Where does a Leo Woman Like to Be Touched?

Do you want to pleasure your Leo woman by touching her in the right spots? Do you desire to know who truly your Leo woman is? Do you want to know how to touch, caress and massage these pleasure spots of your Leo woman?

Do you wanna know how to touch it? Should you massage it or caress it? What should your body language be while doing it? 

Worry no more! In this article, we are going to show you where your Leo woman likes to be touched! We will tell you where her erogenous zone lies! We will also give you plenty of information about how to stroke, fond, touch, and massage it!

We will make sure that you will be knowledgeable and well-trained enough to bring immense sensation to your Leo woman’s pleasure spots! 

Let’s jump right in!

Your Leo woman in Astrology rules the heart which is why so often Leo women are known for being magnanimous, big-hearted, and generous individuals. They can be fierce, aggressive, and dominating but they are genuinely compassionate individuals who are keen on helping and leading. 

Leo rules the matters of the heart but this energy is interconnected to his pleasure spots — the lower and upper back.

This majestic woman loves being caressed and touched anywhere as long as there is intent, love, and passion but she specifically likes being touched in her back especially her upper back which also includes her back shoulders, and neck.

Leo women are the brave, warm-hearted, generous, strong, powerful, optimistic, fun-loving, drama-loving, luxury-loving, regal, and bright women of the zodiac wheel!

Leos are known for their strength and bravery and the ability to persist through time this is due to the strong influence of the Sun which is the brightest, most masculine energy among the planets. Leos exude natural confidence, charisma, and a regal aura. Leo season starts from July 23 up to August 22.

If your girlfriend, wife, or significant other is born anywhere under those dates then your woman is a certified Leo! Leo women are naturally gorgeous individuals who brighten up the room they live in! They are powerful and spirited and they will not let their thoughts go unnoticed.

They like speaking up their mind with pure grace and power! Your Leo woman regardless of her other placements in her birth chart will exude natural confidence and leadership skills.

Leos are creative and passionate in their endeavors. They can be good at acting, singing, arts, beauty, and other imaginative endeavors. Their bright strong aura is like the rays of the Sun seeking to give warmth to everyone around her.

She is inspiring and magnetic and this creates admiration for them! Whether they see it or not your Leo woman can create fans everywhere they go. She is naturally gifted in attracting others and this is surely a superpower most people would want to have!

Your Leo woman might be gifted often with looks and personality! But her true power resides in being a kind and generous person. She is warm-hearted and compassionate not only she can exhibit courageous and magnanimous leadership.

She can be a good leader but she must learn how to listen to her constituents as she sometimes tends to resist suggestions or change. She also tends to be inflexible at times.

Nevertheless, your Leo woman is fiercely proud and confident and has a knack for theatrics! Depending on what kind of passion your Leo woman is she can be the most formidable when she is confident enough to show where her talents lie. 

In romantic relationships, your Leo woman tends to be touchy and affectionate, she likes kissing and touching her partner and she likes being done the same to her.

She craves passionate experiences and this means she craves touching a lot! She likes being touched anywhere in her body as it signals that you are deeply attracted to her!

We have just scratched the surface of what makes the personality of your Leo woman! Now that we have delved into your Leo woman’s psyche let’s delve deep into how and where does your Leo woman like to be touched?

Where does she like to be touched when she wants to feel relaxed and where does she want to be touched during foreplay?

Let’s find out!

Table of Contents

Where does a Leo Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Leo woman rules the matters of the heart – strength, bravery, compassion, genuine love, and passion, seeking out what is best to come and achieving great lengths of success to see how great you have become.

That is a Leo woman’s motto to live by and this is the reason why your Leo woman rules the heart. An internal organ that has been associated time and time again represents love, compassion, and passion.

The heart is not the only body part Leo rules! Your Leo woman also rules the spine, spinal column, spinal fluids, and back! With that said the back is the only tangible body part that you can truly touch, caress, and massage!

You have to remember that these pleasure spots of hers are also the body parts that are almost susceptible to tightness and tension because pain and pleasure are two things that are correlated. 

You also have to remember that your Leo woman deeply craves touching and has mastered the art of touching and caressing! She loves pleasure and she seeks pleasure in a multitude of ways so whenever she is in the mood you’ll always notice that she’ll be extremely touchy and flirtatious.

It is known that Leos are by far the most emotional and touchy fire sign out of the three because they put everything with their hearts on it!

Your Leo woman is an incredibly affectionate, passionate, and wild lover! Your Leo woman seeks to create raw and visceral experiences with you and touching and caressing can be a significant way to form a bond with her! 

This is exciting and incredible news for you! Not only it will be easy for you to turn her on by touching but she will also reciprocate the favor! Your Leo woman is a sensual and giving partner and any pleasure you do to her she will give back to you with intense effort.

With that said, your Leo woman likes physical touch as a form of love language and this includes gentle to fast touching, caressing, and fondling.

Remember when caressing or touching her it is also good to incorporate lots of talking and complimenting. You must show her how truly mesmerized you are by her beauty. Tell her how sexy she is. Tell her how captivating and magnificent her body looks!

Whenever you do this you are highly arousing her! Your Leo woman truly takes self-love to the next level by being aroused by being complimented!

If you are just touching her or caressing her to show love and affection and not to arouse her then remember to emphasize massaging her upper back, lower back, scapula, shoulders, forehead, and scalp for the maximum experience!

