How To Attract A Taurus Woman?

How to attract a Taurus woman

In astrology, Taurus is the first sign of the earth element.

This means that in Taurus everything that was in the realm of ideas in Aries is now being materialized and grounded. The planet Venus is the ruler of this sign, and the Moon exalts of feels the best right here where material wealth brings health and prosperity through a peaceful mind.  

To attract a Taurus woman you must be a gentleman and a masculine man.

A Taurus woman is the epitome of feminine beauty and calmness. This doesn’t mean that she is weak because she can be exceptionally stubborn and practical, but at the same time, all of her behavioral expressions will be soft, elegant, and kind. 

If you are pursuing a Taurus woman, it’s important to know that your pursuit style will have to be a little different depending on her age. A young Taurus woman is attracted to slightly different traits than a mature Taurus woman.

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is a Taurus woman a gold digger?

The term “gold digger” carries negative connotations and it describes a woman, who uses her charm to climb higher on the social ladder and profit from her connections, love affairs, or marriages. Although many Taurus women can roughly resemble this style, at their core, this is not the truth.

A Taurus woman is born with a pair of very realistic eyes. Therefore, from an early age, she will notice how this world functions. This earthy Taurus Sun she has in her natal chart will direct her focus on achieving the security of her mind, her body, and also her dearest ones.

And this “security” will be established through material wealth.

It doesn’t matter whether she will come from the lower or the higher classes of society. A Taurus woman will quickly realize that being alive takes all sorts of physical necessities, and that money solves all of them.

There are bills to take care of, there is food that needs to be on the table each day, there should be a bed to sleep on, a room to put that bed in, heating or cooling expenses, and so much more.

This is why a Taurus woman shouldn’t be seen as someone calculative, materialist, and cold-hearted because deep down in her soul she is extremely sensitive, caring, and deeply concerned about her future.

The Sun in Taurus will revolve around the matters of finances, agriculture, gardening, being self-sufficient, and adding beauty to all of those themes.

Life doesn’t revolve just around money, it’s the money that should be used for accomplishing freedom and developing more “real” value. This is how she essentially thinks, and this is why she should be praised.

What are the main traits of a Taurus woman?

The shortest definition of the Taurus woman could be “soft on the outside and strong on the inside” because she is the symbol of the “real” woman, a matriarch of the family, and someone who can invisibly lead, not to use the term “manipulate” her man toward success.

The role of her mother or the motherly figure will be very strong in her subconsciousness for sure because the Sun placed in her sign Taurus, has its basic placement in the sign of Leo, which is the fourth house or the area of motherly figure, home and properties for the Bull lady.

In this sense, acting like a royal figure, resolving issues in a calm and noble manner, and surrounding herself with beautiful and valuable items will be her highest goal.

All feminine themes will be heightened too due to her natal Venus. Everything from elegant clothes, marvelous shoes or handbags, makeup, jewelry, paintings, decorations, exquisite meals, bank accounts, stocks, and bonds will be in order and well-taken care of.

And although she might appear soft and too gentle to think about serious things, like a business for instance, once she gets married, she will show all of her inner power and become the greatest ally to her husband creating the best social connections and networking, and adding the value to everything he does, besides the fact that she can become a powerful manager of her own business, too.  

How to pursue a Taurus woman?

It’s not just what you will do around her to grab her attention and then move to the next level. It’s what you are that will determine if she will get interested in you in the first place. And no, it’s not about whether you are rich, although this can also be very important, but more about what truly are.

In Taurus, the term “marriage material” makes much sense, because this trait will hold within itself so many characteristics of a good, stable, reliable man – exactly the one a Taurus woman needs in her life.

And besides those attributes, he also must be capable to control any situation and get clear benefits out of it.

If you can’t see yourself in this picture, then it will be better to pull back because she will surely put you in the friend’s category, although in a nice way. In this sense, she won’t fall for sweet words or heavy philosophy, although she can possess a distinct knowledge in this area.

But when she wants a man in her life, not just a friend or a local prophet, she will expect you to behave like a man.

You should ask her on a proper date, behave like a real gentleman, treat her like a lady, and be as far as you can from all those con-artist’s advice on how to seduce a Taurus woman, because she reads those same books, too.

How to attract the younger Taurus woman

To attract a younger Taurus woman, you have to be neat and well-taken care of. This means that your appearance should be tidy, and perhaps with a dose of a “lonely wolf” or “I’m very dangerous” hidden vibe because she will fall for this essence of “well-controlled danger”.

She will find the truly sexy, exciting, and inviting.

Generally speaking, in astrology, a romantic partner in a female chart is seen through the planet Mars. However, this is exactly the case with a Taurus girl, since her area of partnership will be placed in the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, as a modern ruler.

This is why you have to act like a Scorpio man if you want to grab her attention and successfully pursue a Taurus girl. Now, have in mind that martial traits are not the same depending on the sign this planet is positioned.

And this Scorpio Mars is extremely powerful, but he doesn’t show his strength in the same way as Aries Mars does, for instance.

Besides looking dangerous, you have to act like a young gentleman. Of course that a young man doesn’t have the means to invite a Taurus girl to some expensive places but do with what you have and you won’t make a mistake if you treat her like a royal figure in any cheap type of place.

Also, talk constantly about your plans for the future, get interested in the economy because this will do you good, too, and act as a protector. In short, be conservative and she will fall for your charm.

How to attract a mature Taurus woman

To attract a mature Taurus woman, show yourself as someone very practical, and skilled in many areas of life, from plumbing to gardening, rational and savvy. She will just love to hear you talk about your home improvements and in the back of her mind, a love story ending with a lovely home will start to be created.

Since Taurus ladies are notorious when it comes to choosing the right husband, there will be a minor chance for you to even find a divorced or single Taurus woman. However, this chance is present, because many unexpected things happen in life. 

In this situation, you have to become aware of the fact that a Taurus lady will feel inspired and joyful with a Virgo presence, and protected and appreciated by Capricorn because those two signs create strong, long-lasting, and exceptionally beneficial aspects with the planets in the sign of Taurus.

Also, as a great character and ideal partner, you will have to know when to speak and when to listen, you have to have substantial means for yourself and also her, if you plan to be with her in the future, and you have to stick to the conservative side of everything because she loves safety above everything else.

In case you are trying to seduce the married Taurus woman, you will succeed only if she had already decided that her “existing” husband is not good or successful enough, and then she could use you as her next “more valuable” or adequate leveling-up partner.

So, if you don’t want to marry her, try to avoid her completely because a Taurus woman is not the type to cheat just for the sake of excitement, for sure.

OK. Now that we’ve covered the details about how to attract a Taurus woman…

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