How To Get A Taurus Woman Obsessed With You?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Taurus woman and her obsession tendencies!

If you’re looking for more ways to get her more excited every time she sees you then you are in the right place because we will give you different tips and tricks as well as valuable information to get her obsessed with you!

Taurus woman is the second sign of the zodiac wheel, marked by spring, she opens up the energy beginning from April 20 up to May 20, a slow earth-fixed sign that is warm-hearted, kind, and charming, and at the same time beautiful and alluring. Taurus woman is the embodiment of beauty and charm.

Being a Venusian sign, this woman exudes natural feminine beauty and is an incredibly slow-paced lover often wanting romance and slow-burning touch that soothes the core and essence of the relationship. Alongside that, she is an innocent seducer not knowing that her presence can attract most people.

She is a delicate lady full of elegance and compassion, she is sensual and delicate in her approach to love and life. She often uses her charm to outsmart people. When it comes to her obsession tendencies she often goes for looks and a man who can appreciate classy elegance, art, and beauty…

She is powerful when she uses her beauty, she is a magnificent lover, wanting to pleasure and be pleasured, she can be however loyal and faithful.

As bad as a hedonist she might seem to be the earthy and fixed nature of Taurus can make her prone to staying over and getting attached to her partner easily and as such she often pursues a long-term relationship rather than a flirty one.

Let’s talk more about your Taurus woman and her obsessive tendencies and what are the ways you can do to make her go crazy over you…

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Taurus Women and Obsession Tendencies

Taurus women crave beauty! This means that at least they desire and dream of their partner to be as good-looking if not more good-looking than them! However, do not fret! Physical beauty can be manipulated but genuine beauty comes from within and how you present yourself to the world!

Their obsession tendencies result from them being obsessed with the idea of beauty, the more they have it in their life the more they think their life is perfectly intact, in this case when looking for a suitable partner Taurus women will always fawn over conventionally attractive men who know how to handle themself well.

Often than not Taurus women are attracted to men who know how to dress well and know how to look good in the social scene, appearances matter, and an image or reputation should be highly considered when you’re trying to attract a Taurus man. 

Your Taurus woman knows that in this world beauty is capable of granting you access to many social privileges and as such, it would be enough boost for her if you are considered top of the hierarchy.

She loves the idea of falling in love but she plans it carefully, she doesn’t get infatuated with random dudes, and she falls in love with a man who can exceed elegance. A man who gives vibes of being intelligent, humble yet attractive.

As such it can be a good way to work on your appearance when attracting your Taurus woman.

You must also be careful with your voice and the way you present yourself to her! Remember that a Taurus woman is sensitive to social cues and body language that might deem you unattractive.

The best man that can easily attract a Taurus woman is a man with high confidence and an attractive manly appearance while appearing humble and kind to others.

How to Get Your Taurus Woman to Obsess Over You? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Be conventionally attractive!

If you’re not tall, muscular, or in any way attractive like those Hollywood actors you see on screen worry not! It is incredibly important to nurture good self-esteem first before building anything in your life.

In this case, work on the stuff that you can change! If you’re a bit scrawny or adding some weight lately try to hit the gym more often!

Work on your fragrance and hygiene! It is incredibly important that you appear neat and clean at all times especially when you’re around her. Work on positive body language such as improving the tone of your voice and being mindful of any awkwardness that might come in your body.

Be sensual in masculine terms have a swag that no other guy could reach and you will have your Taurus woman fawning over you! Remember confidence is the key to building attraction with her!

2. Treat her nicely!

The second step that you need to do to make your Taurus woman fawn over you is to show genuine kindness! Unlike other women who are attracted to bold bad-boy types, your Taurus woman finds it incredibly attractive when a man shows that he can be nice and friendly to other people.

Being a good-natured person often is an attractive trait that your Taurus woman desires in her partner which means you need to show her you are a kind person with no bad or hidden intentions! Try being more helpful to those who are in need and see how positive her reaction is toward you!

3. Be dominant at all times

Being kind doesn’t mean you have to be goody two shoes that will be kind to everyone. As much as possible it is best to still show signs of confidence and assertion to show to her that you are comfortable around your skin and that you do not care about anyone’s opinion.

Work on body language that conveys a powerful presence, when you are showing her that you are masculine and dominant the more she’ll express her feminine and submissive traits. It is complementary energy that will work best for both of you!

4. Romantic flirting is a must

The fourth step in making sure that your Taurus woman fawns over you and abscess over you is that you must keep the aura and energy of the relationship between the both of you full of excitement and passion you can do this by incorporating romantic flirting! 

Romantic flirting is a two-way process in which you can actively express sexual and romantic interest to her to be casual and confident when talking to her and let it flow smoothly instead of being agitated also try to incorporate real conversation instead of using a pickup line.

Cheesy pickup lines don’t seduce her and often turn her off for the wrong reasons, instead be more fun and light-hearted when casually opening up to her and complimenting her genuinely. When you do this the more she’s gonna remember the conversation.

The more imprint you have on her the more likely she’s gonna become obsessed with you!

5. Be Charismatic with people

One fact that you should know is that your Taurus woman loves socializing and mingling with other people and as such it is an incredibly attractive trait to her when she sees that a man is capable of having fun and mingling with other people!

To turn on your charisma you should be a good listener and let people speak while being a calm and confident person…

Smile more and find mutuality in stories that other people talk about the more you become a charming and charismatic person the more you Taurus woman will be totally fawning over you like no other!

6. Take her on fancy adventures!

Show off your beauty and sensuality by being a classy gentleman! Pursue her by showing her you are capable of showing the finer things in life when given an opportunity casually ask her out and take her on a fancy date! A restaurant or place that gives old money vibes is a great way to show off your personality!

Alongside that when doing this you must have an allotted budget! Do not be in a rush plan the date and imagine how it would play out to be instead of being in a rush! Remember to plan the date to impress her but don’t try too hard keep it cool and let your swag take over!

7. Go work on yourself!

Last step but the most important one! Work on empowering yourself more! In life, your Taurus woman will be insanely attracted to you if she knows how great you are and how distinguished you are in your capabilities.

As such being a better person overall is a great way to make sure that your Taurus woman and all women for that matter will see you as a love potential!

Go to the gym and improve your physical aesthetics! Focus on making your place as cozy and beautiful as possible! Work on your passion and let it be known to the world! Show that you are a better man by living a good and happy life!

By doing this you are attracting her effortlessly as your aura and energy become more loveable and attractive….

Taurus Woman: The Beautiful Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Taurus woman is a sensual and beautiful lover, she represents beauty personified and you’ll experience immense pleasure once you get with her in a relationship, she’s infatuated and obsessed with a man who embodies masculine charm and beauty.

Show her you can match the level of the aesthetic she has and she’ll surely fawn over you no matter what!

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