Why is your Aquarius Woman Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to show you Aquarius women and their jealousy issues while giving you essential information as to why they would be jealous and what signs to look out for while with them! We will also give you tips and tricks on how to properly sort it out with a jealous Aquarius woman!

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Your Aquarius woman is the 11th sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Water-Bearer, astrologically speaking your Aquarius woman is one of the most progressive and independent signs out there! Being an air and fixed sign ruled by Uranus which is the planet of revolution and rebellion!

She is an independent thinker and she is powerful in her own right! She thinks outside the box and knows how to blend well with people. She is smart, progressive, witty, humorous, and knows how to handle her relationships well.

In a relationship she is exceptionally loving, often her love shows through acts of service and quality time.

However, jealousy and other negative emotions can get in her way, let’s tackle more on what makes your Aquarius woman jealous and how jealous she can be when it comes to relationships!

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How Jealous Can Your Aquarius Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 7/10

Your Aquarius woman deems herself superior in terms of self-control and handling her relationships, she often likes the fact that she can determine what kind of emotion is petty enough to be shown to other people, and as such, she has a remarkably stoic approach in life.

Nevertheless, she is remarkably the most possessive out of all the air signs this is because she’s incredibly suited for long-term relationships and dislikes flings or hookups. As such she might deem you to be remarkable in some way if she settles with you.

Your Aquarius woman is also incredibly intelligent and will feel jealous when she sees the sign that the person is romantically interested in you or if the person is doing ways to go out and ruin the relationship either way she will try to shrug it off and repress what she’s truly feeling and might use humor to deflect it.

Deep inside her rage is seething and ready to come out any minute. She might look nice on the outside but deep inside she might be feeling different ways about how to get back with the person. Her jealousy is as strong due to her fixed modality.

Just like the other fixed signs she is possessive and will protect what’s hers and won’t be afraid to speak up if she deems it important so.

Signs Your Aquarius Woman Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She becomes emotionally unavailable

The first sign you’ll notice is that she’ll often be spaced out and out of reach, she might spend her free time more alone and away from you, and you will notice that she will be incredibly cold in her approach towards you. The romance is less and less available until you’ll realize that she’s jealous.

2. She becomes the ice queen

The second sign that your Aquarius woman is jealous is that she will be incredibly cold and aloof towards you this is because she’s trying to control and sort out all the emotions inside of her and as much as she tries to act fine her heart is telling her that her anger and jealousy is justified.

3. She becomes hyper-fixed on partying

Whether it’s partying or attending a social scene accompanied by her becoming an ice queen is also making sure that she feels unfazed or unhurt by the situation she’s going through as such you’ll often see her creating a party girl facade that masks her emotional vulnerability.

4. She will go on a trip alone

The fourth sign that your Aquarius woman is jealous is that she will often go and want to be on her trips and adventures alone. This is due to the fact that she is still not over the fact that she is jealous and that she might try to control her wandering mind by traveling!

5. She will deflect her pain using humor

Another Aquarian trait if you’re not using that she is using more and more humor to seemingly make fun of the person or the emotions she’s feeling then she is probably jealous of that person! The jokes can be wildly funny and sarcastic, often mocking the person or the state of your relationship.

6. She will despise the person on social media

The sixth sign that your Aquarius woman is jealous is that she will despise the person on social media, it can be that she used to be friends with that person on social media but now she unfollowed her, or she might be sharing posts or stories that heavily hints to her disliking that person.

Whatever it may be it is a good sign that she is jealous of that person!

7. She’ll tell you eventually…

The last sign but the most flat-out obvious that your Aquarius woman is jealous of the person is that she will tell it directly and bluntly!

Whether you like it or not your Aquarius woman will not sit around and let it slide she will be honest and truthful once she gains the courage to tell on what’s happening and you’ll eventually understand why she is jealous in the first place…

How to stop your Aquarius Woman from being Jealous!

To stop your Aquarius woman from being jealous you must show her that you will do the necessary stuff to block that person off or cut that person off from your life whether it is you physically putting boundaries or unfriending the person on Facebook.

Whatever it may be you must show to her you care by doing these things.

Alongside that, you must have an open flow of conversation with her and let yourself be vulnerable, in this case, try to be more understanding and try to comfort her pain by being an active listener! Listen well to what she says and give effective feedback! Don’t just listen and listen! Be smart when talking to her…

When you do this you are becoming a better partner for your Aquarius woman and at the same time, you are also showing her that you are truly faithful and that you are doing necessary things to make her feel comfortable in the relationship.

In addition to that also match the energy she is giving you. Do more acts of service and quality time, you can try being more helpful in her work or try giving her moral support every once in a while. Show to her that she truly matters to you and in no time she’ll be more passionately in love with you!

Aquarius Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Aquarius woman loves hard! She craves a long-term relationship and thus she feels the need to question your loyalty to her. With that said, her jealousy is a feeling that she usually tries to hide but miserably fails to do so depending on how well she can repress it.

Do the things aforementioned above and you’ll surely cure your Aquarius woman’s jealousy and make the relationship passionate, fruitful, and long-lasting!

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