What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Woman

You may be planning on giving an Aquarius woman the silent treatment and are curious about how she would react. If you want to have a deeper understanding of ignoring an Aquarius woman, I have listed everything you need to know below!

When you ignore an Aquarius woman, she will cut you off her life because she will eventually lose interest in you. An Aquarius woman will demand an explanation as to why you are ignoring her and she may even ignore you back. If you ignore her for a long time, an Aquarius woman may eventually move on.

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That said, let’s first look at your Aquarius woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry!!

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Aquarius Woman’s Weaknesses

An Aquarius woman is a born rebel, and she lacks empathy. Despite this, an Aquarius woman can triumph if she can get above her weaknesses.

An Aquarius woman’s distinctive behavior revolves around emotionally separating herself from others, which makes her stand out from the crowd and also makes her more prone to acting in a sinister way.

An Aquarius woman lacks empathy, is egocentric, and believes she is better than everyone else. An Aquarius woman has a standoffish demeanor and can be difficult when pushed over her comfort zones.

Compared to other signs, the Aquarius woman is also colder and more physically aggressive. An Aquarius woman may be affectionate and have the ability to get joy out of nothing because she is independent and logical.

An Aquarius woman doesn’t express her emotions while she is out with other people because of the established order in her love life. An Aquarius woman would perceive the world by not believing her own emotions since she has strong instincts.

An Aquarius woman can also be arrogant, unpredictable in her behavior, and even explosive in her attitude.

When An Aquarius Woman Is Mad…

An Aquarius woman may start becoming chilly and aloof. She will be able to express herself in this way without coming across as impolite or harsh, and it also serves to safeguard her from further harm. It will help you if you understand that an Aquarius woman is not trying to hide her sentiments.

Rather, this is how she prefers to communicate. An Aquarius woman might choose to follow these relationships instead of sticking with yours if you decide to ignore her at this point.

If an Aquarius woman chooses to share her emotions with you, you’ll probably hear some extremely harsh or critical comments. Though it is guaranteed that an Aquarius woman will always be aware of how her actions affected her emotions, she will move toward the future in a healthy way.

Even if in the past an Aquarius woman had been welcoming and laid back, she might now become critical or judgemental. An Aquarius woman is doubting the viability of your connection, and you will need to consider your relationship’s viability as well.

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When You Ignore An Aquarius Woman…

She cuts you off

When you ignore an Aquarius woman, she will become upset. When the Aquarius woman is upset, she will quickly cut you off. Despite not being a sensitive sign, an Aquarius woman becomes withdrawn when her trust is violated.

An Aquarius woman takes some time to open up, but once she does, she will be a fiercely loyal lover. When an Aquarius woman experiences being ignored in a romantic relationship, all of her attractive qualities might turn into her strongest suit.

Aquarius women adore attention and hate being ignored the most.

Therefore, if you continue to ignore your Aquarius woman, there is a good probability that she may wish to end your relationship. She is the wild child of the zodiac and very free-spirited, so it implies that she is unable to adopt a submissive attitude.

An Aquarius woman would continually rebel against people who hurt her, making sure that she broke them with her hurtful words.

She will demand an explanation

Sometimes ignoring an Aquarius woman will also benefit you because she might seriously consider discussing the issue that is bothering you and making an effort to resolve it.

Dealing with an Aquarius woman does not call for beating about the bush and lying through your teeth because false hopes will not subdue her. It’s a good idea to be upfront with an Aquarius woman and let her know your genuine intentions.

An Aquarius woman is capable of fighting with powerful logic and a variety of facts at her disposal, therefore it is highly likely that she will be unforgiving.

If you’ve played with an Aquarius woman’s feelings, feel bad and say you’re sorry.

She appreciates someone who can take responsibility for their mistakes and stand up for themselves because an Aquarius woman finds cowardly behavior and the blame game to be quite off-putting, and she won’t be interested in spending time with them.

An Aquarius woman will lose any interest or wants she formerly had for you if you are dishonest and deceitful.

She will move on

As I mentioned before, an Aquarius woman will cut you off because she is eager to cut ties with people who don’t mesh with her. Since your woman is an Aquarius, an air sign, she will move quickly and think quickly.

An Aquarius woman wouldn’t allow herself to remain heartbroken for very long because being depleted saps all of her energy. An Aquarius woman will stop interacting with you and start talking to her vast group of friends right away to keep herself busy with you, which makes it easier for her to move on.

An Aquarius woman might eventually change; depending on how hurt she is and how the suffering affects her, she might also discover someone better.

An Aquarius woman carries herself with a certain amount of dignity, therefore she wouldn’t go out of her way to damage her reputation by managing her personal situation carelessly.

When you stop helping an Aquarius woman play mind games with her heart, she immediately releases herself from your grasp.

She loses interest

Your relationship can take a big step back if they view your act of ignoring as being extremely immature and foolish. An Aquarius woman might gradually stop caring about you and regard you less.

As a result, you might want to think twice before going ahead with your plans or decisions because your Aquarius woman will definitely not put up with pointless outbursts. An Aquarius woman could also leave you out in the cold when her heart gets too bitter and she will distance herself from you and behave as if you don’t exist.

Certain behaviors, such as ignoring her, will be taken extremely seriously and very negatively by your Aquarius woman. An Aquarius woman thinks that choosing to ignore someone rather than discuss any issues with them shows a lack of maturity.

Expect an Aquarius woman to block you from her contact list when she is disillusioned by you because you suddenly have no place in her life.  So before making such drastic decisions, you should consider your Aquarius woman’s feelings because you never know how your actions may upset her.

She will ignore you too

An Aquarius woman tends to be reserved and to get her to come out of her shell requires a lot of time and work. An Aquarius woman is typically viewed as an aloof being who exists in separate spheres.

Therefore, if you suddenly start ignoring an Aquarius woman in some circumstances where she is gradually opening up, she can end up growing further away from you rather than closer to you, which is not a good thing.

An Aquarius woman might change her mind about who you are and how she feels about you.

An Aquarius woman finds dealing with someone’s temper tantrums to be stressful; as a result, she might not give them much attention. Therefore, if you ignore an Aquarius woman repeatedly, she might actually give up and ignore you too.

People who are close to an Aquarius woman always perceive them as unyielding, and it’s partially accurate. By ignoring you back, there is a good possibility that an Aquarius woman will make you pay for it later.

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What happens when you ignore an Aquarius woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore an Aquarius woman:

  • She cuts you off
  • She demands explanation
  • She will move on
  • She loses interest
  • She will ignore you too



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