7 Sagittarius Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Are you a Sagittarius yourself or you’re someone with heavy Sagittarius placements and you want to connect to your spirit animals? Do you want to know the spirit animals of Sagittarius for guidance, prosperity, protection, and luck? Worry no more because you’re in the right place!

In this article, we are going to give you the best information on the internet that gives you in-depth details on the seven spirit animals of Sagittarius that you should know about! 

Spirit animals are spirit guides that resemble the energy, personality, and character of the animal. These powerful energies or thoughtforms are here existing in our reality to guide us and inspire us in our daily challenges in life!

Sagittarius spirit animals are particularly concerned with optimism and luck, things that are deeply ingrained in this 9th sign.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac wheel and is the last fire sign in the zodiac list! Sagittarius is free-spirited and a world-renowned traveler!

Sagittarius is the main sign that is concerned with heavy spirituality, philosophy, higher thinking, traveling, exploration, being open to new and exciting things, expansion, abundance, and luck!

Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur – half man half horse. 

Sagittarian energy often gives a light-hearted, optimistic, carefree vibes and aura to everyone. This fire sign oughts to seek inspiration from others through traveling, exploration, and sharing of different learning and explorations and this gives Sagittarius individuals bright and wonderful personalities!

Their love for complexity and philosophy makes them one of the intelligent signs in the zodiac wheel! However, Sagittarius individuals can be flighty and non-committal due to their nature…

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Sagittarius let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Sagittarius affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why these totem spirit animals embody Sagittarius. Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Jupiterian Energy: Jupiter, Fire, and the Mutable nature of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the most expansive and benevolent sign in astrology and this shows myths, legends, and traditions that Jupiter is a highly divine planet that blesses abundance, wealth, and happiness to any person who calls upon it.

With that said it is not surprising that Sagittarius is a profoundly optimistic and lucky sign as many Sagittarian individuals tend to live life happily and free from any bad luck, karma, or misfortunes.

The Jupiterian energy is positive, affirmative, expansive, and goal-driven, the Jupiterian influence creates a magnanimous and carefree appearance of a Sagittarius individual.

Sagittarius when they effortlessly pursue their passion with big smiles and confidence can become some of the most affluent and successful individuals out there. Alongside that, the mutable modality of Sagittarius provides a nonchalant attitude to this individual.

Jupiter is magnanimous and expansive and when you combine this energy with the fire element you get a wildfire!

Spreading across wild and uncontained! This is what Sagittarius truly stands for! Independence and freedom at all costs and this comes with the unifying and affirming energy that makes Sagittarius a larger-than-life character.

This individual’s appeal is charismatic, free-spirited, and often spiritual because he understands that behind this physical reality, we live in a more spiritual one.

This planet gives Sagittarius a generous, idealistic, inspired energy, these people are the types of people who will not respect your comfort zone nor create personal boundaries of their own because to them life is to be explored.

These individuals can be dangerous risk-takers in life and more often this gives them a chance to win and succeed but there are certain times when this risk-taking will bring them great loss and they will be forced to self-reflect and analyze.

Set that aside these individuals are excellent motivators, expansive, and carry an optimistic energy that lights up every room they’re in.

Jupiter has hazel-colored eyes that eye creative endeavors that can make unlimited money, good luck in love, work, family, and travels, brilliancy in deep esoteric wisdom and philosophy, expanding oneself through exploration of different places and meeting of different people who are different than you!

The fire element also brings a strong influence on the overall energy of this sign, fire rules energy, passion, assertiveness, creativity, and power, masculine “yang” energy and this adds more brashness to the personality of a Sagittarius.

This trait is commonly noted among all fire signs but what makes Sagittarius interesting and complex is its deeply philosophical and spiritual nature! Sagittarius can be great esoteric teachers because of their passion for spirituality! They’re highly intelligent people because of fire and Jupiterian influence.

On the other hand, the mutable modality of Sagittarius gives this sign a more laid-back and easily changeable attitude and course in life but this also means that Sagittarius is the most changeable and adaptable fire sign out of the three! 

Overall, Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter.

The positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Sagittarius are intelligence, scholarship, confidence, artistry, expansiveness, openness to new experiences, understanding, a desire for truth, brilliance as a philosopher, a big heart, a lifelong dedication to learning and teaching, optimism, and a high sense of morality.

Meanwhile, an unevolved or unbalanced Sagittarius is unafraid to enter people’s boundaries, blunt and honest just for the sake of it, dangerous risk-taking activities, uninhibited, hot-headed, dogmatic, tactless, impatient, careless, argumentative, and unreliable.

Sagittarius And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Horse

Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, a mythological creature that is half-human and half-horse. The Centaur symbolizes the lower and higher mind of a Sagittarius, with the lower mind representing passion and instinctive nature and the higher mind representing higher logical thinking or philosophy.

The horse part of the Centaur represents the ability and desire of a Sagittarius to travel, learn, and explore new things, places, and ideas.

With this in mind, the spirit animal of the horse truly resonates with the ability of a Sagittarius to have spontaneous exploration in different aspects of life!

