7 Libra Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Do you wish to know about the important spirit animals of the Virgo sign? Do you want to know more about yourself and connect spiritually to the spiritual energies around you? Are you a Virgo yourself or someone with heavy Virgo placements or you’re interested in the 6th sign of the zodiac?

Worry no more because in this article we will tell you the seven Virgo spirit animals that you should know about!

Spirit animals are certain energies that imprint different power and energy on certain users. Spirit animals are thought forms and energies not seen by the naked eye but truly exist in this world to guide, inspire or bring forth positive effects such as courage, wisdom, prosperity, or protection!

For the most part, Spirit animals are here to guide people in their journeys. If you are a nonbeliever then you can think of Spirit animals as metaphors that a person can emulate depending on the characteristics and personality of the spirit animal.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the scales, Libra is an air cardinal sign ruled by Venus and is the pacifist of the zodiac! caring, affectionate, romantic, calm, collected, intelligent, and elegant!

These individuals are truly heavenly as they are great friends and lovers! Moreover, the spirit animals of Libra are perfectly benevolent and encapsulate the core energy of the sign!

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Libra let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Libra affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why Libra is embodied by these totem spirit animals. Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Venusian Energy: Venus, Air, and the Cardinal Nature of Libra

The Venusian energy combined with the air element provides a charismatic and benevolent lover who is social, persuasive, gracious, and diplomatic. Alongside this, the cardinal modality of Libra provides some sort of tenacity and leadership quality!

In Astrology, the cardinal signs are known to be the leaders, the ones who start up projects, the trendsetters, and the ones who embrace change, transformation, and new beginnings!

Similar to other Cardinal signs, Libra has strong initiative and can be a wonderful persuasive leader who is well-liked and respected! A Libra when appointed as a leader becomes a benevolent ruler who is fair-minded and soft-spoken!

This gives him the ability to be less seen as bossy or obstinate which is good for Libra’s reputation. This is often the reason why many politicians seem to have heavy Libra placements or are LIbra themselves!

They are charismatic and have their way with words and they naturally thrive in leadership positions without actually making them like tyrants or intimidating rulers! Alongside that, the Venusian influence also makes them beautiful!

Whether they a conventionally attractive or not there’s no doubt that their personality and aura are pleasing and heavenly!

Venusian energy is attractive and unifying. Libras in general have a very magnetic energy that attracts everyone around them, Venus is beauty oriented so it is no surprise that Libras are gifted with beauty! This is why Libras are stereotyped as the head-turners of the zodiac!

There is something about them that’s truly irresistible! They have that “it” factor that makes them well-liked and popular!

The Venusian energy also gives them the wit and charm of a sophisticated and sensual lover! Libras are known to be beautiful and charming but nothing can top off the gentle and soft-spoken nature of Libra! Again this is due to the heavy Venusian influence on the sign!

A Libra’s charisma can be his or her superpower as he or she can use this to his or her advantage!

The air element also brings a strong influence on the overall energy of this sign, air is known as the intellectual element! Air rules logic, reasoning, and critical thinking and is the cool and collected energy as opposed to fire (passion) and water (heavy emotions).

Air brings a calm and collected personality to Libra and at the same time makes Libra incredibly intelligent in critical thinking and reasoning.

Libras are objective and fair-sighted, these attributes can be because air is their ruling element.

Libra is also the sign of harmony and balance similar to the scales which represent the sign, Libra strives to balance out each energy and polarity and this can make them prone to being indecisive as they know there are different options that they should weigh down and effectively think about!

Overall, Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus!

The positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Libra are someone balanced, a good diplomat and peacemaker, wise and gives out good advice on problems, can have good fashion taste, beautiful, and is elegant and graceful! They are defenders of social justice and welfare. 

Meanwhile, an unevolved or unbalanced Libra can be gullible, indecisive, indolent, gossipy, manipulative, changeable, and superficial! Now that we have talked about the element and modality of Libra which forms the overall energy of the sign.

Let us now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Libra and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Libra or those who have heavy Libra placements (Libra Moon or Rising)! 

