How To Love A Taurus Woman (5 Effective Ways!)

Luxurious, elegant, and classy – these are things to describe your Taurus man. Dating her is not that complicated. You just have to know how to love her the right way. And in this article, you will know how to do just that.

To love a Taurus woman, you need to be down for pamper time. You need to value self-care and self-love with her. You also need to court her in conventional ways. Be a total gentleman. On dates, you need to make them elegant and classy.

Feed her by cooking her or ordering her favorite food. Lastly, give her gifts.

Again, it’s not very difficult to love your Taurus man. Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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When women are interested in a man, they connect emotionally.

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That said, I’ll also provide a link at the end of this article. Let’s first review her love language, her likes, and her dislikes…

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The Love Language Of A Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman is ruled by the planet Venus, and this planet represents love, sensuality, and pleasure. You see you Taurus woman is very comfortable on this planet and actually likes to live in this realm.

She is very good at being indulgent in the pleasures of life. As a Taurus, she can be very frugal with her money and everything around her must bring her peace. Everything around her must be aesthetically pleasing.

If you are into Astrology, you know that a Taurus person is into the finest things in life. There is no doubt that she likes the finest things in life. If you do not notice this about your Taurus woman, she likes people who have exquisite taste and style.

With this being said, her love language is gift-giving. With her personality, she likes to just give the best to her lover. She likes to receive as well. To make her feel loved, you now know what to do.

Also, your Taurus woman is very big on the five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. So, you bet she loves to cuddle, kiss, and hug. She expresses her admiration and love for people by kissing and hugging them.

You can also just sit on the couch and be totally lazy with her. She likes things like that!

What A Taurus Woman Likes

Let me again remind you that your Taurus woman is a sensual being. Even though she likes to work and can be busy most of the time grinding through life, the girl also knows how to relax and enjoy.

She knows what she wants and what her favorite things are. With her being sensual, she likes to have his lover stimulate her senses through a lot of things.

One thing that your Taurus woman likes is the sexy voice you have. If you know how to sing, make sure that you let her hear you sing because she likes that. If you do not, it’s okay too!

Just make sure that you let her hear that sexy voice, especially in the mornings because it makes you irresistible to her.

Again, your Taurus woman likes to have the finest things in life. She appreciates the finest things in life, and so she likes it when you give her gifts. She likes it when you put effort into what you wear and what brands you choose.

She likes it when you have a good sense of style and fit.

She also likes it if her partner has emotional stability because she knows how hard it is to find someone who is emotionally stable these days. She likes it when her partner is chill and stays away from drama.

The last thing a Taurus woman wants is to deal with the toxic things you have in life.

What A Taurus Woman Dislikes

One thing that your Taurus woman dislikes is the lack of consistency in her relationship.

Of course, as an emotionally stable person, she also expects consistency from her partner. I mean, change is inevitable, but you need to make sure that you don’t change in a couple of weeks or months because she will get turned off easily.

She also does like it when his partner is cheap when it matters. She does not like it when you are not down to spend a little bit of your money on her. Do not get me wrong, even though she likes luxurious things, it does not necessarily mean that she is materialistic.

This is just because gift-giving is again, one of her love languages.

She also does not like it when her partner does not see her value. In the first days of dating, know that she is already studying you. She has already figured out what you bring to the table.

However, if you do not know what she brings to the table and do not value her, then know that she will get turned off by that. Make sure to appreciate her.

Use fractionation to connect emotionally…

At this point, I want to talk about fractionation… What is fractionation you ask… Fractionation is like putting a woman on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a sequence of repeated, intensifying cycles of emotional ups and downs…

You give her an emotional high, then an emotional low, etc.

Women are emotional “creatures” and really connect with movies, activities, and men who satisfy their emotional needs. For her, the emotional ride that fractionation creates is absolutely addicting!

For instance, you can send one-sentence texts using fractionation, in one of these 2 formats:

  • express your approval of one of her bad qualities… or,
  • express disapproval of one of her good qualities…

For example, “I love how you can be so boring.” or “I’m disgusted by your good manners.”

Statements like this will stop her in her tracks and she’ll reply to your texts asking what you mean.

This is just a quick example… Click here to read more details about fractionation in the Shogun Method.

OK, let’s look at the ways to love her…

5 Ways To Love A Taurus Woman

Be down for pamper time

This is fairly easy to explain. Because your Taurus woman is sensual, expect that she would want to just stay at home, watch Netflix, and pamper.

If you are a guy who hates pampering and thinks it’s too “gay”, well, be prepared to change that. To love a Taurus woman, you need to be down for everything she wants to do.

The best thing to do is just give in and enjoy a little bit of self-care. I mean you also benefit from this; don’t you think? Do not ever feel awkward about it because she will not like that. But if you are someone who loves self-care, then you are in for a good time with this one.

Court her

Nothing gets a Taurus woman turned on more than courting her in conventional ways. You need to show your affection in a more traditional way. Again, she loves things that seem lavish, and letting her experience that she is the only girl in her life is one thing that she values.

So, what you need to do is to court her all throughout your dating life. You need to show up with flowers and chocolates. Prepare a fancy dinner for her and maybe take her to the beach to have some time alone.

Walk her to her home and pick her up on dates. Things that a leading man in a romantic movie does for his leading lady.

Be elegant and classy

Talking about romantic dates, when planning one, you need to keep it very elegant and luxurious. You need to keep elegance in your mind because again, your Taurus woman can be a little traditional. So, do not plan dates that are trendy and cute. Go for the more formal dates.

Along with that, make sure that the food to be served is delicious and something that will definitely make her taste buds happy. Again, she is sensual and loves to indulge in some good food. So, this should be something to pay attention to.

Feed her

Talking about getting her food, to make her feel loved, and to keep dating her, you need to feed her.

If you know how to cook, you have the upper hand because again, she loves to eat good food. However, if you have not cooked ever in your life, do not worry because you can always take it out. However, you need to know what type of cuisine she likes and dislikes.

Give her gifts

I mean what more can I say? This tip is super obvious. As I have repeatedly said in this article, your Taurus woman likes lavish things, and she would definitely appreciate it if you gave her the things that she loves.

This does not necessarily need to be out of your budget or too luxurious. She just feels very loved when you do this. Give her gifts that came from the heart, and with that, she will definitely be flattered.

More details about getting her emotionally connected to you…

OK. Now that we’ve covered the ways to love a Taurus woman… It’s time to get more in-depth (Military Grade) training to get your Taurus woman addicted to you emotionally. Derek Rake’s “Shogun Method” has specific techniques and strategies for you to win the heart of the woman of your desires.

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5 ways to love a Taurus woman, final thoughts…

To love a Taurus woman:

  • Be down for pamper time
  • Court her
  • Be elegant and classy
  • Feed her
  • Give her gifts



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