Is Your Taurus Woman Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When A Taurus Woman Is Done With You?

The Taurus woman makes a faithful partner. She can be a reliable wife and a good manager of the home. She likes to save for rainy days and knows how to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Her love language is through the senses.

Food is one of the ways she shows her affection and she can also be physically touchy too, it will be quite the opposite when she has decided the relationship has expired.

The Taurus woman is done with you when she changes herself, her habits, and her environment. Taurus does not like to change, but she will have the willpower if she has decided to leave you. Most Taurus women are stubborn to their standards but will regret the end of a relationship.

A Taurus woman would rather be single than settle for less. Sounds simple enough.. but we’ve just scratched the surface!

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That said, let’s take a look at Taurus women who are in love…

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The Taurus woman in love

She takes love seriously and does not mind taking her time in a relationship. The Taurus woman may be skeptical when she is being pursued, when the suitor is patient and wins her, he will be rewarded with a loyal and compassionate partner ready to take in a life-long commitment with him.

How Do You Know When A Taurus Woman Is Done With You?

The Taurus woman will ensure everything is provided at home. As a security-driven sign, she knows when to save and when to splurge. She knows when to be a workaholic and at the same time, allow herself to splurge, have fun, and dedicate herself to self-care.

It’s not complicated to love her. She is a jealous lover and does not give her reasons to doubt your union. The Taurus woman gives her all, body, and soul to the person she loves. Taurus treats their partners as if they own them, for her, no one should have her man, except for her. She is possessive.

The Taurus woman does not want to lose the person she has set her future with. She will usually give fight and be resilient to make things work.

However, when things have started to become toxic and she finds herself compromising to the point that it’s disrespectful to her beliefs, she will be convinced to leave, despite how painful it could be for her.

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How to tell when a Taurus woman has moved on (or is done with you)!

One could have cheated

How Do You Know When A Taurus Woman Is Done With You?

A Taurus woman sees her man as the only one she will dedicate herself to. When her man has betrayed her, it will be like death without dying. She will feel like her soul was taken out of her body. When a Taurus woman loves you have become part of her, it’s like she will hold a funeral for the relationship.

She could either start by asking herself what was wrong, what was the thing she could not provide? If the Taurus woman knows she gave everything and more, she will muster the strength to accept it. It will be extremely difficult for her to get over it, but she will. She’s the bull after all.

If she was the one who cheated, maybe there were communication gaps. Taurus rarely gets a reputation for being a cheater. It was either she never really loved you in the first place or she has given up on you entirely.

She changes herself and the things around her

When a Taurus woman is going through a heartbreak, she might retreat to her trusted people. Some may choose to be alone and reflect on what happened. For sure she will cry her heart out, she could have a depressive phase and stress eat her pain away.

Though once that’s over, the Taurus woman will suddenly get a haircut, change her style, something about her appearance. She may get a different aura or vibe with the way she speaks with people. Taurus women are stubborn and dislike changes. They enjoy the comfort and familiarity of routine.

Not when they’re trying to move on, she will be more open to looking for something new. She will distract herself not to think of you, she will tell herself over and over that you were not worth the lifetime and that it was a blessing in disguise.

The Taurus woman may leave some common acquaintances and distance herself from people who are close to her. She will write resolutions to her new life and try to get back on track in building hers.

She could ghost people

The Taurus woman that has decided to move on from you will ghost you. Unless she still has feelings, which means she will let you remain friends, the latter and decided Taurus woman will grow a disdain about you.

She will learn to resent you. Suddenly the rose-tinted glasses are no longer there and she will realize all the shortcomings between the two of you. The Taurus woman might invest in a class or attend some gym sessions to release her frustration.

She will make excuses not to see you. When you try to contact her, she might dismiss your calls, ignore your texts, or delete you from her social media accounts.

She stops being affectionate

Taurus women’s love language could be acts of service. She likes to serve her man. Now that the two of you are over, she may gradually stop being kind to you. She is preparing herself to transition you from the love of her life to a random stranger.

How Do You Know When A Taurus Woman Is Done With You?

Taurus is said to be exalted with the moon, which means she may always cherish the memories she had with you, but that usually becomes bitterness towards you. She may never forgive you for wasting her time.

The Taurus woman feels like she invested so much of herself and you just threw it away.

She can’t bring herself to trust you anymore

How can a Taurus woman love someone she does not trust? When she is trying to move on, she will put an eternal mental memo in her head that you are just no good. Security is a strong motivator for the sign of Taurus and is disgusted to have been treated like that.

It is still possible to repair a relationship with a Taurus woman at this point but it will go through a very toxic phase. She will become skeptical of you; you will need to be very patient to win her back. She will always have a trauma about your separation and it’s up to you to plant the seeds that prove her wrong.

She needs a man that knows he belongs to her, and only her. The Taurus woman would pass on being with someone but feels like the relationship is useless because you might be together, but there is no communication or intimacy. When she can no longer trust you, that is a sign that she wants to move on.

She does not make herself reliable when it comes to you

The Taurus woman is a dependable sign. She is all about service and accumulation. She is steady and sure of what she does. When she has started moving forward without you, she will no longer extend her help to you.

She will no longer want to listen to you. She will begin to experience what you say are just a plethora of useless words. The Taurus woman may silently judge you instead of being concerned. She may even excuse herself and makeup something that she has to do.

You are no longer part of her future

For a Taurus woman, you were the investment of her life. Breaking up with her is a type of emotional murder. Most of the time many Taurus placements may find themselves in a depressive phase after a failed relationship. Now that you’re over, she will no longer see you as a part of her future.

How Do You Know When A Taurus Woman Is Done With You?

She will start to separate her plans from yours. If there are things that need to be returned, she will make the necessary trips to get rid of them.

Even if you don’t claim it, she will throw it or burn it. The Taurus woman will move out from your commonplace and start over altogether.

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When your Taurus woman is done with you, in a nutshell…

When a Taurus woman has moved on from you, her clinginess and affection will turn to cold arrogance. She will begin to distance herself from you and suddenly start to change many things about herself. The Taurus woman is a stubborn sign and will welcome any distraction to relieve her pain.

She may take a while to move on from someone but once she drops it, the Taurus woman wants nothing to do with her former flame. Most of the time it turns into a sour relationship and it’s best to give her space.

Even if you want to win her back, expect that there will be toxicity. There is now a form of trauma and she will have difficulty trusting you.



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