The horse is a powerful animal that runs free in the fields or forests… similar to Sagittarius who is extremely fond of chasing new places and things! The horse also symbolizes the energetic force, passion, and non-committal energy of Sagittarius.

The Horse is the perfect spirit animal that embodies the energy and power of Sagittarius, the typical traits associated with this sign are charming, independent, impatient, enthusiastic, cheerful, free-spirited, dynamic, social, extroverted, and affirmative in outlook. The Horse is one of the most positive, optimistic, light-centered spirit animals and it is no surprise that this specific spirit animal represents and guides Sagittarius individuals!

The Scorpion is the first stage of Scorpio transformation and no doubt the first spirit animal that represents this sign! The Scorpion represents the typical and known dark traits or dark energy the Scorpio possesses.

Think about the commonly known stereotype of most Scorpios who are vindictive, manipulative, stingy, and always angry with the world! 

The Horse symbolizes the passion-based emotions and the primal energy that Sagittarius has and possesses. This also means that this spirit animal is pretty easy to call upon through meditation and visualization as this spirit animal has a heavy attachment and imprint to the sign.

The Horse is also a sign of virility and fertility and is a good spirit animal to call upon to ask for more masculine sexual energy!

The Horse is a deeply masculine spirit animal that embodies free-spiritedness and strength and it comes as no surprise that this spirit animal often particularly guides many Sagittarius males.

The Horse is a powerful totem animal that represents independence and freedom similar to a Sagittarius’ need for freedom above all else…

This spirit animal also provides powerful spiritual guidance and protection so if you feel weak you’ve felt that you are being attacked spiritually then you can call upon this animal for guidance and protection! Alongside that, The Horse represents confidence, nobleness, heroism, strength, courage, and positivity.

2. The Pig

The Pig is a highly spiritual totem animal that is heavily associated with luck and optimism this is why it is not surprising that this spirit animal is part of the list!

The Pig is highly energetic and intelligent and attracts abundance and luck from all directions! This is a wonderful spirit animal to call upon whenever you feel down on luck or if you’re playing any gambling games!

The Pig also symbolizes higher prosperity, whenever we think about abundance or prosperity it always comes down to material wealth like money, jewelry, or properties but there are so many aspects in our lives that also need prosperity and abundance!

This is why this spirit animal should be called upon to boost every aspect of your life! Whether it’s love, friendship, or more new experiences this spirit animal can help you thrive in every aspect that you might have trouble with.

The Pig attracts magical luck in all forms and this makes Sagittarius deeply blessed, The Pig may not be the most formidable animal in terms of appearance but its energy and influence can bring forth positive experiences in your lifetime!

The Pig’s energy transmutes the negative into positive and it forces bad karma or negative energy to change and becomes the Eagle, this bird becomes a beacon of hope, power, and what’s about to come.

The Eagle has reached a state of intuitive knowledge and maturity and in this state, The Eagle heavily relies on its intuition to solve its problems…

The Pig also symbolizes deep spiritual knowledge and this energy helps Sagittarian individuals to reform their ego and become insightful, The Pig is a highly carefree spirit that gives energy and optimism!

To call upon this spirit animal you can visualize a pig smiling in front of you and giving you the things you want or need. Visualization is an easy technique to use to call whichever spirit animal suits your need.

3. The Capybara

The Capybara is another spirit animal of Sagittarius! Capybaras are sociable, friendly, extroverted, and highly intelligent similar to a Sagittarius’ general personality and character.

Deeper into that The Capybara is a spirit animal that deeply symbolizes wisdom and can give you a boost in logical, practical, or spiritual intelligence or insight whichever you need.

The Capybara is an expert survivor both on land and water and can survive and thrive in dangerous places like the terrain, this animal deeply symbolizes the Sagittarius’ need to explore different parts of the world with no hesitation or fear the Capybara may be small and cutesy in appearance but this animal is notoriously known for its power to withstand any challenges behind it!

On the other note, Capybara is a great spirit animal that symbolizes the sociability and extroverted nature of Sagittarius and Sagittarius’ talent to make any situation work in their favor without hesitation or complaints!

Capybara is a great spirit animal to call upon to ask for more attractiveness, charisma, star factor, and confidence.

The Capybara can be an easy animal to call upon! You can try using meditation accompanied by visualization, using the power of your mind to visualize the Capybara giving you spontaneous golden energy, and be grateful as you receive these colorful rays of energy!

Let it absorb through you! You can also try using the element of fire by lighting candles during the meditation session. Surely your Capybara will help you achieve whatever goal you desire to seek!

4. The Rabbit

The Rabbit is a symbol of goodness, positivity, hope, gentleness, new beginnings, and good luck! Good luck is the superpower of a Sagittarius individual because whatever happens in life a Sagittarius is always backed and blessed.

In many cultures and traditions, The Rabbit is a symbol of kindness, creativity, and gentleness and in many folklores, the Rabbit is a good symbol that signifies something good is going to happen in your life!

