7 Taurus Spirit Animals That You Should Know About!

Do you want to know more spiritual and psychoanalysis about your Taurus man or woman and you wish to know the spirit animals that he perfectly embodies? Or are you a Taurus yourself and you wish to know more about the spirit animals that perfectly embody and represent you?

Do you want to embody the spirit animal’s energy for more willpower and inspiration? Worry no more because you are in the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 spirit animals that perfectly represent and embody the sign of Taurus!

To start. A spirit animal can also be colloquially termed a spirit guide.

Spirit guides are the embodiments of thought forms or energies that guide, protect, inspire, and lead us to the right path. A spirit animal can also be in a metaphoric way represented by someone due to the attributes and skills of the animal he or she perfectly “embodies”.

Although you can take it with a grain of salt the 7 spirit animals we will be discussing perfectly encapsulates the core energy of a Taurus.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac wheel, coincidentally represented by an animal – the Bull. Taurus is a complex yet laid-back and soft-spoken individual this is perhaps due to the heavy Venusian influence of this sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus a very feminine, graceful, and hedonistic planet.

Generally speaking Taurus individuals are artistic (due to venus), earthy, sensual, gentle yet stubborn and strong-willed, relaxed, kind, loyal, friendly, and down-to-earth. Taurus rules the second house. In Astrology houses represent areas of life in this human reality.

With Taurus material possessions such as properties, jewelry, wealth and a nice pleasurable life are extremely important! They hold onto material things quite dearly and they will fight nail and tooth to get them!

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Taurus let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Taurus affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why Taurus is embodied by these mystical spirit animals.

Let’s find out! 

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Understanding Venusian Energy: Venus, Earth, and the Fixed Nature of Taurus

Taurus is the cool, laid-back, gentle sign but this does not mean that they can be pushovers! Although they are generally laid-back individuals who are seen as good-natured and soft-spoken. Taurus individuals have an inner headstrong personality about them that makes them unmovable.

Although they may not be the most intimidating or power-hungry zodiac sign there is this strong energy that makes them impenetrable and hard to influence. Mostly this is due to their heavy connection with the power of the element of Earth. Earth out of the four elements is the most grounded and stable.

Earth doesn’t move and is perfectly steadfast in one place. Earth is hard and rich in minerals just like how Earth perfectly represents organization and stability. Just like the earth, Taurus is immovable and this is what makes them powerful!

They may not be the fieriest nor logical Taurus individuals have the most willpower to resist any influence being suggested to them. Taurus individuals have their dreams and ambitions that they do their way. They are also persistent in their goals and their discipline is unmatched!

This makes them innately successful later on in life! Whether they choose a career that deeply satisfies them and their bank!

The earth element is the stable and pragmatic same thing as Taurus individuals who are unwavering and deeply practical. Although they enjoy material riches more than any other sign they know that money must be well-spent. This also means that they can be good shoppers!

They know the best quality products out there and can be extremely meticulous in looking for products that will satisfy them! To Taurus individuals, this gives them an innate look of being a luxurious individual regardless of their social status.

Venus also deeply influences the sign of Taurus. Venus is the planet commonly associated with love, sex, pleasure, beauty, and everything nice and pleasurable. This gives Taurus individuals beautiful bodies and faces. Taurus is a sign of beauty and this shows in the physical appearance of these Taurus individuals.

Whether they look conventionally attractive or not Taurus individuals are deemed beautiful by others. Alongside that, they are also very soft-spoken and their voice is graceful and attractive. This is especially true for Taurus risings.

They are attractive and generous! This makes them extremely date and relationship worthy!

Venus has soft-colored eyes that prize beauty and sensuality, similar to how Taurus places utmost importance on visual aesthetics whether it’s a Taurus individual’s looks or material possessions. They will opt for opulent and classic styles that suit them.

Think about old-money aesthetics. Venus greatly blesses Taurus individuals with immense sensuality and they can use this to their advantage.

Whether or not they see it or acknowledge it Taurus individuals are seen as charming and friendly by others regardless of how “strong-headed” they may seem to be on the inside.

Venus combined with Earth is a tangible beauty that you can experience, see and feel! Taurus is like a living embodiment of pure bliss and ecstasy that you get from seeing beautiful artwork or hearing a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song.

This is what Taurus Energy is presented and branded into.

Venus doesn’t use force or brutality, it entices you through beauty and sensuality and this is how a Taurus navigates life with ease. Although they’re soft-spoken, generous, and overall charming and pleasing to be with! The earth element gives them strength, courage, stability, and power to persist time and time again.

The fixed modality is also attached to the sign of Taurus. The fixed nature of Taurus represents how deeply ingrained it is in a Taurus individual’s personality that steadiness to pursue your desires and goals is the key to success!

The fixed modality gives Taurus an edge as it provides them with outward rigidity to themselves. They are disciplined and persistent in their goals! Whatever it might be Taurus is successful because of this.

Overall, Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. The positive keywords associated with evolved and good-natured Taurs are being persistent, stable, goal-oriented, practical, earthy, generous, protective, brave, charismatic, beautiful, and sensual.

