Does a Leo Man Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Leo men and cheating, we’ll give you all the factual information about whether or not your potential Leo lover is being sneaky and is cheating behind your back!

Yes, a Leo man will and can potentially cheat behind your back if he’s inclined more on his ego and his narcissistic tendencies, these personality traits can often feed the need of him to validate himself by having more partners equating to more attractiveness and more social standing on his part.

The Leo man is the extravagant and highly extroverted man of the zodiac, extremely well-liked and warming to be around, he is a powerful leader, often leading other people to what the collective goal is.

Nevertheless, he can be bossy and stubborn, because of the fixed modality that can make him stubborn in receiving changes and understanding people have different opinions that can clash with him, ruled by The Sun, the solar powers of this celestial body makes him incredibly magnetic and full of light.

He can be a center of attention and will often thrive on it, in terms of love, he will be extremely generous and grandiose in his expression of love, he will surely pamper his lover with nice gifts or treats, and the relationship will blossom and will be passionate – at times can be volatile.

There can be several ways why your Leo man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Leo man cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if he’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s dig deep!

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Are Leo Men More Likely to Cheat?

Leo men aren’t known to be cheaters, they can cheat if they’ve succumbed to feeding their ego a toxic mindset that acquiring many partners is a sign of sexual attractiveness and prowess, they can also be volatile when they’re caught, often throwing a melodramatic fit.

The Leo man can be extremely fixated to the point of being obsessed with a lover he genuinely loves and truly desires, this is because of his fixed modality, often, fixed signs will have a hard time letting go and can be extremely stubborn and driven to the point that they get self-righteous.

Often, a Leo man will cheat on his partner if he’s more inclined on his shadow side and is more egoistic, he prefers to accentuate how great of a man he is by bragging about potential many sexual lovers, this can be immature to many but to him is a sign of being powerful in his own right.

With that said, the complications in a relationship are necessary to grow but if it becomes harmful to both parties to the point that it gets brutal, it is best to seek counsel or to know when to split and move on. 

Because this man is good at theatrics, he can be quite expressive about his passion for love for his partner, he can be more emotionally charged and expressive than the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) who are often stereotyped as more emotional.

The Leo man will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has fire placements (Aries, Sagittarius) and air placements (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the relationships formed with these placements are passionate and truly exhilarating, promising a good and fruitful relationship!

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Why Do Leo Men Cheat?

The Leo man cheats because he is egoistic and narcissistic, he firmly believes he is the superior one in the relationship and he can do whatever he pleases, he can be self-righteous when cheating because he deems it as him showcasing his sexual prowess.

Leo men who cheat are the classic examples of men in need of sexual validation, they want their egos to be fed because to them being wanted physically, emotionally, sexually, or spiritually is a kind of validation that makes them somehow “better” than the rest of others.

Leo men can also have an ingrained toxic masculinity mindset that being a “ladies man” means getting plenty of women to want them, this is toxic to him and the current partner being loyal and devoted to him.

A shadow dark side of a Leo man that is pronounced means he is underdeveloped and feeds off the physical luxuries, the grandeur, the validation, this need of being wanted and being seen as the “golden guy for the spotlight” can be toxic to the partner.

If his shadow side is more pronounced, he will look for the need for admiration and validation even if he is in a relationship, this can be incredibly draining as the partner will often feel inadequate for herself, making herself feel little just to make her Leo partner feel bigger.

All of these things are deadly ingredients that can tempt your Leo man to replace you, all of these will certainly have an impact as to why he would cheat on you, if you’re suspecting that your Leo man might be cheating on you there are potential signs to look out for…

How to Find out if your Leo Man is Cheating on you?

These are some of the signs that your Leo man is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you, these potential signs must be an early warning sign to leave and cut off the potentially damaging effects of the toxic relationship that will be brought upon by the deceit and lies of cheating.

The first thing you’ll notice is that he’ll be incredibly sharp-tongued and bad-tempered even at the smallest of things, any kind of ridicule or even asking him directly if he’s seeing someone else will certainly anger him, and make him flare-up.

You will also notice that he will do extreme changes to his schedule or his mannerisms, this is a very noticeable cause as a fixed sign, your Leo man does things routinely, he likes routine and is stubborn about changing it.

As such any extreme changes like when you notice that he’s on his phone way too much or that he frequents late at night to do “something” or he’s mentioning a friend out of the blue you don’t even know, most certainly he is cheating…

He will be aggressive to you and others, he can also show signs of borderline possessiveness, he will ask questions to flare you up or accuse you of cheating, this is often because of his subconscious guilt and he is projecting it on you.

When this sign goes unnoticed, the relationship can turn toxic and brutal, he will be extremely controlling and domineering, almost as if restricting you of your boundaries, he will do it to you but will not permit you to do it to him because if you ever invade his boundaries or privacy you’ll be sure to see some evidence that he’s cheating all along!

It can be a tricky and nasty game, but once you’ve decoded and realize all these signs are present when before the relationship was good and free from all the drama and toxicity, it is best to call and confide to a friend or family member, this way you’ll be more protected from any advances.

If you ever catch the chance to catch him in the act or get physical evidence of him cheating (pictures, videos, phone conversations, or rumors about his whereabouts), do not confront him, arguments can be heated up and turn volatile, cheating discussions should be discussed with another friend or witness on hand.

This is to ensure your safety, when done properly, he will certainly tell the reasons for him cheating in a fit of rage, 

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Leo Man’s cheating heart? 

Keeping a Leo man’s cheating heart isn’t worth it, if he cheats it indicates that he deems you as inferior to him and he’s looking for the “better woman”, this can be toxic for both of you and especially to you, who is receiving the short end of the stick.

Feeding a Leo man’s ego will only get worse and it is best to leave the relationship before the volatile arguments get violent, instead, move on past the past energy and welcome a better and brighter future without him.

Practice self-love and understand your traumas, doing shadow work can be beneficial to help you control your pace in life and stop attachments from negative and toxic people, surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine.

Live your life to the fullest by spending it with the people who deserve to be in your inner circle, it can be hard to accept the past and therapy may be needed to gain trust but time will heal everything, trust in your power.

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