mars and Pluto, Water, and the Fixed nature of Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by two different planets, Mars rules Scorpio (Ancient Astrology) while also Pluto rules Scorpio (Modern Astrology).

The Martian and Plutonian influence create a commanding character and presence for a Scorpio individual as they are molded to become powerful, influential, affluent, and intense. Alongside this, the fixed modality of Scorpio provides stability and control for this individual! Think about a lake or a pond this is what a Scorpio energy represents as a water sign they’re calm and collected individuals who do not let their emotions be shown right away.

Yes, Scorpio individuals are heavily emotional but only to the closest people they truly trust, they’re not the ones who will overshare everything with everyone!

They will be the ones who will be quiet and maintain a mysterious aura around them this is mostly due to Plutonian influence. Pluto rules mystery and everything hidden so it is no surprise that Scorpio individuals are enigmatic and sly.

Plutonian energy is deepening and darkening, almost as if it is a dark ominous cloud bringing thunder and rain, this is why Scorpios, in general, are seen as intimidating and unapproachable. Their dark energy seems to be overpowering everyone in the room and either people are fascinated with them or completely repulsed by the energy they’re giving.

Meanwhile, the Martian energy gives sprouts of energy and passion to Scorpio energy, this is why Scorpios are intimidating yet sexy! They are irresistible individuals with high sex appeal and this shows in a Scorpio individual’s daily interaction with the opposite sex!

Scorpios are beautiful and charming and are interesting to talk to! This is also because of their water element which makes Scorpio individuals intuitive and emotional. 

The water element also brings a strong influence on the overall energy of this sign, water rules emotions, intuition, subconscious, and the matters of love and romance!

This is what makes Scorpio interesting and complex! They’re great dynamic lovers because of their passion (Mars) and ability to feel deeply and be intuitive about their partner’s needs and wants. is known as the intellectual element!

Overall, Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars, the positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Scorpio are a person devoted to detaching his or her ego, healing himself or herself to healing others, being kind, compassionate, protective, being a good psychoanalyst and observant, strategic, loving and using their power for good

Meanwhile, an unevolved or unbalanced Scorpio is uninhibited of dangerous actions, toxic and starts drama, vindictive and revengeful, extremely manipulative and selfish, overtly-controlling and power-hungry, extremist, survival mindset and someone who is willing do to and is capable of great evil.

Scorpio And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Scorpion

Scorpio is a highly occult sign and this means this sign is represented by a variety of symbols! Did you know that along with its first representative sign The Scorpion, this sign also represents totem animals that show the deeply transformative life changes of a Scorpio?

The three totem symbols that represent the stages of Scorpio’s transformation are The Scorpion, The Eagle, and The Phoenix but before we talk about all of that let’s dig deep first into the first totem and spirit animal of Scorpio!

The Scorpion is the first stage of Scorpio transformation and no doubt the first spirit animal that represents this sign! The Scorpion represents the typical and known dark traits or dark energy the Scorpio possesses. Think about the commonly known stereotype of most Scorpios who are vindictive, manipulative, stingy, and always angry with the world! 

The Scorpion symbolizes the lower base emotions and the primal passion that Scorpios have and possess. This also means that this spirit animal is pretty easy to call upon through meditation and visualization as this spirit animal has a heavy attachment and imprint to the sign.

In Scorpio’s stages of transformation The Scorpion represents the darker emotions we tend to embrace in our subconscious and this shows in our reality. 

The Low vibrational impulse wherein a Scorpio exudes a vindictive and selfish personality and is jealous of other people’s lives and achievements is The Scorpion’s personality. This spirit and also totem animal represents the first stage of the transformation and shows Scorpio in its rawest “stereotypical” form.

The Scorpion is the toxic, destructive, intimidating energy that is highly protective of itself, its ego, and pride. This type of Scorpio is revengeful and will experience the most loss and betrayal.

Highly manipulative and will take any slights, the Scorpio is a dangerous enemy, an individual who has this first stage Scorpionic traits are usually destructive and a person you shouldn’t mess with! Although terrifying The Scorpio destroying its enemy also means self-destruction…As people would say revenge is a double edge sword.

The first stage of Scorpio could also mean the Scorpion is highly damaged due to its life experiences this is where the catch begins! The pain can be turned into power if The Scorpion forces itself to admit its wrongdoings and mistakes, self-reflect, and change for the better.

The Scorpion must realize that the best way to have a happy fulfilling life physically, emotionally, and spiritually is to have profound awareness and embrace growth, this awareness is a key takeaway to the next stage…The Scorpion transforming into the Eagle!

2. The Eagle

The Eagle represents power and courage and can be a great spirit animal to call upon whenever you need a “boost” of passion or energy in your life!

Alongside that, The Eagle is a highly protective spirit animal that you can call upon whenever you need spiritual protection from psychic attacks. The Eagle being a totem animal is highly symbolic of the second stage of Scorpio’s transformation!