The Bunny, The Hare, or The Rabbit is a powerful symbol of good luck and prosperity, and as such, this totem animal is widely viewed as a harbinger of positive outcomes such as healthy life, good romance, or business success.

Whenever you feel drained of life you can always call upon this gentle spirit animal for amplification of positive energy in your life!

This spirit animal also symbolizes fertility so if you are a Sagittarius and you need a solution to your fertility problem try calling upon this spirit animal for help and see the magic happen!

5. The Beluga Whale

The Beluga Whale is another spirit animal that is deeply connected to Sagittarius! Beluga whales travel the ocean with love and fun in their system which highly resonates with many Sagittarius individuals who need to travel and explore the world!

The Beluga Whale is balanced, kind, genuine, and straightforward and encourages self-love. This spirit animal is known for being a spirit animal with pure love energy so this spirit animal must be called upon whenever you feel out of love or in need of deeper and more meaningful connections with other people.

The Beluga Whale is a sociable and playful social butterfly similar to a Sagittarius who is wildly adventurous and the life of a party. Whenever you need more optimism in your life, you can call upon this spirit energy to help you resonate more positively.

This spirit animal also represents good travel so you can call upon this spirit animal to protect you from your journeys.

6. The Stag

The Stag represents the power and strength a Sagittarius can express whenever it is needed. The Stag is a spirit animal that exudes heavy “yang” masculine energy and rightfully so which also deeply resonates with Sagittarius energy and imprint. This spirit animal is a powerful guide and protector.

The Stag also represents strength, grace, spiritual enlightenment, and wisdom that transcends ego and physical reality. Things and aspects that heavily resonate with a Sagittarius energy and character. This spirit animal encourages transformation to Sagittarius.

To put out your selfish desires for spiritual enlightenment, something more meaningful and everlasting than the physical reality we have today.

This spirit animal guides Sagittarius into becoming more spiritual! Another unknown fact is that most people overlook the quality of Sagittarius being a highly spiritual sign!

This last fire sign is ruled by Jupiter and is highly philosophical and this just goes along the way of The Stag being a perfect spirit animal that guides and protects Sagittarius.

The Stag is also mysterious and hiding in the forest and is often rarely seen. The Stag is a naturally persevering and strong animal. The Stag teaches Sagittarius how to delve deep into oneself and let intuition be your mentor!

The Stag is old and wise and their wisdom knows no bounds! Surely there will be a lot of things a Sagittarius can learn from this spirit animal!

Unlike another spirit animal that is hard to reach out to! The Stag is pretty drawn to Sagittarius individuals because of how well this spirit animal resonates with the sign’s energy. With that said The Stag can be easily called through meditation and visualization.

7. The Parrot

The Parrot is a dynamic spirit animal that encapsulates the core energy of Sagittarius. Parrots are loving, carefree, and free-spirited and have good communication and social skills similar to Sagittarius individuals who seem to get along with everyone they meet! This spirit animal helps you put color back into your life!

The Parrot is an affluent spirit animal that resonates with Sagittarius’ energy as The Parrot is described as flirtatious, fun, unique, and loves a good party! Sagittarius individuals have this totem animal as their instructor as this spirit animal will fuel your success and will help you focus on your own goals!

Call upon this spirit animal if you need a boost in confidence especially if you are in your workspace or new environment meeting new people!

To call upon this spirit animal to wear something bright, vibrant, and colorful mimicking the beautiful feathers of a parrot, sit quietly in light preferably mid-day or afternoon where the sun’s rays can touch your skin after that relax and breathe deeply, meditate, and envision the orange light that comes from a parrot figure! This will surely grant you powers of confidence and charisma like no other!

7 Sagittarius Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Sagittarius is a deeply charismatic and carefree sign, truly astonishing and independent! This sign is all about managing his or her time to do something productive and meaningful! To a Sagittarius wealth, fame or glory do not matter if you are poor in experiences.

A Sagittarius individual is capable of being a great teacher in spiritual wisdom and philosophy if he or she sets aside his ego and he learns different big-picture perspectives from his experiences.

Sagittarians are highly bright and optimistic and lovers of freedom! Nothing will stop them from running away and exploring the world around them.

Alongside that, they are intellectual, great conversationalists, fair-minded, honest, and blunt similar to the spirit animals that heavily resonate with the energy of this sign!

Always remember that these spirit animals are always present and guiding the heart and mind of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius enjoy danger and are exemplary risk-takers of the zodiac! These people are fun-driven yet despise their risky behaviors life always turns out good for them, these people are passionate and require spontaneous stimulation physically and emotionally!

The spirit animals of Sagittarius can be easy to call upon as these spirit animals often emulate a carefree attitude to anyone who calls upon them.

As a Sagittarius traveling and exploring is your main core energy in this lifetime so meditating outdoors or exploring outdoors while calling upon these spirit animals is a powerful way to connect with them.

These spirit animals are called upon to inspire and guide and you should feel a heavy surge of energy whenever you call upon these animals.

These spirit animals are benevolent and will guide you along your earthly journey always remember to set your intention and let your gut instinct guide you in this spiritual journey…

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