How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Woman

If you have a Taurus lady in your life and you wanna spice up your romantic interactions try dirty talking with her! In this article, we’re going to show you how to properly turn her on by talking dirty about her!

You need to be slow and romantic while talking dirty to your Taurus woman.

Use your deep and calm voice when whispering sexual innuendos with her, make her feel wanted, and compliment her even more. Do not be afraid to call the sweet nicknames that might have a sexual meaning and explore the full pleasures of sex with her!

Taurus women are incredibly gifted with beauty and graceful nature by Venus, she is sensual, attractive, charming, loving, and deeply emotional, with that said there are simple steps that you can do while dirty talking to her that will enable you to entice her into doing wild things with you…

That said, Let’s talk about how to turn on your Taurus woman…

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How to turn on a Taurus woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Woman?

To talk dirty to a Taurus woman you must appeal to her deeply romantic and sensual side because she is an idealist and a great romantic in love, she doesn’t like fast-paced, random, or quick flings, she craves love, she wants to love and be loved, only in that way she can expressively release her hedonistic energy when it comes to pleasure.

Be romantic in your approach to dirty talking with her, try to whisper to her ears and talk with a deep and calm voice while caressing her hair or touching her body, great dirty talking only happens when she is visually stimulated enough includes dirty talking her through vivid images such as:

“I would love to kiss you down your thighs and stick my tongue down your lips” or things like “Your hair is so beautiful and soft I could just pull it out while doing it from behind…” enough visual imagery in your dirty talking while being soft and romantic to her will instantly turn her on.

Your Taurus woman is slow and sensual and likes the dirty talking to be slow-burning instead of being rushed, so when approaching matters with her, try to take things slowly, even the way you talk and the tone of your voice matters, make sure it suits her needs.

If you’re with her physically, touching and stimulating her senses is just as important while dirty talking to her, be sure to set up a romantic place or a nice bedroom to make her comfortable, as much as possible make it dark and dim, full of candlelit and preferably a room with a nice aroma, this makes sure she’s comfortable in doing the deed with you.

How to talk dirty to a Taurus woman through text?

Here are the good ways to talk dirty to your Taurus woman through text messages…

Assuming that you’re texting her through chat, these are some good ways to talk dirty to your Taurus woman to spice up your relationship and make her go crazy for you!

Tell her what you’re gonna do with her body

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Woman

Always be calm while talking dirty to her, tell her what you want to do with her body once you see her again, be vivid in telling her so, and get creative, doesn’t matter if the message is a bit longer as long as you tell her the nasty things you’d do to her if she’s in there with you right now.

Because this is a highly imaginative sign, she’ll instantly feel and see it in her head the vivid sexual images you put up in her mind, as this can give immense arousal and pleasure her, always remember that the anticipation leads to better sex, use it to your advantage.

Give her nicknames that you can use in the bedroom

Give her kinky names that only both of you know and use during the bedroom, even more, powerful when the nickname you give her is being used during your love-making, this makes your conversation with her unique and this is what separates a normal conversation from an actual seductive dirty talking.

When you imply subtle hints and flirtatious remarks while calling her a nickname she knows she’s called during sex can make her instantly go think about the last time you said it to her, as such she’ll instantly go crazy over you!

Be romantic throughout the dirty talking

Sexually suggestions are great to turn on a Taurus woman, however, she doesn’t like the feeling of being used or being tricked, she prefers a stable, long-term partner rather than a partner who can be hard to pin down.

As such when talking dirty with her through text, always be sure that you are making her feel cared for and nurtured, try to be less harsh when talking dirty to her, and instead give your messages some romantic undertones to them, say things like, “God I’ve been wanting to have a relationship like this so bad, the one where I get all the fun in the bedroom and I get to have you and your body as well…”

This makes sure that she’s completely comfortable in the relationship where she can be vulnerable, with that she’ll be able to express her sexuality more now that she loves you and trusts you, and believes that the relationship is long-term.

Do not constrict your pleasure just to pleasure her

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Woman?

She doesn’t want that she gets all the pleasure and not you, your Taurus lady understands that to get the pleasure you must give it, it’s a give-and-take situation and as such, constricting your pleasure for her will just give a negative result.

Instead allow yourself to enjoy the process of slow and sensual dirty talking with her, and savor your phrases with catchy and deeply romantic words that have passion in them, by doing this you can hold on tight to the pleasure center in her mind.

Use visual imagery when dirty talking to her

Because you’re texting and there is no physical contact involved, alongside that you cannot see her body language or facial expression when you’re talking to her, it’s more challenging to dirty talk to her through chats than dirty talking with her in real interaction.

To counteract this, you need to turn on the fantasy in her mind and get it stimulated enough to get aroused, the best way to do this is to use visual imagery when dirty talking to her, always use your five senses and tell her how you’ll use it to pleasure her.

Say things like, “I’d love to have my hands down your back, to your waist, then to your thighs…” or “I’d pin you down against the wall just to stare at your lovely eyes and wait what you’ll do to me…”

Using visual imagery can better communicate your sexual arousal to her and in turn, she’ll most likely reciprocate back.

Assume the dominant role

Taurus women just like any other woman in the zodiac love to be pursued and looked after, inherently all women want to experience this no matter how strong they can be, being a feminine earth sign, a Taurus woman is more likely and willingly assume the feminine or submissive role more often.

As such, showing her that you’re not afraid to lead gives you an air of power and strength, do not be afraid to show emotion, never hold it back as repressing it can be a turn-off for her, message her that you want to take her to a dinner date or that you’ve planned something for her, turning her on doesn’t always mean you have to say wild things just to pursue her, sometimes it’s the romantic lead that feeds her idealist love.

Do not be afraid to say the “3 words”

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Woman

Unless you’re in a romantic non-serious fling with her, saying “I love you” during the dirty talking is essential and a crucial step, it is a romantic thing to say and gives her assurance that you love her, she is a possessive and loyal partner throughout and wants assurance no matter how much of pleasure-seeker she is.

Saying affirming words that you love her and not just her body ensures that both of you will have a long-lasting and wonderful relationship!

Dirty talking Taurus Women’s Final thoughts

Be sensual and appreciate the moment…

Taurus women are simple to please, loving and caring, graced by charm and beauty, these women’s partners are lucky as whoever they choose is in for a nice ride. Turning her on while dirty talking to her is easy.

Engage in her more romantically and sensually, be slow and calm in your approach, and appeal to her five senses which is the key to her pleasure.



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