What Tarot Cards Represent Taurus?

What Tarot Cards Represent Taurus

To get a sense of what tarot cards represent Taurus, the bull, you only need to look to its mythology. Zeus, the King of Greek gods, turned into a bull to seduce and abduct the beautiful Europa, taking her away to an island to establish a family. This reflects the Taurus story of beauty, possession, and ownership.

The tarot cards that represent Taurus reflect the strength, nobility, and magnetism of the bull, which are the Hierophant and the Two, Three, Eight, and Queen of Coins.

These cards show the wisdom Taurus must learn through its ability to attract material wealth and the development of non-attachment to material things.

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Let’s take a look at the various aspects of Taurus expressed in the tarot deck.

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The Hierophant

the Hierophant

The mythology of Taurus is primarily a story of attraction and acquisition.

To attract Europa, Zeus turned himself into a beautiful white bull. When she went near him, he snatched her up and took her to Crete, where he turned into an eagle and had his way with her, establishing a family of three sons.

To commemorate his seduction of Europa, Zeus placed the image of the bull in the sky as the Taurus constellation.

On the surface, Taurus’ life lesson seems to be about establishing security through possession. However, the task of all zodiac signs is to transcend the material realm, and the acquisition of material wealth can easily keep us bound to it. Thus, Taurus must learn the spiritual paradox of acquisition, which is that we can only truly have what we are willing to let go.

Taurus is distinct from its fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, because it is a fixed sign, meaning that its energy is stationary.

The state of possession is a fixed state, yet spiritual energy is always in motion. Thus, to harmonize with universal consciousness, Taurus must learn to allow energy to flow, which is only possible when it lets go of what it has.

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The Hierophant represents the highest expression of Taurus energy, which is attained when an individual has mastered the sacred spiritual lessons made available to him or her through the acquisition and possession of material wealth.

Though the Hierophant has status and material wealth, his mind is centered on the spiritual rather than the material, which is how Taurus must also learn to see the world.

The Two of Coins

The Two of Coins represents the qualities of Taurus and the material benefits associated with this sign. The bull is said to be resolute and unmovable by forces other than its own volition.

The Two of Coins demonstrates this by showing the balance of forces within a fixed state. This represents Taurus energy, which the querent should understand as a reflection of their power in a situation or circumstance.

The presence of the Two of Coins in a spread is also said to suggest the availability of material abundance to the querent. This reflects Taurus’ association with material wealth and its ability and desire to attract possessions and its need to enjoy beautiful surroundings.

Ultimately, the Two of Coins represents the paradox Taurus must master, which is the simultaneous possession and relinquishing of what it owns. It is the balance between Taurus’ desire to take ownership of decisions and its need to surrender to the decisions of others.

This reflects the energy of its ruling planet, Venus, which is relational and resonates best in a state of balance and harmony.

So if you see the Two of Coins in a spread, then it may indicate that the querent is in line for a lesson on transcending the material realm through some form of material wealth that will be made available to them.

While this may be a cause for celebration, it may be helpful for the querent to reflect on the Taurus dichotomies of power/powerlessness and possession/surrender to ensure that any windfalls have a harmonizing rather than destructive impact on their lives and the lives of those around them.

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The Three of Coins

The Three of Coins represents craftmanship and the mastery of artisans.

This reflects the Taurus association with art, beauty, and harmonious surroundings, which are the domain of its ruling planet, Venus. These themes can also be seen in the myth of Taurus, as it was the beauty of the bull that attracted Europa to it.

For Taurus, the Three of Coins suggests that the enjoyment of beauty should be a social endeavor. In this card, we see that Taurus is not only about possessing beauty but also about creating it and enjoying its effects on others.

If you see the Three of Coins in a spread, then this may indicate that the querent has energy in their life that can be used to attract others, especially in the realms of art, beauty, and the creation of harmony.

You may encourage the querent to understand the spiritual aspect of these activities, which suggests that their value lies in their ability to bring a positive influence to others.

The Three of Coins reflects the innate power and magnetism of Taurus energy and suggests the need to use this for social good rather than for personal gain.

The emphasis on bringing pleasure to others rather than reveling in vanity and prestige shows the path Taurus must take to transcend the material and truly master the forces made available to it in this lifetime.

The Eight of Coins

The Eight of Coins shows the path of the artisan further along in his or her journey.

This is an established craftsman who uses his or her skills to create works of true quality. This reflects several aspects of Taurus energy, such as the ability to attract people and prosperity as a result of having a discerning eye.

The lesson here is that Taurus must not get caught up in the trappings of success.

This time, the focus is on avoiding the pursuit of material abundance to the exclusion of endeavours that are needed for spiritual growth and fulfilment. This card shows that Taurus’ ability to attract can easily lead to the misdirection of energy to mundane activities that generate wealth.

However, what Taurus must understand is the fact that wealth is not the result of constant work, rather, it is simply a flow of energy. Taurus must learn to surrender the drive to acquire wealth through endless toil and practice humility and gratitude for the wealth that flows to it naturally.

The presence of the Eight of Coins in a spread may indicate that the querent needs to step back from their everyday life and reflect on the spiritual rather than the material.

They may need to learn how to direct their energy more towards surrender rather than acquisition to ensure that the wonderful gifts of Venusian balance flow into their lives.

The Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins represents the mastery of Taurus’ fixed state of possession.

She is commonly shown as a healer and teacher who readily shares the wisdom she has acquired with others. She is also committed to giving of her energy and wealth to those in need.

This card shows the spiritual heights Taurus may reach when it uses its gifts appropriately.

Taurus is bestowed with great magnetism that allows it to enjoy much on this earth. The temptation to enjoy this selfishly may be an ever-present danger.

However, when Taurus learns to let go of what it has been given, sharing it with others rather than using it for personal gain, this creates much more than the original gift. Taurus will be granted many opportunities in this life to learn that letting go multiplies the blessing and that holding on only diminishes it.

This lesson applies not only to possessions and material wealth but also to relationships. When Taurus learns to yield, it will see that this can create much more harmony and balance than insisting on its own direction.

Then Taurus’ wonderful qualities of strength and nobility can be directed towards the creation of spiritual beauty rather than conflict.

Taurus in the Tarot Spread

Seeing the Hierophant or the Two, Three, Eight and Queen of Coins in a Tarot spread may indicate Taurean qualities in the querent or Taurus energies and gifts available in his or her life.

The Hierophant shows the mastery of Taurus energy and the ultimate life lesson of transcending the material act of possession by the spiritual act of letting go.

The Two, Three, and Eight of Coins guide Taurus towards the spiritual principles underlying the attraction of people and material wealth and the gifts of beauty and prosperity, while the Queen of Coins represents the perfection of feminine Taurus energy in the giving of self and wealth to others.

The presence of these cards in a spread can indicate the presence of great material blessings and attractiveness for a querent in all its forms, but their warning is that overindulgence in these gifts can lead to spiritual destruction rather than spiritual growth.

Ultimately, Taurus cards in the tarot spread teach us, in the words of Lao Tzu, to be content with what we have and rejoice in the way things are, because when we realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to us.

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