7 Gemini Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Are you interested in finding out Gemini’s signature spirit animals? Do you wish to know more about your Gemini man or woman or are you a Gemini yourself looking for answers? Do you wish to learn more about the spirit animals that perfectly embody and represent you?

Do you want to embody the spirit animal’s energy for more willpower and inspiration? Worry no more because you are in the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 spirit animals that perfectly represent and embody the sign of Gemini and what it could mean for you!

To start. A spirit animal can also be colloquially termed a spirit guide.

Spirit guides are the embodiments of thought forms or energies that guide, protect, inspire and lead us to the right path. A spirit animal can also be in a metaphoric way represented by someone due to the attributes and skills of the animal he or she perfectly “embodies”.

Although you can take it with a grain of salt the 7 spirit animals we will be discussing perfectly encapsulates the core energy of a Gemini

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is the first air sign on the list. Gemini is represented by the twins. Identical yet dual and this is what we can purely summarize from a Gemini’s energy and personality.

There is always a level of indecisiveness in a Gemini due to its duality. Alongside that being a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury Gemini becomes an extremely talkative, extroverted, dynamic, fun-loving, and spontaneous person. 

Generally speaking, Gemini individuals are versatile, intelligent, playful, intellectually curious and argumentative, quick-witted, articulate, independent charming, youthful, clever, perceptive, inquisitive, and imaginative.

The negative keywords associated with Gemini are aloofness, lack of emotional depth, being superficial, cunning, deceptive, changeable, indecisive, unpredictable, and moody.

Gemini rules the third house and in Astrology the third house represents the mind and intellect along with other keywords such as communication, friendship, languages, and the like.

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Gemini let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Gemini affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why Gemini is embodied by these mystical spirit animals.

Let’s find out! 

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Understanding Mercurian Energy: Mercury, Air, and the Mutable Nature of Gemini

Gemini is active and passive, both dominant and submissive, both light and dark, and this is perfectly represented by the sign of the twins. Geminis are inquisitive and highly intelligent because the planet that rules this sign is Mercury.

The thinking is fast, quick-witted, and highly logical and this is what makes Gemini interesting as they are forging their path through the use of their wit and talents.

Mercury is also the sign of communication so Gemini is deeply rooted in creating a wonderful social exchange with all different kinds of people. This is why they are seen as friendly and extroverted. They seem to get along with everyone at ease without putting too much effort. 

With their charisma and depth in communicating and language, they can lighten up the mood of the person they’re talking to!

This is their superpower and if you are a Gemini yourself you should own it! Being a Mercurian sign you are born to relish and hear a different variety of experiences from other people!

Also, it is important to take note that because Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system this attribute also makes Mercurian people highly changeable and indecisive, Geminis are prone to unpredictability and moodiness because of this and this creates confusion for some people.

Because they’re unpredictable and generally aloof in nature Geminis can be quite complex individuals. You may never know what’s on their mind yet you want them to keep on interacting with you because of how charming they can be especially when it comes to socialization and interaction.

Geminis are naturally curious and funny and they make everyone lighten up in just a minute of talking!

In opposition to the cool and laid-back nature of Taurus, Geminis are hyper-reactive and always on the go! They would rather go on spontaneous late-night trips rather than stick to a routine that they are all too well familiar with!

Alongside that the element that rules Gemini is air and in Astrology air doesn’t require and shape as it can take any form. Geminis are adaptable and easy-going whenever it comes to their approach to life.

Air combined with the energy of Mercury produces a free-thinking, independent, social individual who is perfectly comfortable in expressing his or her visions and passions in life. Alongside that Mercury is the planet of fast action so Gemini individuals will certainly be fast in movements and in talking.

Almost as if they’re catching up their breath every time they do something. Geminis are known to be the fastest and this is due to their ruling planet and element.

Mercury also deeply influences the mannerisms, appearance, and attitude of Gemini. Mercury is associated with speech, writing, scholars, alchemists, journalists, interpreters, messengers, and everything that is connected to wisdom, sciences, mathematics, and philosophy.

This makes Gemini individuals incredibly bright and gifted!

Whatever you do you can never outsmart them because they are three steps ahead of you!

Alongside that Gemini is the sign of youthfulness so people who are born under this sign or people who generally have Gemini placements, especially risings can have a “youthful glow” to them. Whether they look conventionally attractive or not Geminis are deemed to have this glow in their aura and body which is attractive!

Mercury has fast-twitching eyes that are very observant and articulate. Intellectually astute and fond of discoveries and sciences.

To Mercury intellectual depth is far more important than visual aesthetics. Intelligence and humor are greatly valued and treasured as these keep the Mercury’s mind stimulated and properly running. Mercury greatly blesses Geminis with this power whether they see it for themselves or not.

A Gemini individual must realize that he or she must utilize his brain power to truly achieve anything he wishes the use of brain power can be through journaling, creating vision boards, affirmations, or scripting whatever method that can entice the mind of a Gemini.

This method will be incredibly beneficial for Gemini individuals as their minds can usually wander off pretty quickly and can be chaotic at times. Using a mind-training method to keep focus is a good way to truly make sure a Gemini individual gets what they want in this lifetime.

