5 Signs A Libra Woman Is Using You

A Libra woman is one of the zodiac’s most romantic signs, yet this doesn’t mean that her intentions are always pure. If you want to know the signs when a Libra woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Libra woman is using you if she is critical of everything you do, and she never really pays attention to you. You will also notice that she is closed off around you, and she isn’t really affectionate unless both of you are in bed. A Libra woman may also hide from the people close to her.

Read further to know more about a Libra woman’s weaknesses in a relationship and how to keep her interested!

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Signs A Libra Woman Wants To Break Up

She ignores you

A Libra woman would always strive to spend as much time with her partner as possible in order to feel close to him. It will be clear to you that she is done with you once you realize that she is avoiding you and suddenly has no time for you.

It is only a matter of time before a Libra woman decides to break things off with you.

If a Libra woman wants to split up with her current lover, she won’t continue interacting with him. The sooner you accept this as the truth, which I know is difficult to do, the sooner you can recover and forget about everything.

A Libra woman doesn’t just stop talking to you; she may also start avoiding intimacy and rejecting your hugs and kisses.

She is unaffectionate

A Libra woman can only be romantic when she is wooing her crush or deeply in love. She will quit displaying her romantic and affectionate side to her partner if she stops loving him, which is a big sign that she is about to break up with him soon.

A Libra woman values intimacy in a relationship much since she is aware of how it helps to fortify and maintain the tie between couples.

And it becomes obvious that she doesn’t care about that connection once she begins to start acting indifferent toward her partner. A Libra woman can’t live without affection, so you should take it as a warning sign when she stops acting this way.

5 Signs A Libra Woman Is Using You

She’s closed off

A Libra woman might be exploiting you if you make it plain that you desire an exclusive relationship, and she isn’t ready to commit to you in that way. You’ll realize that you don’t agree on a lot of things because she is always closed off.

A Libra woman displays a cold demeanor around you and disregards your thoughts, worries, and ideas.

A Libra woman won’t talk to you; it seems like she suddenly locked herself down without a good explanation. She won’t make any effort to open herself to you because she is only using you for something temporary.

All of your declarations of love and attempts to further your relationship are ineffective since a Libra woman is indifferent to them.

She is unattentive

A Libra woman would be thrilled to share every detail of her life with you if she is genuinely interested in you. After spending a considerable amount of time with you, she will abruptly disappear before reappearing to disturb your peace.

When you speak to a Libra woman, she doesn’t listen, and you are never able to discuss the future of your relationship.

You understand that your presence in her life is very temporary and that she simply keeps you because it’s convenient for her. It seems like everyone, and everything is more important than you, and you’ve never really been a priority.

A Libra woman simply isn’t into you if she doesn’t make an effort to reassure you and seems to never run out of ways to make you feel inadequate.

She hides you

When the two of you are out and about, and she runs across someone she knows, she either tries to avoid them totally or doesn’t introduce you as her boyfriend. A Libra woman dances around the question and changes the topic when you ask her why she does that.

You’ll be able to tell he’s only interested in a casual relationship if you’re being honest with yourself.

If a Libra woman never invites you to go out with her friends, she might just be a reclusive person, but it’s also very likely that she’s using you to cheat on someone else or that she’s seeing numerous guys at once.

One of the most obvious warning signs that this sign is playing mind games with you is her refusal to call you her boyfriend.

She is critical

While occasionally making fun of someone’s eccentricities can be amusing, persistent nitpicking and being consistently critical of past transgressions is a recipe for a profoundly dysfunctional relationship.

A Libra woman will also be irritated by everything you say and everything you do since nothing is ever good enough for her anymore.

If your Libra woman is continuously picking fights with you and using your flaws, previous transgressions, and baggage against you, she can be trying to help you become the best version of yourself, or she might be using it as a deliberate, calculated tactic to drive you away.

Hence, you should take this as a hint that she is not serious about you because of the way she treats you badly.

She is unaffectionate

A Libra woman will stop being affectionate unless you two are in the bedroom. The fact that she only contacts you when she needs to have physical interaction with you is another indication that she is using you for her pleasure.

A Libra woman may be trying to charm you with her words and beauty because she is bored, lonely, or needy.

Although it’s an extremely hard pill to swallow, you are nothing more than a booty call for a Libra woman. When she is out of choices, she texts you late at night, and you’ll always hang out at your house or her place because she never brings you out.

A Libra woman doesn’t bother opening up to you, and she has no desire to learn more about you or tell you her secrets.

A Libra Woman’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

A Libra woman cannot stand and tolerate injustice, especially when it affects her.

If she feels that she has been insulted or if her suspicions are shown to be true, she will fight back to get her revenge. Since a Libra woman places a high value on balance, if her partner had made things more difficult for her, she would respond by making it even harder.

One of the flaws of the Libra woman is that she may be a little self-absorbed, so when things don’t always go her way, she feels that the world is ending and that everyone is out to get her. The less a Libra woman diverts her attention from her problems, the more of it is pulled to her.

How To Keep A Libra Woman Interested

Being a close confidant and a best friend to a Libra woman is one of the best ways to win her heart all over again. However, it is undeniable that this sign rarely experiences intense affection for someone who does not seem to be a close friend.

A Libra woman frequently likes to get to know someone before forming any emotional relationship.

A Libra woman believes that spending a lifetime with a friend and lover is preferable to being in a relationship solely for its sexual advantages.

Since this is the case, if you want to woo a woman under this sign, you should be accessible for in-depth discussions, quality time spent together, and attentive listening.

5 signs a Libra woman is using you, final thoughts…

If a Libra woman is using you:

  • She’s closed off
  • She is unattentive
  • She hides you
  • She is critical
  • She is unaffectionate



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