The negative keywords that can be connotated with an unevolved Taurus can be overtly procrastinating, too slow to do chores and work, being or having grandeur dreams about living an opulent life without actually working for it, holding grudges, being overly possessive, stubborn, stubborn, selfish, gluttonous and self-absorbed.

Let’s now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Taurus and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Taurus or those who have heavy Taurus placements! 

Taurus And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Bull

Taurus is represented by the Bull so it is no surprise that the first spirit animal that embodies the sign of Taurus is the bull! Like the bull who is gentle and slow to move yet has sharp horns that will push everyone who stands in its way!

Just like Taurus, they’re not the people to be pushed around! They may look like gentle and good-natured individuals but when you anger them enough their temper can be a terrifying sight!

The Bull is slow and steady yet heavily connected to the earth. The Bull is sensual and graceful in movements yet when angered can be cruel and hot-tempered similar to how a Taurus reacts in negative situations.

The Bull is a wonderful spirit animal that guides, protects, and deeply embodies the core nature of Taurus wherever a Taurus might be!

2. The Bear

The Bear is another wonderful spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates the core being of being a Taurus!

For instance, the bear has its roots deep in the wild forest where plants and trees grow abundantly. The home of the bear is steady and quiet and just as the Bear Tausu has its deep connection to mother earth!

The Bear is also a deeply spiritual animal that represents strength, courage, and stability! Just like the Bear Taurus is strong and although Taurus individuals may not show this outwardly they are people that are strong-willed and have enough power to achieve their desires!

The Bear is also the power symbol that represents Taurus as the bear deeply symbolizes quiet confidence and independence!

Although bears are seen as a powerful force of nature in the forests bears are also quite known to be lovers of comfort, food, and being alone similar to how a Taurus would do if they have all the time in the world!

3. The Ox

For a more in-depth understanding, the Ox has similarities and differences with the Bull. For starters, an Ox can be a male or female while a bull refers to a male cattle. The Ox symbolizes the slow and steadfast nature of a Taurus in the wild.

They are quiet, reserved, and pragmatic but they hold an unimaginable size of strength similar to how a Taurus would be.

4. The Turtle

The Turtle is another spirit animal that Taurus embodies! Taurus is slow and quite lazy, especially in foreign spaces and environments.

Taurus individuals like to do things their way and can become irritated or unhinged when they work in an environment that they don’t feel comfortable going with similar to a Turtle who is slow and grumpy on the land yet fast and agile in the water.

The Turtle encapsulates the work ethic of a Taurus as a Taurus individual must first be comfortable in the space they’re in for them to work efficiently.

5. The Panda

Similar to how cute and gorgeous these mammalian species are! Taurus is gorgeous! They’re some of the best fashionable and wonderful people all around just because of how pleasing they are to look at!

Pandas are generally cute and like the comforts of food and sleeping similar to how a Taurus would generally do in their free time!

If you see the pattern here you’ll generally notice that the spirit guides or animals that represent Taurus are the ones who love comfort and are usually slow and steadfast!

Do not be misled by the cute appearance of a Panda as although they can be seen as harmless they can be formidable opponents in the wild perfectly encapsulating the power of Taurus!

6. The Beaver

Beavers are hard-working and form their home over time! Just like how a Taurus would be in the wild! The Beaver essentially puts time and dedication into building communities and is usually bounded by family and the society they make similar to Taurus.

Taurus individuals are steadfast and once they’ve put their mind to anything they will achieve it through discipline. Alongside that Taurus are generally protective of their family, especially their significant others!

7. The Deer

Last but not least….The other spirit animal perfectly encapsulates to core energy of The Deer. Deers are sensual in their movements and are deeply loyal to their family.

Similar to how a Taurus would react! The Deer is also deeply connected to its home…The Forest resonates with the Taurus’ energy having a love for nature. 

The deer also represents physical strength, gentleness through kindness and compassion, and protection! Whenever a Taurus individual feels harmed or not in a safe environment they can wish to visualize the spirit animal of the deer to guide them as they go through their endeavors!

7 Taurus Spirit Animal….Final Thoughts

The spirit animals of Taurus deeply encapsulate the essence of Taurus. Persistent, stable, and strong. The spirit animals of Taurus are here to remind us, especially those with Taurus Sun and heavy Taurus placements that they’re not alone.

They are guided, protected, and most especially given divine intervention especially when they need it the most. The spirit animals of Taurus also inspire us that one must be pragmatic and stable in approach to get your desires in life.

No matter how sartorial or cliche it may seem. The spirit animals of Taurus remind us that the slow and steady wins the race.

Whether or not you’re a Taurus or you know someone who is a Taurus you can incorporate your spirit animals into your spirituality or psychology. For example, if you’re having a hard time at work then you can embody the core and energy of the given spirit animals to inspire you as you do your tasks!

You can even meditate and visualize your power through these spirit animals and see the magic goes! Spirit animals are everywhere and through meditation, you can connect to your spirit guides to give you some valuable information!

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