Libra And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The White Swan

Libra is represented by the scales so there is complexity in terms of the dual energy that a Libra can show off. The White Swan is the counterpart of The Black Swan and in symbolism, the white swan perfectly represents elegance, gratefulness, a dainty approach to life, kindness, and being helpful to others.

The White Swan is the light to The Black Swan’s dark and this totem animal represents the instinctive nature of Libra to seek peace at all costs. Libras are known to be the mediators and peacemakers of the zodiac so it comes as no surprise that Libras are represented by this spirit animal!

The White Swan also represents the light that balances out the dark of Libra. Just like the scales that represent balance. Libras are known for their ability to balance out their light and dark traits. The white swan perfectly encapsulates the light energy of Libra.

In many cultures and traditions particularly in art and literature, The picture of a white swan often symbolizes purity and goodness, innocence and love, this often resonates with the energy of a Libra who is often seen as romantic, loving, peace-loving, and adaptable.

Similar to white swans who are often monogamous animals who are graceful and elegant in their movements in the water.

As a spirit animal, the white swan perfectly encapsulates the goodness, adaptability, devotion, and elegance of Libra. The white swan represents timeless beauty inside and out and this often gives Libra plenty of admirers.

If you want to bring more love energy or just overall positive energy into your life then you can call upon this spirit animal.

The spirit of the white swan often brings love, positivity, growth, transformation, and prestige to anyone who calls upon this totem animal. You can either use visualization and meditation or call upon this spirit guide through your ways such as making art.

2. The Black Swan

Moving on to the white swan…The Black Swan is the counterpart of The White Swan that perfectly embodies the sensual and sexy nature of Libra. Remember that Venus rules Libra and Venus is deeply associated with selfish pleasure, the liberation of all forms, and using sex as personal power.

The Black Swan is highly symbolic of the dark feminine energy that resides with every Libra individual. The Black Swan is also known for its high level of personal power.

During tough times or chaos, the Back Swan can appear as a defense mechanism of a Libra. It cannot be all light and love for a Libra individual as The Black Swan can come out to give a little edge to the Libra individual.

The Black Swan represents power, influence, and manipulation things that a Libra can express but can go unnoticed.

The black swan as a spirit animal is a useful totem animal that can guide you and help you become your powerful self.

This spirit animal encourages you to embrace your dark side and become in tune with your power wherever that power may come from — whether it’s in your sexuality, your finances, your confidence, or your connections.

The black swan teaches you to use your power in selfish ways.

This spirit animal is a good guide to call upon if you feel low in confidence or if you feel that you are being pushed aside by people around you. Connect to this spirit guide through quiet meditation and visualize the energy and power of a black swan filling your whole body as you become a brand new person!

3. The Rabbit

The Rabbit is another spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates the light energy of Libra similar to the white swan. Longside that this spirit animal represents good luck, positivity, new beginnings, good luck, abundance, and in some cultures fertility.

Rabbits are docile and springtime animals that perfectly represent the positivity of spring. 

This spirit animal also stands for hope and justice similar to how Libras are deeply attuned to being fair-minded and defenders of justice and freedom! The rabbit is also a wonderful totem animal for those who are extroverted, social, and friendly! 

The Rabbit is also a powerful spirit animal to call upon to bring back your energy levels and creativity! If you’re a Libra yourself and you find yourself in a troubling matter that’s depleting your energy levels you can visualize this spirit animal and ask for help!

The Rabbit is a wonderful spirit animal that helps you change courses quickly and fruitfully! As a spirit animal when you embody the rabbit you become more gentle, spontaneous, creative, and nurturing! 

4. The Dog

The Dog is a wonderful spirit animal that represents friendliness, sociability, power through connections, and the energy of a guardian and protector.

Similar to our lovely house dogs who serve as protectors of the house Libras are often the justice-seeking individuals of the zodiac who prosper when they use their skills to help people, especially the troubled ones.

Dogs also symbolize family and perseverance, and because they’re the very first domesticated animals they become a symbol of loyalty and commitment similar to Libras who are dedicated friends and lovers.

