What Tarot Cards Represent Virgo?

What Tarot Card Represents Virgo

Virgo’s tarot cards show that it does not only reflect the virgin archetype for which it is usually known. Even though this is the most common meaning for the Virgo sign, which has the largest constellation in the zodiac, it is also known as the nurturing maiden and the goddess of the harvest.

Tarot cards that represent Virgo include the Hermit, the Page of Coins, and the four, five, and six of coins. The Hermit shows Virgo’s humility, while the Page of Coins shows Virgo learning through servitude. The four, five, and six of coins show a journey from solitary reflection to nurturing and abundance.

Virgo’s story is one of mastering the spiritual principles of abundance to ensure self-sustaining growth. This is not only to do with material wealth but also nurturing self and others as well as understanding the underlying natural laws that govern giving and receiving.

By learning these life lessons, Virgo harmonizes with its surroundings and enhances them through spiritual applications.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the cards in more detail to see how they reflect Virgo energy.

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The Hermit

According to Greek mythology, the central theme of Virgo’s story is a retreat, and this is depicted by the Hermit card. As the story goes, the Greek goddess Astraea was the last to leave the earth after Pandora opened her box of horrors, and she only did so because she could bear the evil no longer. She was then made into a constellation in the sky.

The Hermit card represents the story of the Virgo constellation because it depicts a wise teacher who has removed himself from society in pursuit of higher ideals. He lives a monk-like existence, representing Virgo’s purity and innocence, and engages in solitary reflection to discern the great mysteries of life.

Another of Virgo’s meanings is “self-sustaining”, and this is reflected in the Hermit card. The Hermit is about as off-the-grid as you can get, and he lives off the land using the wisdom of ages, which he obtains through quiet contemplation.

He is at one with nature, observing its laws and working with them to ensure abundance.

The Hermit card shows the highest expression of Virgo energy, which is possibly the gentlest of all the signs. It represents great wisdom and self-containment, a combination of analytical and spiritual skill, and the ability to secure for the self through humble submission to the spiritual principles of life.

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Page of Coins

The Page of Coins is sometimes known as the Princess of Coins, and with Virgo representing the earth maiden, this is a perfect match. The Page of Coins shows Virgo at the beginning of its journey, with energy raw and pure.

Virgo’s energy here is concerned with giving to others in servitude and learning mastery through this experience.

Virgo’s learning involves an analysis of spiritual laws and principles to understand the forces that govern giving and receiving. This is important in Virgo’s journey because its task is to transcend the material world by mastering faith in the law of abundance.

Through this, Virgo receives prosperity by generously giving to others in the knowledge that all is provided by the universe itself. This highlights Virgo’s selfless nature, which is characterized by the Page of Coins. This card sums up the maxim that it is better to give than to receive.

If you see the Page of Coins in a spread, then the querent may be at the beginning of a life lesson in abundance.

The best advice to give them is to take advantage of opportunities to serve others and to reflect on these opportunities as learning experiences to maximize personal growth and benefit to self and others.

Four of Coins

Before Astraea departed the earth, she was a goddess who looked after her people. Virgo’s task is to emulate her energy and rule wisely over the material wealth it has been given. This means reflecting on the spiritual nature of wealth and the natural laws related to it so that judicious decisions can be made.

The four of coins represent the need to contemplate our material wealth carefully to attain wisdom regarding its use.

When blessed materially, we must understand that this is part of the flow of life. The four of coins instructs us to remember that receiving is just part of a bigger cycle that also includes giving wisely and investing in worthwhile pursuits.

We cannot develop wisdom without experience, and the four of coins may suggest that the querent is in line for some learning experiences involving their material wealth. They should be reminded to seek the higher purpose in all such events and to take time out to meditate on solutions, which will be provided to them in due course.

Though the four of coins focuses on material wealth, its real purpose is to build Virgo’s understanding of the underlying spiritual forces that govern growth and abundance here on earth. So even if the lessons it holds involve material loss, the vital learning these lessons contain will make future abundance possible.

Five of Coins

The five of coins extend the lesson of receiving through giving, but in this case, it is not referring to material wealth but to the pursuits in which an individual engages.

Virgo energy is not only about discerning the best use of assets but also the best use of time and energy, which will yield the highest results for self and others.

Virgo’s association with fertility and abundance is emphasized in the five of coins because it reflects the sign’s ability to nurture people as well as the land. The five of coins remind us that this is sometimes more important than generating material prosperity.

It shows Virgo’s central purpose to create and sustain growth through spiritual mastery.

Perhaps the most important lesson of the five of coins is that it teaches us to look beyond surface transactions and interactions to understand what is happening on a spiritual level when we engage in something that we hope will bring us a return.

Focusing on this is necessary if we are to build lasting growth rather than just short-term gain.

The five of coins do not only remind us of the importance of investing wisely in others but also warn us of the dangers of engaging in unwise associations.

So when this card appears in a spread, it may be helpful to advise the querent that wise investment is as much about protecting what you have as it is about growing it.

Six of Coins

The six of coins look at the cycle of giving and receiving from a karmic perspective, reminding us of the law of sowing and reaping. In this way, it reflects Virgo’s identity as the goddess of the harvest.

It assures us that the hard work we invest in others will be returned to us in some form and encourages us to give to others whenever we receive from the universe’s bounty.

However, the six of coins hold a spiritual lesson far more important than just this simple transaction. Unlike Capricorn, Virgo is not concerned with the hard work and endurance associated with sowing and reaping.

Rather, it is most interested in the underlying principles of these acts. Understanding these principles is essential for Virgo to achieve its purpose here on earth.

As such, the six of coins show us that there are universal forces at work behind everything given and received, and Virgo’s task is to understand these natural laws and master them to bring about abundance.

This card reflects Virgo’s life lesson to develop spiritual talents and wisdom that will allow it to harmonize with these universal forces to transcend the material reality.

The six of coins also remind us of the dark side of giving, which is evident in generosity that has strings attached. It reminds us that along with great material wealth comes great responsibility, and this, too, requires wisdom. We must be careful not to exploit those who we help through the incorrect execution of power.

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Virgo in the Tarot Spread

Virgo’s life lesson is to master spiritual abundance through service to others, and the Hermit card shows the highest expression of this energy. The Page of Coins shows Virgo in its maiden state, with the energy of service that will become mastery in time.

Finally, the four, five, and six of coins show that Virgo must learn to spend its wealth wisely, understand the spiritual nature of wealth, and create abundance by perfecting the spiritual law of sowing and reaping.

If you see lots of Virgo cards in a spread, then you can be sure that you are in the presence of a wise and gentle spirit who may be in the processing of developing great spiritual discernment.

Exactly what this person may need to learn will depend on the rest of the spread, but the overall message is that while there may be complex lessons ahead, eventually, the student will become the master.

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