5 Signs A Libra Woman Is Playing You

Since a Libra woman has no trouble connecting with people, you won’t have a hard time trying to find out if she really is interested in you. If you want to know if a Libra woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Libra woman is playing you, she becomes critical of you and starts unnecessary arguments. She will also avoid you and will make it clear to you that she isn’t interested in you the way you want her to be. She will also start to be moody which may be confusing for you. She will be a little hard to handle.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Libra Woman In Love

She is expressive

When a Libra woman starts to open up to you, you may tell she has feelings for you because she loves socializing. She certainly has a lot of opinions; she just doesn’t express them as frequently as other women do.

Because she is so sensitive to conflict, she will avoid expressing anything that can stir up a debate.

If a Libra woman loves you, she will confide in you and open up about her innermost feelings. She won’t be afraid to voice her opinion and want yours in return, even when it’s just about normal day-to-day matters.

Because she is naturally expressive, her emotions can be understood just by her facial expressions.

She is caring

You’ll never feel alone if a Libra woman loves you. She will inquire about your day, check in on you, and generally be interested in how things are going for you. She genuinely wants to take care of you, so if it makes you feel comfortable, you should be open with her about your needs.

A long-term relationship with a Libra woman is a force of nature. When it comes to commitment, she takes no chances because she will always take care of some aspect of your relationship management.

However, it is guaranteed that a Libra woman loves you and wants to be with you for a very long period if she takes care of you.

She is romantic

You’ll be able to tell a Libra woman loves you a lot once the romantic gestures start, whatever she chooses to do. Even though it could take her a little bit to develop romantic feelings, you’ll be able to tell she feels comfortable around you once she starts flirting.

She probably wants to take a relationship seriously rather quickly once she meets someone with whom she feels compatible. She is completely devoted to the person she loves, and her partner will never have to ask for this.

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Characteristics A Libra Woman Dislikes In A Man


The Libra woman is particular about having the ability to freely think and move. She aspires to travel the world, discover various cultures, and add fresh experiences to her life. She cherishes the notion of change and she is a creative person who enjoys learning and socializing.

This explains why she seeks out partners who can challenge her intellectually and not someone who restricts her. A man who adores the notion of dominance and control, who misinterprets her behavior and stifles her development may not be able to maintain a committed relationship with a Libra woman.


A man leaves a lasting impression when he can relate to the humor and intelligence of the Libra woman right away. She wants to be able to share her heart and intellect with someone who will do so without passing judgment. She wants a partner who will be honest, considerate, and patient with her.

The Libra woman might not be content unless she meets a man who can have good communication with her or successfully keep up with her thinking. She would be attracted to a man who can gain her trust through open conversation and who can freely express his happiness and sadness.


Despite the flirty, outgoing, and socially active nature of the Libra woman, she is searching for a loyal partner who can pledge to stick by her.

She will give up if her partner is unable to reassure her and gain her trust. She is conscious of her unsure nature and her unwillingness to express her feelings out of concern that she might be misunderstood.

She keeps up the appearance of a social butterfly because she wants to find someone who completes her and brings peace and harmony into her life. She yearns to have a long-term relationship and find a partner who can erase her uncertainties and instill a fresh start in her life.

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5 Signs A Libra Woman Is Playing You

She is critical

A Libra woman will want to avoid telling you in person that she’s not that into you anymore because she doesn’t want to be perceived as the bad guy who broke your heart. Instead, she’ll leave signs to keep you away so you stop pursuing her, and one of those signs is to criticize you.

She will be critical of everything you say, believe, or do, and she will manage to find something wrong with everything you do. She typically tries to see only the positive aspects of people, and she isn’t the kind of woman to become furious with you so quickly.

A Libra woman may be only playing you if she is critical of you for no reason at all.

She isn’t interested

A Libra woman will be inconsistent and quit expressing her love and gratitude for you. And sometimes it seems as though she hardly knows you even exist. She acts cold toward you out of an unconscious desire to break things off with you. She doesn’t want to offend you, but she also is unable to convey her emotions in a suitable manner.

In fact, it could appear as though a Libra woman is only interested in unrelated matters. She pays you less attention and the chemistry you two formerly shared is no longer there. A sign that a Libra woman is no longer interested in you is if you notice that she no longer pays attention to you.

She starts arguments

A Libra woman will make every effort to find a reason to argue with you. Those disagreements will start off as minor conflicts but quickly escalate into a full-blown argument. Regarding anything you say or do, a Libra woman will argue.

She will complain that you are wearing her out and that she needs some alone time if you try to make peace with her.

In reality, a Libra woman is trying to make you feel hopeless about your relationship with her until you give up and go away. All of that argument is intended to pressure you into cutting off communication with her.

She is moody

Extreme mood changes are common in a Libra woman. She will eventually become joyful when she has a positive encounter. Next, she’ll be miserable in her romantic relationships and will place the blame completely on you.

Until you understand she’s no longer interested in you, she will withdraw herself from you and treat you with a cold shoulder.

She displays a passive-aggressive attitude whenever she is furious, and you are left wondering what happened to the sweet girl you used to know. She is too much of a coward to admit that she is no longer interested in you and would much prefer to make you leave her.

She avoids you

When a Libra woman avoids you at all costs, that is another one of the apparent signs that she is no longer into you.

Remember that she loves to socialize and is a superb communicator. Therefore, if your Libra woman hasn’t contacted you for a few days or longer without providing you with a reason, it’s possible that she’s only playing you.

A Libra woman probably doesn’t care about you anymore if she’s coming up with all kinds of reasons why she can’t join you on your date. As I mentioned before, she won’t express her emotions to you directly and all she does is avoid you so that you will think you did something wrong.

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5 signs a Libra woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Libra woman is playing you:

  • She is critical
  • She isn’t interested
  • She starts arguments
  • She is moody
  • She avoids you



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