5 Reasons Why A Libra Woman Is Ghosting You

Although a Libra woman ignoring you is not unusual, it can still be confusing for you. If you want to know the reasons why a Libra woman would ghost you, then you have come to the right place.

A Libra woman is ghosting you because she is hurt about something you said or did and she is distancing herself to avoid fighting. She may also not be ready for a relationship because she also feels overwhelmed.

A Libra woman may also be ghosting you because she is busy dealing with something important.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the reasons this woman is ghosting you, let’s first see how she flirts.

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How A Libra Woman Flirts

You’ll be able to tell that a Libra woman feels at ease around you once she starts flirting.

She might hold your hand in public, make little harmless fun comments about you, or even flatter you. You may take all of a Libra woman’s comments and flirtatious touches at face value because she never flirts unless she truly means it.

She is endowed with charm, intuition, and tremendous sex appeal naturally, so it won’t be difficult to captivate everyone’s attention right away. When a Libra woman knows exactly whose attention she wants to get, she may feel like dressing to impress.

However, she is steadfastly focused and determined to only reveal her true self to individuals who exhibit the traits required for a solid and secure relationship.

What Turns A Libra Woman On

Physical intimacy is necessary to seduce a Libra woman. This sign will be all about doing new things, being honest, and having a lot of passion. Before assuming what she might want, you should always have a conversation about your expectations and preferences.

Both in public and in private, women value a man who has an excellent sense of romanticism.

A Libra woman craves excitement in her life all the time, so change things up whenever you can because she’s constantly looking for fresh ways to pass the time. Make sure you give a Libra woman the option to switch things up when you’re being physically intimate.

A Libra woman would be turned on after a man with such excellent complementary traits because she is by nature a passionate and romantic person.

What Turns A Libra Woman Off

For a Libra woman, the biggest turn-off is someone who does not show her the same level of passion in return. She puts so much effort into every relationship she has, and she never lets anyone stop her from doing so.

Fairness, balance, and harmony are the foundations of the Libra woman. Those who would go out of their way to upset her and cause chaos in her life will undoubtedly turn her off. Also, harshness is a discordant quality that a Libra woman hates.

Aside from not exhibiting the same passion as she does, people who don’t treat others with love and respect will also turn a Libra woman off.

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5 Reasons Why A Libra Woman Is Ghosting You

She is hurt

After being mistreated by someone, a Libra woman frequently prefers to cut ties with them.

This sign is not one to lash out at someone who hurt her, but her actions could make you regret your actions. Because you did something that hurt her, a Libra woman will probably be passive-aggressive and give you silent treatment.

Since a Libra woman dislikes confrontation, she won’t directly call you and express her thoughts; instead, she’ll stop and withdraw. Because she is an air sign, a Libra woman requires time to think about her feelings because she is first and foremost a thinker.

If this is the reason your Libra woman ghosted you, she should come back as soon as she’s recovered.

She is overwhelmed

A Libra woman is likely to start to distance herself from you if she perceives you as a source of turmoil in her peaceful surroundings. Perhaps she believed that you were the subject of some emotional drama that required too much of her attention.

She will ignore you because you are making her feel too overwhelmed and she feels pressured to handle it.

A Libra woman will ignore you if you are creating unneeded drama or escalating any situations that don’t need to be debated over, because “too much” will definitely intimidate her. She will ghost you when you try to make changes in her life because she usually likes everything to be balanced and organized.

She isn’t ready

A Libra woman could simply not want to commit at this time. Despite the fact that this sign is perfect for a relationship and is renowned for looking for her soul mate in almost every relationship, she occasionally needs a break.

A Libra woman will avoid conflict by putting distance between you by ceasing to call rather than directly confronting you.

Even though a Libra woman might really like you, she isn’t quite ready to commit to your relationship or make it official. It’s entirely conceivable that this sign will constantly change her mind and decide against dating you. Although a Libra woman lacks decisiveness, that doesn’t imply she can’t lead her own life.

She is busy

When something significant occurs in a Libra woman’s life, she may not immediately tell you anything about it. She is usually reserved for her closest friends and family, so if you’ve only recently started dating, you probably haven’t yet achieved that level.

Hence, a Libra woman will be keeping herself busy by managing the problems on her own.

It is a well-known fact that a Libra woman tends to distance herself from friends and family when she is experiencing personal problems, and may even begin to ignore them altogether. You won’t have a clue as to what is happening, which is the main drawback of this.

She might call you one day out of the blue and only mention that she was busy dealing with something, nothing more.

She avoids fighting

Although a Libra woman won’t fight unless forced to, it’s not her natural state and she doesn’t want to.

It makes her feel uneasy and loses a lot of energy as a result of the constant fight happening. A Libra woman will make every effort to put the fight behind her as soon as possible, even if that means suppressing her feelings.

Therefore, if you two fight frequently, that may unquestionably be the reason why your Libra woman is pulling back. If you are causing unneeded drama or making an issue that doesn’t need to be talked over, there is no doubt that she will ghost you.

A Libra woman probably hasn’t mentioned anything to you particularly because she avoids conflict.

What To Do When A Libra Woman Is Ghosting You

It’s a good idea to refrain from being pushy or nagging a Libra woman for closure when she starts to become distant towards you. Let her return to you at her own rate when she is irritated or upset because if she still believes the relationship is worthwhile, she will.

A Libra woman always looks for balance, so if you have disturbed or bothered her in some way, she may decide to let you go or wait until after some time has passed before deciding whether or not she still wants to be with you.

Never hurt her, insult her, or degrade your Libra woman since those things are intolerable to her. If she ever chooses to end the relationship, show kindness and respect for her choices.

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5 reasons why a Libra woman is ghosting you, final thoughts…

A Libra woman is ghosting you because:

  • She is hurt
  • She is overwhelmed
  • She isn’t ready
  • She is busy
  • She avoids fighting



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