How To Make a Taurus Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to show you how to make your Taurus woman jealous while in a relationship with her! We will tell you the inside details on how to gain her attention by making her jealous! We will also discuss the signs that your Taurus woman is jealous while in a relationship!

To make a Taurus woman jealous you must show to her that you are a dominant masculine man who didn’t even need her in the first place. Look classic and feel elegant about yourself! Do not get discouraged and try to show her you are easy-going with the ladies! This will make her jealous!

The Taurus woman is the second sign in the zodiac wheel, the sign that is at the height of spring. Your Taurus woman is a fixed earth sign that is incredibly persistent and stubborn. Ruled by the element of earth. She embodies the qualities of solid rock. Truly lasting and impenetrable.

Alongside that, the Venusian quality of your Taurus woman can make her incredibly graceful and beautiful. Being ruled by Venus the planet of beauty and desire your Taurus woman can be incredibly elegant and refined in manners.

Often in her lifetime, she would like to achieve very much everything in life.

Your Taurus woman is of earthy and materialistic nature. Taurus is the sign of beauty specifically physical beauty which covers the aspect of luxurious and refined things such as art. Your Taurus woman herself is gifted with that and she takes pride in having those things in her life!

She is loyal, committed, and a genuine friend and lover. Although her shadow side which is materialism can sometimes overlook her warm personality. At best, she is grounded, goal-oriented, slow but steady, stable, down-to-earth, gentle, and kind.

She also has an affinity with mother nature. You might see her having an interest in gardening, planting, and raising animals. 

Often your Taurus woman is deeply introverted by nature and such social interactions can be draining for her. She uses mother earth’s healing properties to soothe, guide and ground herself with the energy of the earth.

Slow and steady, she may look innocent and gentle but do not be fooled by it! Your Taurus woman’s fixed nature can make her an unstoppable force if she needs to be! Remember that your Taurus Woman is one of the most ambitious and hardworking zodiac signs and this makes her incredibly successful later in life. 

Jealousy is a common emotion your Taurus woman feels so it is important to keep her jealous only for a certain extent of time. Prolonging the process can make her resentful and unforgiving causing serious downsides in the relationship.

That’s why you must take precautions when using these powerful ways we’ll teach you! A Taurus woman can find it difficult to forgive and forget!

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Taurus woman let’s dig deeper into your Taurus woman’s psyche and find out how she expresses jealousy.

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How does A Taurus Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Taurus woman expresses her jealousy in a cold feminine rage. She doesn’t scream or talk profoundly about how she is deeply frustrated with you and the person she is jealous of. She hides it, represses it, and holds it back until she can no longer hold it.

This is the typical mechanism of a Taurus woman hurt by her jealousy.

She is infuriated with the fact that you are possibly seeing someone or that someone is planning to take you away from her so she keeps her rage hidden but it will certainly be without notice. You might observe that her actions are becoming less passionate and romantic. She might even turn cold towards you!

She will ask for help from her closest friends and ask them for advice on how she would deal with it.

Most notably if one of her friends tries to warn you or subtly imply that you should change your actions this is your Taurus woman doing her best to control whatever action you’re doing that’s making her jealous.

Your Taurus woman does not take cheating lightly and perceived slights will surely be investigated! She might stalk you on social media or might even get your phone to see if you’ve got any messages. She might even look after you at work or when you’re going somewhere else.

This is a sign of care and also at the same time suspicion. She loves the idea that she is in control of the situation by looking at you from afar but deep inside the cold rage is seething inside her waiting for it to explode.

Days and months will certainly pass but her anger will not. Being a fixed earth sign she can be the most stubborn and hard-headed woman out of all the zodiac signs! Her solid rock beliefs and ideas can be hard to abolish.

Certainly, she is just waiting for the right time to confront you about the situation and feels she’s been experiencing it!

This cold seething rage will be bottled up until she can no longer handle it and she will explode like a volcano! Just like her precursor sign Aries. Her anger will have a dangerous temper and nothing will calm her down except for you and your clear and valid explanations.

Remember that she will make it hard for you and that she will try as much as possible to counter every sorry you have for her. She will make it hard for you and she will try to make sure that you stay obedient to her until her anger subsides.