The Eagle represents the second stage of transformation, The Scorpion forced itself to change and becomes the Eagle, this bird becomes a beacon of hope, power, and what’s about to come. The Eagle has reached a state of intuitive knowledge and maturity and in this state, The Eagle heavily relies on its intuition to solve its problems…

The Eagle also resonates with philosophy and wisdom and in this stage, The Eagle has a reformed sense of ego and is highly observant of everyone similar to The bird’s eye view of The Eagle.

This highly observant nature allows them to discern and reflect on situations and people without judgment! By the end of the stage, The Eagle fully masters the power of insight and intuition! He will then transform into the Phoenix…

3. The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of power especially the powers of transformation and alchemy. This spirit animal represents healing transformative energy, change, rebirth, renewal, detachment from materialism and ego, and the power to protect and transform people and situations.

The Phoenix can be called upon to have powerful insights or to gain spiritual power, the sign of Scorpio heavily resonates with the light energy of The Phoenix. 

As a totem animal, The Phoenix represents the final stage of the transformation of a Scorpio. In this stage, the Phoenix fully realizes and achieves its potential and is reborn to be a calm and tempered force of nature! Reborn from the ashes of the past the Phoenix rises to the top and lets go of its ego and becomes a spiritual healer!

By knowing this fact you should know that at the end of the day, The Phoenix is strongly associated with letting go and detachment, the more you let go of things the more it will naturally come to you.

The Phoenix also symbolizes the power of compassion and breaking from generational traumas or personal pain and depression. If you truly want to change your life for the better then you can call upon this spirit animal to help you and guide you!

4. The Alligator

The Alligator is another spirit animal that deeply resonates with the Scorpio energy, particularly this spirit animal is deeply connected to the masculine “yang” energy so this spirit animal particularly resonates well with Scorpio males.

The Alligator exhibits strong yang energy that is strong, powerful, ferocious, and truly terrifying! This spirit animal represents a Scorpio’s deep primal instincts, sexual energy, and strong survival (fighting) skills.

The Alligator is a formidable predator in the wild due to its massive size and strength! Along with its sharp teeth and ability to stay hidden in murky water this spirit animal shows the ability of a Scorpio to stay hidden until the time is right!

The Alligator waits in the water and then it can overpower its victim using strength and incredible bite force! Similar to how Scorpios can remain patient in their goals. The Alligator represents the intelligent and powerful side of Scorpio as this spirit animal exudes shrewd and crafty nature similar to Scorpios.

The Alligator symbolizes primal instincts and good fortune! This animal is native to some other parts of the world, particularly in the Americas and Asia and this means these creatures are subjects to many mythologies…

It is said that seeing this animal in water can mean something good is gonna happen to you! Alligator skin is also used for protection rituals which also signifies the highly protective energy this spirit animal gives to you!

You can call upon the energy of this spirit animal if you have trouble at work or if you want to know who your hidden enemies are. You can also call upon this spirit guide to bring forth more courage and persistence into your system and this spirit animal can also protect your workspace or home environment.

The Alligator is a known spirit animal to provide comfort and relief during tough times so whenever you feel stressed or worried you can call upon the energy of this spirit animal through quiet meditation.

5. The Snake

The Snake is often a feared and misunderstood creature because many people associate the Snake with all things slithering and terrifying…

For the most part, this fear usually resonates with Scorpio’s instinctive energy to ward off people because of their intimidating personality. Scorpios are a quiet force of nature and their aura commands respect! It is not surprising that a Scorpio is sometimes excluded from social groups because of their strong and domineering personality. 

This is often the main problem of a Scorpio! Scaring away potential friends or lovers that can be genuinely kind and helpful to them! Similar to the snake which is often misunderstood! Many varieties of these reptiles are harmless and can exhibit quiet and introverted nature. 

This bad reputation is often due to the perverted view of snakes as being evil (related to The Devil) or bad omen. In Literature the snake is connotated with many negative synonyms, a person being referred to as a snake is someone fake, full of malice, and can have an evil streak! These things need to rebrand as you need to have a clear and clean view of how you view snakes!

Instead of vilifying these slithering creatures, you can try viewing this spirit animal in a good light! Snakes are creatures that are also highly associated with feminine energy, magic, fertility, and the creative life force that is innate in all of us! Think about the spine in the human body and how it resembles the snake! The spine has the membrane fluid that makes the human body work!

Scorpio is the sign that the snake attaches to because the energy of the sign is highly similar to that of the snake. The Snake energy is innate within the Scorpio as the snake is often misunderstood and can come across as scary and cold but they are extremely sensitive and emotional (due to Scorpio being a water sign). 

Scorpios do not like showing off their emotions because to them showing tears could mean the people who see it can use their vulnerability and there’s nothing more a Scorpio hates than being seen as weak and a pushover! Scorpios have a commanding, tough facade that protects them from the world!

