7 Aries Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Do you wish to know the spirit animals that represent, guide, protect and inspire people with their sign in Aries? Are you an Aries yourself and you want to embody the sign’s energy perfectly or do you know someone who is an Aries and you want to get to know him or her more?

Well, you’re in the right place because in this article we are going to talk about the 7 spirit animals that perfectly represent the sign of Aries! 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. Symbolized by The Ram and is known for its energetic and passionate personality. Aries are forceful, fiery, dynamic, and extremely powerful in their own right.

Generally speaking, Aries individuals are natural-born leaders, extroverted, fiery, lively, passionate, and sometimes impatient individuals who are craving pure ecstatic experiences in their lifetime this means that they crave adventures and expression of one’s identity like no other!

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody Aries’s power and energy, let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Aries affects the overall energy of the sign.

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Understanding Martian Energy: Mars, Fire, and Cardinal Nature of Aries

Aries is the fiery fire sign. Aries individuals are impulsive, brave, and act first before thinking, the courage, and blind trust of an Aries in its ability to leap from one challenge to another is due to the cardinal fire nature and the planet Mars.

To an Aries man or woman, challenges are a way to mold one’s identity and they’re not afraid to be a little competitive in the process. Aries knows that to truly be successful in this life you must have the courage to do the things you are fearful of.

This is where they truly get their power into. It is not their impulsivity or passion but their bravery and valor.

This courage comes from all the aspects that come with the influence of Aries. This sign is ruled by the most aggressive planet Mars, in Astrology Mars has its association with the roman God of war and in Astrology Mars signifies desire, passion, energy, and sexuality.

Mars also represents aggression, anger, and survival as Mars rules natural animal instincts think about fight or flight response or the adrenaline rush when you do something amazing or impulsive!

Mars is also a planet that gives off “yang” energy which means it gives Aries a dominant and masculine energy and attitude. Mars is a malefic planet that can give Aries a dominant, intimidating, and striking feature. Particularly for those with Aries rising.

In Astrology the Ascendant or the Rising sign is how other people perceive you and your overall appearance. Those with Aries risings are noted for their athletic bodies, striking cheekbones, forehead, and jaw that are sharp and angular giving them a look of a fighter. They are intimidating yet sexy!

Mars has red-blood eyes that prize glorification of one’s self similar to an Aries. An Aries man or woman is deeply immersed in their ego and identity. They hold it with pride and are confident in their own skill set and personal power.

Mars gives Aries immense confidence and power and this makes Aries natural-born leaders by default. Aries leads people with valor. 

Mars is fickle-minded and masculine. The problem with Mars comes with its uninhibited anger. Martian energy gives Aries a raw powerful energy and you should take note that raw energy is different from creative energy.

Raw energy is something that gives one an innate desire and passion to do something and this is what makes Aries an Aries. Alongside that Mars gives Aries vibrant energy think about the red aura it is sexy, dominating, passionate, and full of vital life force energy.

Aries also has its roots in the fire element. Fire is the most primal element capable of inspiration or destruction. A contained fire is magnificent as it gives people light and heat that counteracts the cold and dark.

It is essential because without light there is no hope, inspiration, or security but Fire also has its downsides.

An uninhibited fire can cause death and destruction similar to the Fire element Aries dominates life by giving inspiration and hope to others. An Aries man or woman’s confidence can be an inspiring thing to see.

Just like a burning fire. Aries is burning with passion and desire. The fire element truly encapsulates the essence of Aries’s intensity. Along with its cardinal nature that essentially gives them an innate personality to start things up.

Cardinal modality gives Aries a knack for leaping into creative and passionate projects where they can lead and create something worthwhile and beautiful. Aries can be successful in their own right if they stay true to themselves.

Overall, Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. The positive keywords associated with evolved Aries are success, strength, courage, valor, charisma, self-confidence, decisiveness, drive, and power, and influence through confidence and passion.

The negative keywords that can be connotated with Aries can be overtly competitiveness, selfishness, impulsivity, rage, and lack of careful and thoughtful planning.

Let’s now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Aries and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Aries or those who have heavy Aries placements! 

