7 Cancer Spirit Animals You Should Know About!

Are you looking for a piece of accurate information about a Cancer’s spirit animal? Are you deeply interested in finding out the powerful totem animals that help, guide, and protect against Cancer, or do you wish to know more about your Cancer spouse or partner?

Worry no more because you are in the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 spirit animals that perfectly represent and embody the sign of Cancer!

Spirit animals are everywhere around us, they are thought forms and energies not seen by the naked eye that can spiritually help other people.

Spirit animals are seen residing in their energy system and elements for example the totem animal salamander deeply corresponds to the fire energy and therefore resides more in people with plenty of fire placements.

In Astrology, by finding your birth chart you can know which are your dominant planets and elements which can give an insight into your overall life and personality!

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel and is the first water sign on the list! Cancer is emotionally-driven and tenacious and is represented by the Crab. tough on the outside soft on the inside, things that perfectly encapsulate the whole energy of Cancer.

Cancer energy is passive, introverted, deeply reserved, and intuitive, Cancers also have a knack for being psychic and can be energy readers in a room!

Before we get into the 7 spirit animals that perfectly embody the power and energy of Cancer let’s dig deep into how the modality, element, and planet that rules Cancer affects the overall energy of the sign which will give you more insight as to why Cancers are embodied by these totem spirit animals.

Let’s dig deep! 

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Understanding Lunar Energy: Moon, Water, and the Cardinal Nature of Cancer

Cancer is both delicate and tough similar to the animal that represents this sign, crabs have hard external exteriors and sharp claws that they use to protect themselves from the world but deep inside the tough exterior lies very delicate, soft, and tender parts.

A Cancer’s personality can be dissected into many layers. The outward personality of Cancer can be this extremely nurturing and altruistic individual!

For the most part, Cancers are genuinely kind-hearted and caring individuals, especially along with their friends or family.

This outward personality masks the hidden deeply messy chaotic ocean of emotions a Cancer has. Cancers are at most described as extremely emotional and moody and this is mostly due to the effect of the Moon and the water element.

Moon rules the sign of Cancer and in Astrology the Moon is closely associated with the unconscious, emotions, feelings, instincts, moods, inner personality or inner you, and to some extent femininity and menstrual cycles.

This means that the energy of the Moon deeply affects the unconscious of a Cancer whether they like it or not.

Alongside that, it is important to understand that the moon changes its course every 2-3 days so it comes as no surprise that Cancers can exhibit a wide range of emotions in just days!

Although this can be different for every cancer as some of them have developed a very hard exterior that makes them appear aloof or controlled (especially the men).

Cancers being ruled by The Moon also means that Cancers are very intuitive to the point of being psychic or telepathic! Cancers seem to know what’s on your mind without even talking!

The emotional intelligence and intuition of Cancers are some of the best feats they have thanks to their ruling planet. Alongside that, the water element gives them emotional astuteness which means they’re more able to get close to someone they emotionally connect and trust with.

Cancers are some of the most psychic signs in the zodiac wheel and this comes with them following their gut instinct rather than their logic.

To Cancers, they can innately feel and pick up the vibes and energies of others which means they can also sense shallowness or fakeness and this makes them adept at choosing great genuine friends and loved ones.

They need to be careful however as there can be plenty of energy vampires that can suck the life out of them! Cancers are often a target of many energy drainers, energy vampires, and narcissists because of their genuine and altruistic nature.

Cancer individuals must learn how to protect their energy and put emotional boundaries to protect themselves from such people

The Moon has a glimmering colored eye that is comforting and shining, the moon’s eyes wander and become a parent of all. Deeply emotional which means the moon is also deeply sensitive, nurturing, and romantic. To Moon, emotional experiences must be felt deeply to truly understand the meaning of life. 

Cancer also has cardinal modality which makes them a good leader! Particularly in business, industry service, and anything related to domestic and home affairs!

Cancers like to be in charge of domestic affairs which can make them very hospitable.

Cancers are particularly good at influencing and persuading other people rather than forcing them to do things. Cancers are effectively subtle in being a Leader because they’re good at making it seem like they’re not being bossy.