Overall her anger will be cold and formed deep inside her soul. Up until she explodes, her anger will be as dangerous as that of Scorpio or Aries and it will be persistent. When this happens you can only lower your pride and take the initiative to apologize and make it up to her.

How to Make Your Taurus Woman Jealous!

Work on making yourself better

The first key step in making your Taurus woman jealous is by working within what you can control – yourself! By working on yourself and your appearance you are showing the world that you are no pushover and that you are embracing your masculinity.

This can be both attractive and intimidating to your Taurus woman and other women eyeing you!

Empower yourself by becoming the best version of yourself possible.

Work on your body, try to be more productive at work and treat yourself like a king as much as possible. By looking good you are showing to her that you do not need her to be happy and successful in life this will make her think about you and the relationship as a whole.

In turn, this will make her value you more which will make her possessive towards you. The best thing about this step is that the more you prioritize yourself and better your looks and finances you will naturally attract women in the process and this, in turn, will get her jealous instinct heightened!

Withdraw your romantic gestures to her

Show her that you are a man of high value by proving to her that you can be as cold and detached as you are sweet and romantic. When you withdraw your time and attention from her you are giving her enough time to overthink the relationship.

This will make her overthink and jump to the conclusion that you are not interested anymore!

This will make her incredibly invested in you and your actions! This will also give her feelings of frustration and jealousy because you are not giving her the same attention as you used to before! This can be incredibly hard for her to swallow!

Engage in sports or activities where you can get dopamine!

The best part about making her jealous is that you do not even need to put too much effort into making her jealous! By just focusing on yourself and making it seem like you’re having the best day of life without her you are showing her you do not need her at all!

With that said, it is best to engage in rigorous activities or sports in which you can show off your dominance, aggression, and strength. This can be incredibly attractive, especially to your Taurus woman who might be stalking you from afar! 

The more fun and lively you seem to be the more she’s gonna miss the time and attention you’ve put up to her. The more likely she’s gonna do things just to get back together with you!

Show her that women are interested in you! 

This will make her crazy jealous! Be careful when following this step because this will enrage your possessive Taurus woman! When possible if you show her that women are lingering around your presence this will show her you are attractive and coveted by many women.

This will make her insanely jealous!

Be competitive in the relationship and show your achievements

This can be quite tricky. Taurus women are known for being lazy competitors because they may have the persistence to work on their goals and passions their shadow side which is the preference to live in pleasure can make them great procrastinators.

You can use this advantage to show that you are better and more successful than her. be come hardworking and work on your finances! By being successful in your career, passion, and other lifestyle you are proving to her you are the better partner.

When you show her you are more successful than her you are making her jealous by turning on her inner competitive side. Become tenacious and hold on to your achievements tightly! This will get some friendly competition going with your Taurus woman.

Settle your pride and take the initiative to talk to her

Your Taurus woman will be a great listener and a calm talker if you do not anger her in the argument. It is important that you still properly communicate with her to be able to come to her senses. Make it a valuable matter to set your pride out and talk to her whenever needed.

Mind games like making her jealous will only take you so far. You can only rid of the toxicity if you both know that it takes two to build a long-lasting and successful relationship. Let her talk and listen to her pleas. Whenever possible apologize so you can comfort her hurt ego.

When both of you know each other’s love language and love style you’ll be able to love her in a way where she can appreciate it more and the more you talk things out with whatever’s clouding the relationship the more the problems are gonna be clarified.

Making A Taurus Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Taurus woman is the second sign of the zodiac wheel. Still considered the youngest along with Aries. Your Taurus woman will hold on to grudges pretty much forever! This is why you must take the first sign of her jealousy and possessiveness as a good signal to talk things down with her!

A jealous Taurus woman means one thing – she still deeply cares for you and she still loves you and the relationship. Remember that your Taurus woman will not be jealous or possessive for no good reason. Value her and treasure her.

Talk about whatever problem you have with her and this will ensure that your Taurus woman will have her heart for you.

It is also important not to overdo making her jealous as it will become hard for her to forgive you! Utilize jealousy as a way to excite her and make her more devoted and lascivious towards you! Make her jealous but still reassures her that at the end of the day, you are still hers…

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