Why is your Taurus Woman Jealous?

Are you noticing a different pattern with your Taurus woman? Are you worried about the actions she’s doing? Worry no more because in this article we’re going to show you how to know if your Taurus woman is jealous of somebody and we’ll tell you ways how to deal with her!

The Taurus Woman is the second sign of the zodiac, ruled by the beautiful and magnetic Venus, her sign is a fixed earth sign, these combined energies would make a Taurus woman magnetic and beautiful as well as someone who’s refined and has a thing for tangible possessions, art, and beauty.

In a romantic relationship, she is a generous and dreamy partner, she loves her partner by showing utmost physical pleasure and comfort and it is done by appeasing through senses.

Whether it is the slow and romantic physical touch and kisses, good comfort food, a pleasurable love-making, she makes sure you get a 5-star treatment!

The problem is when she loves too hard she makes sure that you’re hers only, it can be her negative trait to treat you as if you are like her material possession. Do not fret as your Taurus woman is instinctively a possessive and materialistic person, however, how far can her jealousy be?

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How Jealous Can Your Taurus Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 10/10

The Taurus Woman’s possessiveness and jealousy know no bounds. She holds grudges for eternity and you can see that when she’s jealous of someone her apparent dismay that person will be pretty stable and unusually fixed.

Unlike other signs who have levels and varying emotions and sometimes fluctuations on whether they should be jealous or not. Your Taurus woman is different! She is pretty headstrong in stating her views about that person. It is my way or the highway attitude.

Remember that the fixed modality of the sign of Taurus can make her pretty stubborn and rigid in her ideas so if she hates someone no one’s gonna change her mind and it is probably gonna last up until eternity.

Also, remember that when your Taurus Woman is jealous she becomes defiant of that person.

Whether it is a perceived threat that’s real or imagined, expect your Taurus woman to be pretty cool and collected about the situation unless she is provoked directly! Only at that time she will and can unleash her explosive rage that can be scary to see!

Signs Your Taurus Woman Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She’s obsessed with looking pretty all of a sudden

The first and foremost sign that your Taurus woman is jealous of someone is her becoming seemingly obsessed with looking pretty and presentable. She’s obsessed with looking beautiful before then expect her obsession to double!

This is because she is trying to control the situation by showing people and you that she is a better option than the person she is jealous of. This is a way of her controlling her life and her situation and also a way of masking her true thoughts.

2. She is suspicious and insists you’re doing something behind her back

Something’s wrong, she’ll tell you and she’ll warn you, she will be suspicious of your actions and your interaction with the person she’s jealous of. Alongside that, she will also be suspicious of your social media and might try to get into it.

She will be in her imagined thought that she will think you are doing something behind her back. This can be incredibly frustrating for both of you as it can bring arguments, distrust, and fights into the relationship.

3. She is over-indulging herself in self-pleasure

Her jealousy, whether it’s a real or imagined threat can be extremely stressful for your Taurus woman, as the number one thing that would ease up her mind is that she will be prioritizing her self-care at this moment.

Whether it is beauty, health, or inner peace, she will be doing things that will prioritize the best out of her physical body, you might see her go often in facials or spas, she might go to the gym, buy new skincare products or change her wardrobe for a bit.

Whatever she’s doing she’s trying to gain control of the situation and lessen the stress and anxiety she’s feeling. 

4. She hates and loathes the person she’s jealous of

The fourth sign that she is jealous is that she is extremely fixated on giving energy to hating the person she’s jealous of, the reason will be unknown to you and she will try to deny she is jealous this is because she doesn’t want to show weakness.

If she’s hating the person all of a sudden it is a good sign she is jealous of that person.

5. She becomes explosive and argumentative all of a sudden

Nobody can tame the beast out of her, when the time comes and confrontations happen, the arguments will be explosive and argumentative and it will be pretty obvious that the topic you’ll be fighting about is the person she’s jealous of.

When you notice that this person you’re hanging out with whether it is your officemate or a long-time friend of yours it is best to fully let her rant about the situation without being too headstrong about your own opinion, calm her nerves down by being calm and collected instead of being explosive too.

6. Her energy will be off 

When her energy is off you’ll see less and less sweet interaction with you, there would be less romance and sex into the relationship because she distrusts you and she has her insecurities stemming from her jealousy of the third party.

You will also notice that she will be entirely closed-off, especially with her body language, when you notice this it is best to take a step back and let her be. Being patient is a must when dealing with your Taurus woman whos mostly stubborn and sometimes hard to reason with.

7. She will give you hints that she is jealous

The last sign that will go unnoticed is her giving you subtle hints that she is jealous of that person, whether you like it or not your Taurus woman isn’t the bluntest sign and she’d like for you to look for the signs instead of her saying it to you directly.

This is most likely because she doesn’t want to seem desperate.

If she is giving you hints that she is jealous it is good to take a step back and self-analyze what actions or words could have made her feel insecure about herself, talk to her out of it, and make her realize she’s the only one.

How to stop your Taurus Woman from Being Jealous!

To stop a Taurus woman from being Jealous you must show her that you are truly faithful, be transparent in your words and actions, say it when you mean things, and have an open flow of communication without making it seem like you both are fighting.

Try to understand and let her vent out, try to understand where she coming from, let her speak her thoughts first then speak yours.

When you’re communicating be as humble and calm as possible, apologize for making her feel that way, and try to reassure her that you have been faithful and diligent throughout the relationship.

After doing all these things show her that you are the man of your word:

pay attention to her needs and wants and treat her nicely, show her how much she means to you b giving her time and affection. Take her out on a date, and surprise her with something creative, gifts are a must by doing all of these things you are showing to your Taurus girl that you can be trusted!

Overall, do not be a lackluster lover, when you say things mean them, try to show to her that you’re the man and you can do better, and reaffirm your love to her, positive words and affirmations are a must as well as dedicated time and affection.

Taurus Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Taurus woman is a woman who loves hard, is loyal and wants the best for you so she expects you to give the same energy back to her. Your Taurus woman is instinctively jealous especially when she sees a threat that can make you stray away from her.

She sees that you’re doing something that opposes her peace of mind, her jealousy can be imagined or real but it will show up in her obsessive and possessive tendencies. When this happens do not work your way out by being forceful, be gentle and calm as possible, and do the things mentioned above. 

By doing these things you are securing a bright, wonderful, and all-around romantic and fulfilling relationship with your Taurus woman!

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