Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

This Venus-ruled beauty is a sensual lover, if you got with her and broke up, will you still be able to get her back? Find out more by reading this article!

Not really, this beauty has hidden stubbornness like any other woman in the zodiac wheel, do not be fooled by her gentle and charming facade, she’s extremely fixed and decisive and will have no regrets about ending a relationship she deems unworthy of saving, do not worry as there can be simple ways to make sure to win her back.

Sounds simple enough… But we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s take a look at the situation if you broke up with her…

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What if you broke up with your Taurus woman?

Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Be prepared to stand your ground, face to face with your Taurus woman’s horns, she’s incredibly persistent and stubborn when it comes to deciding important things, although her sign is the aggressive and headstrong bull, it is rarely seen as she is graced by the charm and beauty of Venus.

As such expect her feminine grace in aggravating situations such as arguments, you might never see her take a sweat from such, she’s loyal and giving, however, if you broke up with her, it might create serious damage to her ego and self-esteem.

She won’t likely respond to your calls or messages after you broke up things with her, she can be stubborn about it, remember that her ruling sign is Taurus, a fixed earth sign which means she can rock solid when it comes to making her decisions if she feels like you have severely hurt her, she’ll have a hard time opening up.

You need to be patient and thoughtful when dealing with her, she can be a slow-moving sign, and she does not like being rushed or pushed around, no matter how much you might want to be with her, things take time with her.

You also need to find her venus and moon sign which shows you her greatest emotional and intimate attachments and where she gets the most pleasured

For example, if she’s a Taurus woman with a fire or air venus and moon, be prepared to get her mentally and physically stimulated, either by traveling with her or going to parties.

If she has a water sign in her venus or moon, then it is best to emotionally connect with her, and be more open in showing her your truest and raw emotions rather than suppressing them.

If she has an earth sign in her moon and Venus then expect the earth energy of the Taurus to be amplified, thus be prepared to give her material pleasures rather than emotional.

Not everyone’s sun, moon, and Venus signs are the same so it is best to find out her full birth chart to know where her signs are positioned in the said planets, to acquire her full astrological birth chart you must be able to get her full date of birth, her exact location of birth and the time she was born…

Taurus women in love and dating style

A Taurus lady in love is sensual and extremely possessive, she is a true romantic at heart, she likes to be admired and likes to admire her partner, she is lavish and will lavishly spoil her partner, she also prefers her partner to look good the same as her.

Because she has an eye for physical beauty and is graced by beauty with the energy of her ruling planet Venus, she values the physical and material plane which means she also craves an attractive or physically beautiful man, she can be generous by giving you gifts or splendid words of compliments.

A Taurus woman in love is a beautiful thing to see, she will exhibit Venusian energy in doing so and she will be wonderful, not only that her love can be hard and emotional, feelings run deep for this woman.

She is lovely and extravagant, being ruled by love and money, this sign is known for having an opulent lifestyle, even more so you’ll see it once you get closer to her, she will make sure you’re at the forefront of pleasure, she likes to pamper her lover with enough pleasure too.

Her dating style is more hedonistic than her sister Earth signs, she wants her dating phase to be lavish and indulgent, she likes pleasure and craves it while at the same time, she also wants to make sure that the relationship will be long-lasting.

She craves stability, security, and transparency, she will wholeheartedly give those things to her partner as long as he gives it too.

Overall, a Taurus lady in love is Aphrodite personified, she is a delectable one, a good catch, a pleasing partner who seeks comfort and pleasure, she is generally good-natured and revels in sensual or pleasing surroundings, she craves a stable and loyal partner who can give her immense pleasure in this lifetime.

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7 ways to get your Taurus woman back

Be romantic and slow in your approach to pursuing her

Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

These Venus-ruled women are in for this world to experience and idealize love and beauty, as such you Taurus woman can be a great romantic lover and requires her partner to be as such, if you happen to break up due to being cold and distant, this is the great time to be romantic!

Take her on a romantic evening stroll, a nice lavish date, or a home-cook meal with a nice luxurious theme to it, offer your help and be a gentleman, try giving her flowers or sending her sweet messages, this will melt your Taurus woman’s heart as her incredibly gentle nature can be touched by this.

Take things slow

Take things slowly, whenever you approach her on a deep emotional level always remember to be slow and steady, do not over-rush her or do anything fast, when talking talk smoothly and fluently, and express your energy like a slow-moving bull, this will innately make her attracted to you even after the breakup.

Be open to being vulnerable to her

Your Taurus woman doesn’t like casual flings or playing games, she prefers serious and romantic relationships that are slow-burning and intensely magnetic, be open to being vulnerable to her by showing your raw emotions, and do not conceal any thoughts, or emotions that might linger once you talk to her.

