Gift Ideas For A Taurus Woman

Gift Ideas For A Taurus Woman

In the Zodiac circle, the sign of Taurus represents values. It’s ruled by the earthy planet Venus and having those facts in mind, everything related to a Taurus woman will be connected to the material world, and Bull’s symbols are the neck and the voice which represent the bridge between ideas and reality.

A Taurus woman would love things tangible, gifts that have earthy or plant colors, soft, moist, sweet, and always valuable and long-lasting. She will have all sorts of interests in gardening, nature, architecture, design, jewelry, or even, banking. Gifts related to those areas in her life will be appreciated.

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What to give to the young Taurus girl

Taurus girls have a deeply feminine essence in them. And no matter whether a little girl looks chubby, or like a tomboy or she is slim and quiet, inside of her there is one delicate and sensitive Venus who knows that she is the princess and deserves all the things a “true” princess has.

In this sense, you have to treat her like a princess and call her one, before even thinking about what kind of present she would love to receive. In her mind, all things should be beautiful, sweet, calm, and in some positive order. And she will also be very territorial.

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The best gifts for a little Taurus girl will be fluffy stuffed animals when she is a toddler because she will just love the idea to have something big and soft to carry around and hug all the time.

After she turns three or four, you can get her dolls, all sorts of dolls, from the old-fashion rag-dolls, made with style, to the modern plastic ladies with big eyes and sets of clothes. You will amaze her if you gift her with a makeup set for children, and lavishly shower her with all sorts of “jewelry” intended for children, of course.

If you live in the country or have a home suitable for animals, the cat will be your first choice for a Taurus girl. She will then develop a deep connection and love with that pet, and the two of them will become an inseparable team. Also, a big, fury and a calm dog will be a good choice, too.

As a little Taurus girl gets older, then the nice gift for her will surely be a video game or an animated film that will revolve around a princess or princesses even better.

Think about the magical kingdom where many princesses have a good time, they are righteous and always beautiful, add to that a set of colorful pens, crayons, and watercolor sets and you’ll have her heart singing.

Gifts for Taurus girls and women

Taurus girls and women love the “fullness” of experience. They will love everything they can touch, smell, taste, and of course, possess, which means that an item should have lasting value.

Have no doubt, a Taurus woman is material but in the best sense of that word. This life is essentially material, and we can all talk about spirituality until tomorrow, but there will still be bills we have to pay, the food we need to buy, and all sorts of expenses.

And a Taurus woman knows this fact very well since an early age.

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Therefore, the best gift for your Taurus woman, as a friend or a girlfriend, would be a box of chocolates, the more quality this box is the better the effects on her will be. Also, the package will be thoroughly analyzed.

And this is why you have to find some elegant and printed gold types of boxes, not just for sweet treats, but for any other item you intend to give her.

Oh, don’t forget the flowers, please! Have in mind that she will love all sorts of delicate and expensive necklaces and earrings, nice and flowery perfumes, shawls and scarfs, knitted or embroidery items, the elegant makeup sets, which go for elegant spices sets, too.

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And if you are ready to take the risk, you can always gift her with a card for a spa day or a voucher for a beauty salon. At first, she might be a bit suspicious, but if the service is good, you will have her gratitude for a really long time.

Besides that, you can take her to fine dining and vining and this will be seen as an exquisite present, too.

Gifts for mature Taurus women

If you are rich enough, you will win a Taurus woman’s heart by gifting her a huge mansion with an even bigger and well-maintained garden.

And she will be a happy woman for the rest of her life. In this sense, all jewelry sprinkled with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or other expensive stones will be an extraordinary gift that won’t say just about how much you love and appreciate her, but how big is her value in your eyes.

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However, as a very good present for a mature Taurus woman, besides the obligatory chocolates, sweets, home-made cookies and cakes, perfumes, makeup, and all things feminine, will also be a nice set of kitchen clothes, quality bed linens, elegant sets of towels.

She will love beautiful things indeed, but she will also crave quality things she can actually use in her home.

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And the same effects will be created if you gift her with a set of special, exotic seeds of baby plants for her garden. Some oriental spices or sauces in exquisite little glass bottles or jars will position you in her eyes highly. And the same goes for quality honey brands, jams, or fruit liqueurs.

Don’t forget please that she will love lovely and elegant branded or unique hand-made fashion, and especially affluent-looking handbags and valets.

In a way, it won’t matter whether you are gifting her an expensive item or the cheap one, if this present is coming from your heart, looks beautiful and above all, it can be used for some purpose.

This is why you can always create and sew something with your own hands, and she will be grateful as if you gave her the world.



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