8 Signs That A Taurus Woman Is Falling For You

8 Signs That A Taurus Woman Is Falling For You

It can be a little hard to tell if a Taurus woman likes you.

And the fact that you are here, proves this. Your case can also be your relationship is not moving forward as fast as you’d like to. At this point, you don’t even know if there’s a future between you and your Taurus woman. Here are some signs you need to take note of.

The signs that a Taurus woman is falling for you are: Her eyes sparkle more now when you talk and lean in to get closer. She shares her dreams and reveals more things about herself. She gets a little jealous but sticks around no matter what. She also includes you when talking about the future.

Don’t go just yet! We’ve just scratched the tip of the iceberg, there’s still plenty of tea to spill!

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That said, let’s talk about the basic characteristics you need to know about your Taurus woman and the different ways she shows affection and love as signs that a Taurus woman is finally falling for you.

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Understanding your Taurus Woman

8 Signs That A Taurus Woman Is Falling For You

When talking about a Taurus woman, we are talking about a fixed earth sign. Meaning, naturally, your Taurus woman is very stubborn. Unlike Taurus men, Taurus women are sensual and more nurturing and affectionate.

Your Taurus wants to be the ultimate provider as she is a strong and independent woman. This is actually one of the good traits of a Taurus woman – being independent, and she wants to make sure that she is able to meet everybody’s needs for them to feel good.

In relationships, your Taurus woman already knows what your relationship looks like and what she wants to happen here and there. She has this control that can either impress or annoy you. Authority upon her does not sit well with her.

A Taurus woman is a lover of beauty, so you can notice how she likes to look pretty and dress nice all the time. She also wants nice and luxurious things. This is all because she is ruled by the planet, Venus. Some of the Taurus women are also more spiritual than religious.

Note that these are two completely different things.

Your Taurus woman is someone who internalizes her feelings, which is why it can be hard to tell whether she is into you or not. It’s because she does want to seem so vulnerable and weak because again, she wants to stay strong for her family because she wants to be the provider at whatever cost.

This may come off as a negative thing, but your Taurus woman loves money. Her ideal lifestyle is to obtain money. Think of Blac Chyna. She is also secretly jealous and possessive and can be a hoarder of money and stability.

The biggest things for a Taurus woman are loyalty and trust. And so, you can expect that having security in a relationship will be very important to her.

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That said, let’s take a look at the signs a Taurus woman is falling for you…

Signs that a Taurus Woman is Falling for You

When a Taurus woman is falling for you, it can get a little hard for her to say it verbally. So, why not read the signals and know if she’s truly falling for you?

I have listed 8 signs to look for to know if that is the case. I have categorized them into:

  • 4 ways a Taurus woman shows affection
  • 4 ways a Taurus woman shows love

Let’s start, shall we?

How Does a Taurus Woman Show Affection? (4 Ways!)

A Taurus woman shows affection by looking at her eyes differently. You will notice how her eyes sparkle more now when she is talking to you. She also leans in to get closer to you. She is slowly revealing more things about herself and can get a little jealous when you start talking with people.

More tea is below…

She looks at your eyes differently

8 Signs That A Taurus Woman Is Falling For You

When you first met your Taurus woman, you might have thought of her as shy and timid that she can’t even look you in the eyes, especially when you first took her out on a date. But when she is in love, those eyes will look different!

Those eyes of hers will sparkle, and she will look at you as if she just can’t take her eyes off you! This is one of her ways to show affection.

She gets closer

As a Taurus woman, she will want to get closer to the things (or in this case, person) she desires. And if you don’t already know, a way to the heart of a Taurus is through getting in touch with their senses – taste, sight, smell, hearing, and of course, touch.

And getting closer to you is one way of showing affection. She would get all touchy and would lean in closer when you were talking or maybe plays with your hair and touch your face. Anything to get her closer to you!

She tells you more things about her

If you suddenly notice that the conversation between you and your Taurus woman has suddenly changed, it is because she has grown comfortable talking to you. She tells you things in her life that she kept private from other people.

 Take note of how she is very much into the stability of your relationship. So, showing this kind of affection tells how much she is great considering you to be her lover.

She gets a little jealous

Your Taurus woman is possessive and wants to gatekeep things (and people) that she considers valuable. Although she might not show it at first, she will get a little jelly when you are talking with people of the opposite sex (or the same sex, it doesn’t matter).

You will notice because she will give this sarcastic commentary when you are talking to her.

How Does a Taurus Woman Show Love? (4 Ways!)

A Taurus woman shows love by being there no matter what. You will notice how she sticks around you even if you think you have done something that might turn her off. She helps you with everything to make your life easier. She includes you in talks of the “future”, and she shares her dreams.

Get more details below.

She sticks around

8 Signs That A Taurus Woman Is Falling For You

Although it might have taken you a very long time to take her heart, it’s going to be worth it because when a Taurus woman is in love, she is in love, and she will love you unconditionally. You would not be able to change her mind when it comes to her decision of being with you.

She helps with everything

When you are in a relationship with a Taurus woman, it will feel like you have looked after her all the time.

She will pamper you and will help you with everything- even with things you didn’t know you needed help with. She knows what you need because she observes. In other words, she will make your life a whole lot easier than before!

She talks about you in “future” conversations

This is a big thing for an independent woman because this means that she is trusting you. Getting into your Taurus woman’s hard is a hard task but when she starts talking about what will go down the road between you two, or at least hints, she is definitely falling for you.

You will notice how she starts planning to go on trips with you – expensive and not. She can also talk about going to the newest restaurant with you. When she does this, she’s for sure falling in love with you!

She shares her dreams

8 Signs That A Taurus Woman Is Falling For You

At this point, you already know how your Taurus woman can be secretive. However, when she suddenly shares things that she wants to achieve in her life, then that is definitely a hint that she is starting to get a little serious about pursuing you.

Aside from that, she will also ask about your dreams and what your ultimate goal is.

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Is your Taurus woman falling for you?

The signs that a Taurus Woman is Falling for You are:

  • She looks at your eyes differently.
  • She gets closer.
  • She tells you more things about her.
  • She gets a little jealous.
  • She sticks around.
  • She helps with everything.
  • She talks about you in “future” conversations.
  • She about shares her dreams.

Stay in love!



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