The cardinal modality of Cancer also gives Cancer individuals innate tenacity and strength.

Overall, Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by The Moon, the positive keywords associated with a highly-evolved and good-natured Cancer is someone who is deeply confident in showing their emotions without shame or guilt because they know that emotions are impulses in the brain.

Alongside that there helpful, hospitable, respectful, emotionally helpful, and can be the “therapist” kind of friend, tenacious, dependable, and intuitive.

Meanwhile, an unevolved Cancer can have an extreme victim complex which makes them envious, overly possessive, and can hold grudges for a long time, they can also be manipulative, spiteful, moody, and unevolved Cancers can be some of the most toxic and erratic people you’ll ever meet.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing often acts like an underdog to get what they want.

Let’s now move on to the seven spirit animals that perfectly embody the true nature of Cancer and what it could mean for individuals who have their Sun Sign in Cancer or those who have heavy Cancer placements! 

Cancer And The Sign’s Seven Spirit Animals

1. The Crab

The first and foremost spirit animal of Cancer is the crab! After all, Cancer is represented in the constellation by the crab! The crab may not look like the most formidable creature in the animal kingdom but its sharp claws call for strength and tenacity!

Cancer feels connected to the spirit and energy of the crab because just like the Crab who moves sideways Cancer will most likely deal with problems in a subtle and not-so-direct way. Although Cancers do not like confrontations they can be persuasive enough to get people on their side.

A lot of people tend to label Cancers as weak or too emotional but the fact is their emotional intelligence is where they get their utmost power. They are persuasive and influential to the point that they’re manipulative.

Just like a Crab who seems to be so little and cutesy but can withstand the harsh aspects of the Ocean.

Cancers are skillful and willful when they learn to control their emotional impulses.

The Crab is also known and deeply symbolizes deeply spiritual and psychic wisdom! In many cultures and countries, crabs are a totem and spirit guide at the same time! You can incorporate channeling this spirit animal during tough times to give you tenacity and power to get and achieve your goals.

Cancers can also deeply imbue their energy on the crab through artistic expression and meditation!

The Crab is also a known totem animal for Cancers because Cancers in general are adaptable and can go with the flow, although they do not like change they are very much capable of blending in and assessing themselves in tough situations, unlike other zodiac signs who tend to be fixed and resist change.

Cancer’s spirit animal – the crab symbolizes a lot of personality mirrors in the Cancer’s part but for the most part, The Crab symbolizes growth, wisdom, strength, adaptability, resilience, resourcefulness, and being able to show your touch and delicate side at the same time.

2. The Dolphin

The Dolphin is a deeply familial creature! Bound by its community a group of dolphins often travel the seas and oceans together and are deeply loyal and protective of each other. Similar to how Cancer would be in real life.

Cancer is deeply protective and deeply cherishes the value of family and friends. The Dolphin is a spirit animal that deeply represents strength through shared family and loyalty.

Dolphins are friendly, charismatic, and bound to the sea similar to Cancers who seem to have an emotional and spiritual connection with water or any body of water. Dolphins may seem harmless and friendly but they are ferocious fighters especially if their loved ones are in danger!

Cancers are extremely fierce when it comes to family and children so they tend to have a “mother-like” or “father-like” energy when it comes to children! Dolphin symbolizes adaptability, strength in numbers, loyalty, and emotional intelligence things that deeply resonate with Cancer’s energy and personality!   

3. The Seahorse

The seahorse is another beautiful spirit animal of Cancer that guides and gives guidance, and protection to Cancer individuals. The seahorse represents deep traditional boundaries, communities, and families and is a symbol of psychic power and intuition.

The seahorse is also a gentle animal who wishes good for everyone same with a Cancer’s lovely and altruistic mindset.

The Seahorse also represents Cancer’s delicate nature. Just like the seahorse’s body which is soft, tender, and sensual in movements. Cancer tends to have a pretty soft disposition in life.

A Cancer does not go out of its way to look intimidating or show power. They’re contented with quietness, stability, and security. A Cancer exudes a quiet confidence that is perfectly aligned with the Seahorse’s nature.

