Taurus Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

Taurus Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

The Taurus man is a lover of comfort. He is determined, slow to anger, and is fixed in his ways. It’s hard to change this man. It’s easy to win him over, the way to his heart has to do with his senses. Food is the classic way to do that.

He is a traditional breadwinner and family man. He loves comfort but knows how to be resilient when they are required to.

The Taurus man in marriage is the classic family man. He works hard to provide for the family, and comes home to his wife, waiting for a delicious dinner. When the children are asleep, he looks forward to spending the rest of the night with his wife. He is a simple man yet he makes the most of life.

Sounds good? Well, we have just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s take a look at what your Taurus man is like when he courts you…

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The Taurus man in courtship

Taurus Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

The Taurus man is reliable and committed. He is extremely patient but can be fearsome when angered. If you are looking for a family man and someone who’s into long-term or a lifetime commitment. He’s your guy.

He is sensuous, reserved, and has a mentality that likes to build. The Taurus man is a hedonist which means he loves to be comfortable and enjoys pleasure when he can. Though it doesn’t mean he is careless.

In fact, of all the earth signs, he is the most likely to work hard and play hard. If you want to make him, feel appreciated, serve him a deliciously prepared feast.

The Taurus man will be concerned about your future together. He will think about your finances. When he is dating you, he would be affectionate and loyal. He is a fixed sign and once he has set his eyes on you, he becomes possessive. He is also jealous when it comes to love.

He is often categorized in magazines as a simple guy but he would rather show his love through action than express it in words. Don’t expect your Taurus man to write poems for you. He won’t pursue you if he doesn’t think you’re a woman of quality. He would rather remain single than risk being fooled into love.

The Taurus man is there for the long haul. He is calm but stable. His ideal partner is someone who accepts him as he is. He is not that adaptable but he will never give up on something he wants. He may be slow to love but if you are able to win his heart, it would be the same as winning the lottery.

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Marriage with a Taurus man

The Taurus husband understands the value of a solid foundation

Taurus Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

It’s already overused to call the Taurus husband stubborn, but the thing is, it’s true. There’s a reason why he symbolizes the bull. In some cultures, the Bull was an essential resource, they were highly regarded as an icon of stability.

The bull was a pillar of early civilization, he is the foundation.

In the same way, the Taurus husband will be the foundation of the family. He takes his responsibility to heart. The ox in the Chinese zodiac also defines the bull as an image of hard work and redemption for self-sacrifice.

As he chose you to be his wife, you are in good hands. It is not to say there are no bad traits in a Taurus husband. Everyone has a shadow side to them. For the Taurus husband, it’s his unwillingness to change even if hard times come his way, he is sure to hold on.

It is better for you, as the wife to be the one to adjust but it’s not impossible. After all, like in ancient times inside the arenas, the bull gets tamed.

If you marry a Taurus man, you will be married to him until you die. It is because separation is not an option for him. He is not going to give you a divorce just like that.

The Taurus husband has a moody temper

Just like the calm bull when he is provoked in the coliseum, it is possible to tame him.

When he meets a new set of people, it takes a while for him to warm up. He would rather be at home than at a party. He would rather hug a pillow and drink hot cocoa with his wife than get wasted and throw money in the wind.

He is like a contradiction. The Taurus husband can be lazy but he is also diligent. He cares a lot even if he is not able to express it verbally.

He is a penny pincher but he would splurge to a very special few. He is patient, and tolerant but stubborn to a fault. It would be best to just let some things pass by rather than argue with an angry Taurus man.

Like Cancer, he can hold a grudge. The moon is even exalted in his sign. Though they are not the type to make an effort to execute vengeance. It’s just that you’re going to be ignored, judged, and it takes forever to get to his graces again.

The Taurus husband will never take you for granted

The Taurus husband is one of the most prized husbands anybody can have. He makes an excellent provider because he is obsessed with stability.

His security is driven by making sure there are enough resources. You can call him materialistic and most of the time he doesn’t take offense, but what most usually forget is that this foundation mentality also applies to his relationships with people.