Be transparent and make it seem like she can read you like an open book, this greatly attracts her as she will be more open to getting back with you if she knows you can be trusted and that you truly mean the actions you do to her.

Show extra efforts

Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Your bull lady is a little egotistical, show her how much you mean to her by genuinely complimenting her beauty, be wildly assertive in telling her how much sexy or beautiful she is, if you have the chance flaunt off what you got, and be generous, do not be afraid to look overtly exaggerated.

When doing so, make sure to turn on your inner dominance, this wildly attracts the feminine grace her energy holds, she likes the silent and mysterious type so do not be loud when expressing your confidence, always be subtle about it.

Give her time and space!

Your Taurus lady does not take being hurt lightly, when hurt, she can turn aggressive and get provoked, she can be dangerous to mess with once you hurt her, this time, it’s important to be patient and give her emotional and maybe even physical space.

Deep down her emotional and loving nature can be colored by her rage, give her time to recuperate, and make her anger and resentment go away, this is the only way to truly make amend with her.

If she is done with her anger phase, politely talk to her and sincerely ask for apologies, this helps both of you emotionally grow from your past mistakes.

Ask her if you can beg to be with her again

The most important thing is asking her the question, she wants you to be decisive and does not like the fact that she cannot trust you because of your changeability, she craves stability.

If you have the time and opportunity, ask her to be your girlfriend or partner again, promise her that you will not mess it up this time, and be sure to love her hard the same way she does.

Will a Taurus woman come back after a fight?

Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

A true romantic at heart, she is will most unlikely to ghost you after a fight, she will come back, she just needs alone time especially if she’s deeply angry about the issue or situation.

In this situation, you need to be understanding and thinking as much as possible, do not let your pride kick in as she might just kick your butt with her stubbornness, do not criticize or be harsh to her, as much as possible be soft, and calm.

She will surely come back after a big fight, this is sure because she lacks the power to spend her time having scattered and disorganized thoughts, she prefers that she has control over her own emotions as such she wants to gather enough time to masterfully be in a calm and controlled manner.

This time, you should only be focused on being patient and kind to her, do not be argumentative when she wants personal space, however, be sure to give your personal efforts such as reminding her that she is loved and wanted in your relationship.

Healthy communication goes a long way…

Reasons your Taurus woman won’t return

Here are some more in-depth reasons why your Taurus woman won’t return to you if she ever decides to break up with you:

Assuming that she’s the one who broke up with you first.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign

In astrology, there are 4 elements, with Taurus being ruled by the element of Earth, this gives enough persistence and stability to the personality of this sign, when angered or in trouble, this sign exhibits stubbornness and inability to change her ideas, decisions, and thoughts.

This makes your Taurus woman headstrong about your decisions, do not be surprised if she stays fixed about her breakup with you, being an earth sign with fixed energy, this woman will be a tough one to change, she’s most likely to have her opinions or decisions be carried away.

Unlike air signs or fire signs that are dynamic and can easily change their directions when they deem necessary, earth signs especially Taurus being of fixed modality, make this sign inexorable, no doubt that your Taurus lady will be hard-headed when trying to change her decision of breaking up with you.

This makes her hard to come by once she decides she’s over you.

Your Taurus woman is headstrong

Do Taurus Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Underdeveloped or the shadow trait of a Taurus woman shows up in her irrevocable attitude towards things, her opinions are hard to change and she will be extremely egotistical about it.

Other negative traits of a Taurus woman could be extremely possessive, unidirectional, extremely fixed even if she’s on the wrong side, jealous, narrow-minded when it comes to change and other people’s ideas that might contradict hers, materialistic due to having an eye for the aesthetics which can also make her overtly luxurious or gluttonous.

In terms of the relationship, she decisively ends, be warned, once she sets her way that the breakup is final and is the end of the relationship, consider it irrevocable.

Get your Taurus woman back, and additional resources!

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Win a Taurus woman back, final thoughts…

Your Taurus woman can be pleasing to the eye and can be incredibly graceful in love and romance, she’s a slow-burning masterpiece that everybody loves, ruled by Venus, your woman is touched with feminine grace, she is a wonderful artist and a pleasing lover.

However, in fights or breakups, she can unleash anger like no other, being ruled by the bull, watch out! She is a force to be reckoned with, she’s headstrong, determined, and extremely opinionated.

Want it or despise it…whether you love her back or still want to fix the relationship, following the steps above can easily win her heart back, in doing so be patient while doing so.



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