4. The Sheep

The Sheep is the next spirit animal that perfectly represents Cancer’s deeply altruistic and gentle nature. In Chinese, Astrology Sheep is known to represent good luck, good omens, peace, benevolence, and all good things coming your way, The Sheep represents Cancer’s truly golden heart.

At the end of the day no matter how cruel life is Cancer always responds with benevolence, patience, understanding, and empathy. 

The Sheep also represents the purity of Cancer. Unlike other zodiac signs which can be tainted with passion and ambition Cancer always comes back to its roots — family, loved ones, and home. Things that are truly astounding to think about!

The Sheep also symbolizes holiness and purity, especially in Christian cultures.

5. The Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is another greatly spiritual spirit guide that provides protection and power to Cancer individuals.

Woodpeckers symbolize stability, security, and comfort through relentless effort and hard work similar to how Cancers become deeply devoted to building their home life in a way like they are building their kingdom or fortress.

Cancer is deeply invested in things that will give an immense amount of stability and security and this comes through hard work in chosen career or job, building finances, and making one’s home as beautiful and cozy as possible.

Alongside that, The Woodpecker deeply resonates with the caring attitude of a Cancer. There’s nothing more satisfying than being loved and taken care of by a Cancer!

Cancers can be some of the most loyal and devoted friends or partners you can have! Their adornment and devotion are passionate and romantic similar to how a woodpecker would initiate mating with its partner!

6. The Elephant

The Elephant represents the determined and powerful side of Cancer. Cancers get their strength from knowing that they will always have a family who cares and backs them up same with elephants who always travel in groups and stick together with their community.

Elephants are a notorious bunch for creating unstoppable families! Quite similar to Cancers who often form a group of friends loyal to them and in turn become the leader of the group!

The Elephant is a good spirit animal to call upon to bring forth good luck, prosperity, and wealth! In many cultures, Elephants are a good source of prosperous energy. Alongside that Elephants represent gentle power.

A quiet force of nature that doesn’t impose its strength on anyone but can knock you down if they want to! Similar to a Cancer’s ability to look gentle yet can be a formidable opponent when angered.

7. The Serpent

This may come as surprising but Cancers have an unbelievably sensual and sexy side! Cancer’s power builds up through time and there are plenty of Cancers out there that break the stereotype of being a “pushover” or “meek”.

Cancers who have truly stepped into their power are confident, powerful, and sensual people similar to Scorpios.

The deep emotions a Cancer possess can be transmuted into passion and power! The Serpent represents the power of transformation that a Cancer goes through throughout their lifetime.

The Serpent represents hidden power inside you, healing, and fertility. If you’re a Cancer who is looking for more prosperity or healing in life you can try incorporating this spirit animal by visualizing the serpent or by meditating with the serpent as snakes usually represent the creative life force within us.

Cancers can be extremely powerful when they realize their actual talent and start stepping into their confidence!

7 Cancer Spirit Animals….Final Thoughts

Cancers are caring, altruistic, empathetic, helpful, understanding, loyal, committed, friendly, emotional, and strong individuals. There is the complexity that lies within a Cancer where they are tough yet soft and delicate at the same time.

Cancers have lunar water energy that can be comforting but sometimes people forget that Cancers are also fierce, tenacious, and strong when they need to be. The Moon rules the Cancer so expect random shifts of moods and emotions from time to time.

The seven spirit animals of Cancer can be used to call upon guidance, protection, and inspiration. Cancer individuals or people with heavy Cancer placements can call upon these spirit animals through meditation, visualization, or by any other means possible!

These spirit animals are here to help Cancer move through their world and this also gives Cancers a power like they would have never imagined! Most of the spirit animals that represent Cancer tie up to the Lunar and maternal energy of the sign. Motherly, parental, committed, and caring.

Whether or not you’re a Cancer or you know someone who is a Cancer you can incorporate your spirit animals into your spirituality or psychology.

For example, if you’re having a hard time at work then you can visualize the energy of the given spirit animals to inspire you as you do your tasks! You can also call upon them through quiet thinking and visualization!

Remember that your Spirit guides are here to move your path forward! Life can be hard sometimes and a little help from these mystical energies will help you along the way!

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