The unpredictability, moodiness, and changeability of a Gemini individual are usually due to the mutable modality of this sign which makes them the easygoing, nonchalant, and go-with-the-flow type of person.

Overall, Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury.

The positive keywords associated with a good-natured and highly evolved Gemini is being kind, affectionate, sympathetic, understanding, deeply intelligent without judgment, free-thinker, adventurous, scholarly, clever out-of-the-box thinking, and brutally honest.

While an unevolved Gemini can be erratic, easily distracted, chaotic, volatile, non-commital, cunning, deceptive, manipulative, and dishonest in a sly manner.

Let’s now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Gemini and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Taurus or those who have heavy Gemini placements! 

Gemini And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Butterfly

The Butterfly is the first and foremost spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates the energy of Gemini, Butterflies are beautiful creatures that hop into every flower they wish to hop into. Butterflies are colorful and come in different shapes and sizes and are generally nonchalant in life.

They do not care if onlookers are watching them as they do their own thing. Same with Gemini’s nonchalant and unapologetic attitude. Geminis strive to just go with the flow in life and hop into new experiences and mental stimulation.

The butterfly is smart and agile and exudes a deeply bright and colorful energy same as how a Gemini walks into the scene and just attracts everyone with their lively and spirited attitude.

The butterfly is something to be admired and recognized same with a Gemini who’s got so much more to share with other people.

2. The Peacock

The Peacock is another wonderful spirit animal that guides and protects people with Gemini placements.

The Peacock is a perfect representation of the colorful and flamboyant energy that Geminis exude! Geminis are known for their androgynous looks this is because of their dual nature which also affects their physical appearance!

They have masculine and feminine features that perfectly blend in and create a unique, youthful look for a Gemini! Similar to how extravagant a peacock’s feather is!

The Peacock symbolizes nobility, divinity, and higher powers and in some cultures, peacocks bring good fortune and good omens. Gemini individuals can perfectly utilize this spirit animal for visualization, manifestation, and meditation!

3. The Flamingo

Another great spirit animal that Geminis can connect to is the flamingo! Flamingos are social creatures marked for their extremely exquisite appearance and fast yet delicate sensual movements. The flamingo represents the extroverted and social nature of a Gemini who thrives in sharing their thoughts and ideas! 

4. The Fox

The Fox perfectly represents the shrewdness and cunningness of a Gemini individual. Similar to a fox who may not be the strongest but can singlehandedly outsmart all predators in its area Geminis are cunning and manipulative when needed and they are always open to resort to outsmarting everyone if it means getting what they want.

Geminis are shrew and know how to act and think quickly in the most dangerous of situations.

To a Gemini individual life is a mere game that you can utilize to your advantage. Similar to a fox’s sly and devious ways. The Fox symbolizes independence, cleverness, playfulness, and mischievousness and can be seen as a symbol of good luck and protection things that deeply resonate with a Gemini’s energy.

5. The Panda

Similar to how cute and gorgeous these mammalian species are! Taurus is gorgeous!

They’re some of the best fashionable and wonderful people all around just because of how pleasing they are to look at! Pandas are generally cute and like the comforts of food and sleeping similar to how a Taurus would generally do in their free time!

If you see the pattern here you’ll generally notice that the spirit guides or animals that represent Taurus are the ones who love comfort and are usually slow and steadfast!

Do not be misled by the cute appearance of a Panda as although they can be seen as harmless they can be formidable opponents in the wild perfectly encapsulating the power of Taurus!

6. The Monkey

Monkeys are the closest relative species of humans so it comes as no surprise that monkeys are considered a wonderful spirit guide for a Gemini individual! Like Geminis, the monkeys are deeply ingrained in their community because staying together with your species in the dangerous forest is the best chance of survival you’ve got!

Alongside that monkeys exude intelligent, adaptable, and curious attitudes things that are eerily similar to a Gemini’s way of thinking.

7. The Parrot

Last but not least….The other spirit animal perfectly encapsulates to core energy of Gemini is the parrot! Parrots are skillful especially in the use of language often mimicking their owner’s phrases and voice! Similar to a Gemini!

A Gemini individual prefers to learn from new experiences and deeply knows that to be highly intelligent is to accept that you will become a lifelong student. Parrots are adaptable and skillful similar to a Gemini

7 Gemini Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

The seven spirit animals of Gemini perfectly encapsulate the vibrant and curious energy of Gemini. These spirit animals have similarities and this comes with the way they deal with the world.

Instead of villainizing it, these spirit animals become nonchalant with the way they deal with life and become incredibly friendly towards everyone that you now appear to be harmless tricking everyone in the process!

This is why Geminis are often associated with the trickster archetype because they may seem harmless but they are scheming and devious in so many ways possible.

Whether or not you’re a Gemini or you know someone who is a Gemini you can incorporate your spirit animals into your spirituality or psychology. For example, if you’re having a hard time at work then you can embody the core and energy of the given spirit animals to inspire you as you do your tasks!

You can even meditate and visualize your power through these spirit animals and see the magic goes!

You can also be trying calling the power of your spirit animals through art such as painting them or drawing them! Your spirit animals are there to guide you and inspire you! Just ask for it and you will receive it!

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