Dogs are also known for their friendly personality which resonates with the overall extroverted nature and sociability of this sign.

You can call upon the energy of this spirit animal if you have trouble making friends or finding genuine friends. You can also call upon this spirit guide to bring forth more positive energy into your workspace or life.

The dog is a known spirit animal to provide comfort and relief during tough times so whenever you feel stressed or worried you can call upon the energy of this spirit animal through quiet meditation.

5. The Wolf

The Wolf represents the inner leader of a Libra. This sign is cardinal in a modality which means Libra individuals can be terrific leaders!

They are powerful when they step into leadership positions which means they can perfectly embody the ferocity and quiet force of The Wolf. This spirit animal also represents charm, frankness, and persuasion which Libras are commonly known of.

The Wolf is also a naturally intelligent animal that rules the environment it thrives!

The Wolf is known for its emotional intelligence and intuition which Libras are often overlooked into! Although Libra is a known air sign these individuals are still intuitive by nature and can use both their hearts and minds to make a logical decision.

You can channel the energy of the wolf to amplify your strength, courage, and leadership skills. This spirit animal also brings forth amplified intuition so if you’re feeling a little bit indecisive you can call upon this energy to help you decide the best possible choice or solution!

6. The Artic Fox

The Artic Fox is wise, resilient, cunning, persevering, and highly intelligent. These creatures can withstand the cold and are crafty. This spirit animal represents Libra’s ability to persuade people with their playful and flirtatious aura.

The Artic Fox may be small but it is persevering and cunning which makes them a survivor of their habitat. 

The Artic Fox is also a beautiful animal with its snowy fur that is unique and wonderful to look at! Similar to Libra’s beautiful and vibrant energy! You can call upon this spirit animal if you need some beauty boost in your appearance or if you want to look flirtatious, sexy, and charming!

The Artic Fox is a spirit animal that can be easily called through meditation and visualization.

7. The Snow Owl

The Snow Owl is known in Native American culture as a wise soul. The Snow Owl represents and embodies truth, justice, fairness, honesty, and wisdom! The Snow Owl is the spirit animal that encapsulates the energy a Libra desires to be! Using their power for good!

The Snow Owl also represents deep spiritual wisdom and spiritual insight.

This spirit animal encourages you to close your eyes and be insightful in thinking, open your mind to the truth and reality and see past illusions, tap into your spiritual power, and look beyond the veil!

This spirit animal has one of the highest and purest energy forms which means you can only call upon this spirit animal if your heart and intention are pure.

The Snow Owl is the most spiritual totem a Libra individual can call upon!

The Snow Owl is known for giving people spiritual wisdom and insight like no other! If you are a Libra and you want to be more spiritual and gain more spiritual knowledge then you can call upon the snow owl to help you and guide you in this personal journey.

7 Libra Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Libras are beautiful and fair-minded and they are without a doubt intelligent creatures that many people often overlook!

Libras are successful when they become true to their true selves and step out of their comfort zone. This means they embody a thoughtful yet direct energy that is not people-pleasing nor too meek to be pushed over.

Libras are intelligent and complex similar to the spirit animals that represent and guide them!

Libras are nurturing and caring and this comes across as deeply subversive of their element as these traits often are associated with the water signs!

This is far from the truth! Libras are calm, composed, emotionally intelligent, and charismatic and are good people trying to do good in this world. Their cardinal modality also makes them surprisingly good leaders!

The spirit animals of Libra are always there and unlike other totem animals, the spirit guides of Libra are usually easy to call upon and are benevolent.

You can access these spirit animals through a variety of ways the most common is through meditation and visualization but there are other ways such as performing a magical rite or ritual!

These spirit animals are called upon to inspire and guide and you should not be afraid as they are put here on earth to guide you along your earthly journey!

If you want to harness more of their energy then you can create your own set of rituals! Whatever it might be it will surely be helpful as you already have an idea of which spirit totem animals are most likely to guide you upon hard times. 

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