Aries And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Ram

Aries is represented by the Ram and this comes first on the list! This fiery fire sign is represented by an animal itself and it speaks volumes to what kind of energy and aura an Aries has. Just like the Ram, this animal pushes forward the boundaries and is extremely strong-willed and hard-headed.

The Ram may not be the strongest in the Animal kingdom but its courage and power on a leap of faith push forward. 

The Ram uses its horn to forge its path and just like Aries they are independent and strong-minded individuals capable of forging their path. They do not care what others think of them or what others will think about their passion.

Just like a head-strong Ram and Aries don’t let other people do the decision-making. They are leaders and they are decisive about making their paths.

The Ram is also an animal driven purely by its instincts. Just like an Aries they are impulsive and will be quite driven by their instincts. Whether it is their passion, desire, or sexuality they will surely go with their instincts! 

2. The Cheetah

The Cheetah is another spirit animal of Aries that perfectly embodies the fast life and impulsivity of this strong-willed sign.

The cheetah is known as the fastest animal on this planet and this perfectly embodies the action-oriented approach of an Aries in dealing with problems and challenges.

Aries is quick in thinking and spontaneous! Just like Cheetah! This spirit animal perfectly encapsulates the energy of an Aries.

3. The Tiger

The Tiger is known for its screeching roar and strong claws. This spirit animal perfectly embodies the strong-mindedness of an Aries. Just like a Tiger stalking its prey from a distance Aries individuals are big-picture oriented rather than small-detailed oriented.

The Tiger can perfectly see its whole surroundings in its acute vision and just like the Tiger Aries individuals, they are strong-willed and formidable once they’ve put their goals in their minds.

To massage her feet you can also apply pressure using your fingertips to create point pressure on the side of each of his toes then gently make circular motions using your fingertips.

You can also use your fingertips to create pressure in the soles of her feet, particularly the centermost part of her bottom feet where a lot of nerve endings are situated. 

4. The Falcon

The Falcon rules the air! This independent animal perfectly encapsulates the free-spirited need for the adventure of an Aries individual. Just like Falcon who soars to great heights an Aries individual pushes boundaries and has big dreams for himself or herself.

He or she is not the one who will settle for a mediocre life. The Falcon soars into great heights stalking its prey from below and just like a Falcon, an Aries is sharp and quick to get his or her goals to fruition.

5. The Shark

You see where we’re going here! Each animal that represents and embodies the personality, energy, and aura of Aries are animals that rule its habitat! The sharks are fearsome and can create terror deep underwater!

These big intimidating beasts are on the top of the food chain and just like an Aries the overall aura and vibe you get to an Aries individual are “Don’t you mess with me because I will eat you alive”.

Sharks are fast, strong, and powerful in their own right and just like Aries. Sharks are incredibly good at catching their prey! A shark is a spirit animal that deeply encapsulates the raw primal energy and instinct of an Aries!

6. The Snake

The snake is slithering and intimidating. For centuries snakes have had different meanings and symbols that vary from culture to culture but one thing that is deeply imprinted on the Snake is its heavy connection to sexuality.

Aries individuals are powerful and sexy creatures in their own right and they exude heavy sex appeal!

Just like a Snake Aries is unafraid to push limits to pleasure and sex and can use charisma to get what it wants.

7. The Wolf

Last but not least….The other spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates to core energy of Aries is the Wolf. These creatures live in groups or what we call packs and Wolves have a distinctive hierarchy in them.

The Wolf perfectly encapsulates the leader energy an Aries gives off and not only that Wolves truly will fight tooth and tooth just to get what they want just like a Powerful Aries who have carefully curated their power and leadership skills throughout time.

7 Aries Spirit Animal….Final Thoughts

The spirit animals of Aries are here to remind us of valuable things.

To get what you want in life you must show strength and courage to do whatever needs to be done to achieve your goal. Alongside that, the seven spirit animals of Aries represent speed, agility, strength, and focus things you need in this tough world.

Whether or not you’re an Aries or you know someone who is an Aries you can incorporate your spirit animals into your spirituality or psychology.

For example, if you’re having a hard time at work then you can embody the core and energy of the given spirit animals to inspire you as you do your tasks! You can even meditate and visualize your power through these spirit animals and see the magic goes!

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