Remember to apply deep pressure centers when massaging by rubbing circular motions through her muscles. This helps her ease and relax her mind and body for optimum health. 

Massaging her back will also help with increasing the blood flow of the area and at the same time relieving any tension or stiffness in her back that might result in pain and agitation. Overall, massaging your Leo woman is easy!

Just focus on her back and shoulders for maximum relaxation. If you are trying to turn her on then you can try touching and caressing any part of her body while complimenting her looks and flirting with her!

Quick Overview: Leo Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage her back

Your Leo woman’s erogenous zones are her back and this can be dissected in two sections. The upper back is the most sensitive and erogenous part of your Leo woman’s body so emphasize working on this part more than the lower back.

When you plan on massaging her let her lay back naked in the bedroom. Use scented candles and oils to soothe the environment she is in.

Start off by putting a scented oil on her back preferably lavender, frankincense, or geranium. Carefully and gently rub the oil all over her back. After this begin to use your palm to rub and gently put pressure on both sides of her upper back down to her lower back.

Use gentle pressure and work on massaging the back muscles with intent and love.

Sink the whole of your hands deep into your Leo woman’s skin and work your way toward the upper back. You can also use your knuckles to create sensations through the area you are massaging. Use the palm of your hands to use circular motions of rub this will give immense pleasure and relaxation to your Leo woman!

Remember that whenever you offer to give her back massages you are showing her, love, through the form of physical touch. It is affectionate, relaxing, passionate, and highly arousing to your Leo woman. She will surely be affectionate and loving to you afterward!

2. Play and touch her hair

Your Leo woman has great voluminous hair and this is what adds to her more gorgeous and interesting looks! Just like how beautiful a Lion’s mane is your beautiful Leo woman loves being touched by her hair! 

Touch her hair playfully or gently, playfully stroke it, you can use a comb to brush her hair while she lies down. You can even talk to her while doing it. If you are going for the relaxation route use the comb and ask her to gently comb her hair for utmost relaxation!

3. Massage scalp and forehead

Your Leo woman is busy often building her kingdom. She can be busy dealing with her finances, and her work or she can be handling the social scene. As such she easily takes leadership jobs to the next level and this can be extremely tiring and stressful for her.

Whether it’s at work or home you always know that your Leo woman is stressed whenever she becomes irritated. 

Ask her to let you do the work by letting you massage her head. Particularly her scalp and forehead can be particularly good areas to touch and massage to help her alleviate stress. Massage her scalp gently, and put gentle circular motions on her forehead, you can also try stroking her hair.

Massaging her scalp and forehead gently and smoothly will help her calm her nerves and at the same time will slightly arouse her. Remember that any kind of massage can create immense sensations that can be uncontrollable. 

4. Touch her face

Touching and caressing her face is an essential way to make sure she feels loved and admired. Touch her forehead all the way down to her nose. Touch her cheekbones, caress her jawline to her cheeks. You can also try to do gentle pressure points on her forehead and cheeks.

This will help her feel sleepy and relaxed.

While touching them tell them how much you love them and how gorgeous she is. When you caress this part of her body you are showing pure admiration for her physical beauty. She is a gorgeous and wonderful woman after all! She needs pampering as a Queen would! So caressing her face will surely do wonders!

5. Massage her scapula and shoulders

Last but not least! Do not forget to massage her scapula and shoulders when you are massaging her back! Let her sit comfortably while you are behind her back. Begin to drape your hands over her maintaining a c-shape of your hands.

Afterward, do the shoulder rub gently and put the pressure slowly and steadily. Slide down and up to her shoulders using the c-cup you’ve formed with your hands. You can even use your knuckles to put one-point center pressure on her trapezius muscles.

When doing this you can try to put a little amount of rubbing scented oil to create less friction when massaging her. Also, make sure her hair is tied up or in a ponytail whenever you are massaging her scapula and shoulders as it can be hard to fully glide your hands all over her body if her hair is messy.

Massaging her scapula and shoulders can be an incredibly helpful form of bonding as her shoulders and scapula can be pleasure spots. Although not as immensely pleasurable as massaging her back it is a good power move to alleviate her stress and pain. 

Touching a Leo Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Leo Woman is regal, confident, powerful, and loyal! She is the personification of burning passion and is the fiercest of the fire signs. She is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun and she can be a know royalty in her own right.

When it comes to physical touching she deeply craves being loved so being touched by her partner is a great way to fulfill that love. 

Your Leo woman can also be stressed at work or due to carrying heavy loads of leadership jobs which can make her stressed. As much as possible you should try to incorporate a healthy time where both of you can cuddle, touch, and caress each other. This helps her alleviate stress and anxiety.

Your Leo woman loves the idea of being pampered, worshipped, and admired so when you touch or caress her you must do it with the intent of showing her how great you admire her physical beauty. Touch her, fond her and caress her. Do this with immense love that she will feel through your touching. 

Alongside the touching and caressing, a deep massage is essential and beneficial and your offering to massage her is a great way to truly show how much you appreciate and love your Leo woman.

Touching and fondling can be a good foreplay starter but massaging her is an especially good way to make sure she feels relaxed and pleased.

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Leo woman that you can utilize to make her feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • Her upper and lower back (Deep massage) 
  • Her hair (fondling and touching)
  • Her scalp and forehead (touch ad light massage)
  • Her scapula and shoulders (deep massage)

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