The Snake can help Scorpio achieve the power that desires by allowing them to tap more into the primal female energy which is the most creative life force out there!

The Snake can also be called upon to channel your inner sexy energy! The Snake is personified as the seductress and can help you attract the people that you truly desire! You can call this spirit animal through meditation and visualization!

You can channel the energy of the Snake to amplify your Scorpionic traits. This spirit animal also brings forth amplified power so if you’re feeling down or depressed you can call upon this energy to help you decide the best possible choice or solution!

6. The Owl

The Owl is mysterious, forever hiding in the night and shadows, and is a naturally cunning, persevering, and highly intelligent animal. The Owl teaches Scorpio how to delve deep into oneself and let intuition guide you!

The Owl is old and wise similar to many cultures, traditions, and literature that describe this creature. This crafty animal represents the strategic and willful nature of Scorpio, although these individuals with stingy zodiac signs are quiet and generally introverted but are surprisingly domineering and powerful! A Scorpio’s imprint and lifeforce are very similar to the fire sign Aries as both of these signs are ruled by Mars.

The Owl is a spirit animal that reminds Scorpios of their true power and this spirit animal tells Scorpios to own it!

The Owl is a spirit animal that can be easily called through meditation and visualization. In Astrology, Scorpio is a sign of the occult and magic. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many Scorpios or people with heavy Scorpio placements (Moon or Rising) are usually drawn to performing occult rituals!

When you require power, influence, or insight you can light a purple candle and begin to visualize the form of the spirit animal! Envision a purple light as you see the owl entering your mind! This will surely be an easy task for you!

7. The Raven

Remember that every zodiac sign is ruled by a particular planet that perfectly corresponds to the sign’s imprint and energy. Similar to Scorpio which is ruled by Mars and Pluto, The Raven is mysterious and powerful! Pluto resonates extremely well with the enigmatic energy of the Raven as Pluto rules death, the afterlife, transformation, and the occult. Sounds familiar right? Similar to how The Raven is deeply associated with these aspects of life.

In Plutonian aspects, we can see how the energy of this spirit animal truly resonates with the energy of the planet. Unlike Mars which is the planet of aggression and sex Pluto deals with everything hidden and enigmatic.

The dark energy of Raven deeply corresponds to the power and mysteriousness of Scorpio. Pluto’s influence in Scorpio makes the spirit animal Raven a good totem animal to call upon to exert your power and influence over someone!

The Raven is a wise and eccentric spirit animal, full of knowledge and knows all secrets due to them being in the dark watching people from afar, The Raven also symbolizes deep spiritual knowledge, healing powers of regeneration, magic, and elemental powers.

This spirit animal is also connected with death, fertility, and love magic! If you are a Scorpio yourself and you want to influence someone and make someone fall in love with you try calling upon this spirit animal for help!

Although the Raven is a symbol connotated with other negative qualities such as death, loss, or ill omen due to its terrifying screech and black plumage also with literature as an animal that is connected to the infernal spirits and ghosts but as a highly intelligent bird, the raven represents deep spiritual insight similar to how Scorpios are deeply connected with their intuition and the third eye! Its symbolism is complex yet this spirit animal is especially beneficial to those with Scorpio placements!

7 Scorpio Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Scorpio is a deeply complex and spiritual sign! Regardless of its known reputation as being a dark and evil sign, Scorpio manages to go in this lifetime without transforming themselves into the person he or she wants to be!

The Scorpion transforms into an Eagle and then into The Phoenix! It is known purest and most powerful form which deeply shows the pure healing and transformative energy of this sign!

Scorpios are emotional and without a doubt the most misunderstood sign! These people are emotional yet despise showing emotions, these people are passionate yet require deep emotional understanding and intimacy! Scorpios are sexual and spiritual people and they can come in ranges! This will always depend on what type of Scorpio they are (The Scorpio, The Eagle, The Phoenix).

These three stages are essential to a Scorpio’s lifetime. Intimidating and commanding on the outside yet emotional on the inside. Scorpios are extremely emotional, sensual, intense, passionate, controlled, loyal, and faithful! The Plutonian/Martian aspect of Scorpio can come out as them being volatile, manipulative a being and extremist! Their fixed nature can make them incredibly strategic and persistent!

The spirit animals of Scorpio can be quite hard to call upon so deep meditation is important in calling forth these spirit guides for help and protection, the spirit guides of Scorpio emulate dark feminine energy, and as such extra efforts must be included to make them do your bidding. Performing magic rituals is the most effective way in calling these spirit animals! 

These spirit animals are called upon to inspire and guide and you should not be afraid as they are put here on earth to guide you along your earthly journey!

If you want to harness more of their energy then you can create your own set of rituals! Do 10-minute meditation that involves you lighting a candle or rubbing oil! You can talk to these spirit animals and let your intuition guide you! Remember to set your intention and let your gut instinct guide you in this spiritual journey…

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