If the Taurus husband was in a character selection in a game, he would be one of the most recommended. He prioritizes his home. He doesn’t mind working on domestic chores. He would invest in sturdy furniture and quality appliances.

When children come into the picture, he will dedicate himself to making sure his kids and wife are living in comfort and will benefit from all the work he’s poured on. In the zodiac wheel, he is one of the most trustworthy and the most faithful.

The Taurus husband is heavily concerned about the finance of the household

Taurus Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

The Taurus husband does not spend beyond his means. If he does take out a loan, he makes sure he has a backup or he has already ensured that there will be a return on investment.

It doesn’t mean that once you marry a Taurus man you will always have to be at home, maybe he would prefer that but if he knows it will make his family happy, he will allow it.

The Taurus husband needs to have his comfort. He will provide plenty of food for the family. As a father, he will focus on grounding the home. He doesn’t just think of security in the external, but the self-esteem of his children.

He doesn’t just think materialistically, he also considers the inner security of his children and his wife.

The Taurus husband will be there to protect you

The Taurus husband has a hero complex. He would want to be able to take care of everything you need. If you need to have something fixed, he wants to be available when you need it. Even if he’s what you call stingy, he will be willing to splurge for you.

If he does love you as his wife, he will even invest in expensive gifts and surprises just to make you happy.

Though, he shouldn’t be taken for granted. The Taurus husband will not tolerate nonsense. He will be a disciplinarian when children are involved. He will make sure he raises his kids right and teach them business.

The Taurus husband will train them practically so that they will one day be able to take care of themselves.

This may even mean that if he happens to have rebellious children, he might seem like a stern and strict father who doesn’t understand them. For the Taurus husband, this is how he can protect his family. As his wife, you may need to balance and explain both sides’ intentions and keep the family dynamics at peace.

The Taurus husband wants to please you in the bedroom

The Taurus husband may not be the most emotionally expressive. He may not be the one to write you love letters and whisper sweet nothings to your ear but they do take their time to make sure you are satisfied on the most important matters.

He is slow and takes his time. The Taurus man is sensuous. The idea that he comes home and even though he’s tired, he’s met with a passionate kiss from his wife is one of his ultimate fantasies. He does need to have those needs met.

If ever that sensuality is not reciprocated, it doesn’t mean he will be pushed to cheat. He may become moody and irritable but he still keeps faith and knows his duties well.  A Taurus husband doesn’t ask much. He is not a demanding partner.

Though I would advise not to allow things to come at that point and get counseling or seek help to find out what can be done.

The Taurus husband is supportive of his wife

Taurus Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

The Taurus husband is one of the top family men in the zodiac wheel. He will show his wife unconditional support. As he is like that to his wife, he also expects her to be the same, he doesn’t need her to work. Just remain loyal to him.

They say when a Taurus man loves you it will be the warmest kind of love you will ever experience. It doesn’t brag, it doesn’t boast. It just exists.

He makes simplicity beautiful. You get to experience life hands-on and sometimes it’s not ambition that does make someone happy. He will teach you that you don’t need excess to be happy. Just the very things that keep you secure.

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Taurus man in marriage in a nutshell

The Taurus man in marriage is one of the best in the zodiac signs. He is a faithful and reliable husband. He is sensuous and cares about the satisfaction of his wife. The only thing you need to keep him happy is to act like the usual housewife.

To make sure dinner is ready when he’s home, and to take care of his intimate needs when the children are asleep.

When you are with your Taurus husband, he does not require you to work, though he will be supportive if you are a career woman. He wants to build and makes sure his family has benefit and comfort. He is about security and legacy. He doesn’t want to stand out.

The Taurus husband is down to earth, and simple, and though there may be a time that he is moody, it is not impossible to tame him. He is the man that knows what he wants, the way he wants. When he loves you, you are his wife until the end.

Separation is not easy for him. With the Taurus husband, divorce would not be an option.



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