How does an Aquarius Woman Express Love?

Do you know what an Aquarius woman does when she’s in love? How does an Aquarius woman express her romantic and sexual feelings to her partner? Do not fret! Because In this article! we are all going to show you how an Aquarius woman expresses love!

We will also give you romantic and sexual tips to get your Aquarius woman to express more of his love to you!

Your Aquarius woman expresses her feelings through showing radical love, she loves pragmatically, and she knows that love is to be given selflessly without the need for reciprocation, she gives more than she receives, and she will also show and express her love through her efforts and actions that are endlessly thoughtful and heartwarming…

Your Aquarius woman is the 11th sign of the zodiac sign, represented by the Water-bearer, she is extremely thoughtful and logical-driven, she likes to think and process her emotions from a logical point of view, and she despises vulnerability and delicate emotions.

She believes she is up high from those human emotions that she deems to be the main cause of suffering, however, it is far from the truth…

The Aquarius woman deeply hides her inner-most emotions because she is afraid of being judged for it, Deep inside she believes in genuine kindness, she is honest, polite, and generous but she is also not afraid to stand up for herself and be outspoken when needed…

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With all of that said, The Aquarius woman expresses her love differently and uniquely makes her stand out from the other zodiac signs, now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how an Aquarius woman expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her significant partner…

Let’s dig deep in!

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How does an Aquarius Woman express her feelings?

The Aquarius woman expresses her feelings by letting her partner know that she means to her! With that, she will be more open to doing actions and efforts that will show you how much she means to you, it can be an act of service, or she might do stuff to reach out and make you feel comfortable.

Either way, these things will truly show how much she means to you, she will also be incredibly helpful and supportive as a partner.

She will partake a great deal of effort in making sure your goals are met with ease, and she will be an active listener, she will greatly comfort you in times of your setbacks and will offer you solutions to your problems.

Your Aquarius woman being a fixed air sign, will be greatly focused on communicating with you at all times, 24/7, day and night talking will surely be one of the ways that she will express her love for you.

The conversations aren’t emotional or mushy-gushy, it is rather fun, interesting, and something a “best friend” would do in conversations.

Because your Aquarius woman has deep repressed emotional feelings and can have past traumas lingering, she might have a hard time opening up about her emotional state or vulnerabilities and might try to brush it off by keeping a light-hearted and humorous conversation.

When this happens, it is best to tell her that you are patient enough and understanding, it can take time so let her be…

In a romantic relationship, your Aquarius woman will also express her feelings more by showing you the fun stuff, whether it’s her favorite film or series, or her favorite pastime activity to do…

She will incorporate it and share it with you in the relationship, she will also do things out of love, she doesn’t want you to reciprocate back the effort, she just does it because you mean so much to her!

In lovemaking, she can be eccentric, do not be afraid or surprised if she tells you a fetish or kink that wildly fascinates and turns her on, instead, go along with it and try to incorporate it into the sex that both of you have.

She can be experimental in bed, she can assume both the dominant and submissive roles, and can like a variety of positions…

Overall, an Aquarius woman in love is a selfless and loving woman, she wants you and she desires you but she understands that you are a whole human being capable of thinking and being independent, so rather than attaching herself to you she gives you full power to do what you want.

She expresses her love more in actions rather than words and it shows in how she manages to please you in the relationship.

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How to get your Aquarius woman to express her love to you!

Share with her your hobbies or passion

When you’re with your Aquarius woman it is important to take the unconventional route, she despises the norms and likes to do things her way which makes her a very unique and interesting person to be with, this shows in her variety of hobbies or passions.

With that said, it is also important that you share with her your loved hobbies and passion because it embarks a good relationship between the both of you, with you sharing your interests, you are showing to her that you are open to letting her know who you truly are as a person!

So do not be afraid! Whether it’s an eccentric hobby or interest, no matter what it is, share it with your Aquarius woman and see how interested she would be! Not only that she will be more open to expressing her love for you!

Be an open and honest person

Be straightforward with no filter, and do not be afraid to be as outspoken and blunt as possible, this is a deeply admirable trait that your Aquarius woman craves in her man. Whether it is from day-to-day conversation or you are in an intimate conversation with her, it is important, to be honest with her!

Whether it is your past or whatever it might be, being an open book to her means that you can be trusted and that you are truly genuine in your actions toward her.

By doing these things, not only you are making yourself a valuable person to her, but you are also showing her that she can do the same, that she can also be outspoken and tell her vulnerabilities without any repercussions…

Traveling with her cures her soul

Your Aquarius woman is fond of traveling to distant places because it fuels her knowledge and experiences, as such, it is a great idea to treat her on an adventure!

Tell her where you will both travel, preferably it should be away from your home town or city or better yet the travel must be from another country. By doing this, you are curing her immense boredom and erratic nature but also you are making her feel a more strong emotional and mental connection to you!

Because traveling to foreign places can make her meet plenty of strangers, you are offering her “familiarity”, one that is loveable and admired…

Be Strong, Confident, and Outspoken!

One of the traits that she truly values in a man is a man who exudes a strong and confident personality, she wants a man who is not controlled by his own emotions, is not guilt-tripping, and is not fearful but rather exudes pure masculine confidence!

With that said to embody the traits of the strong man, you must genuinely work the core of your inside, do this not to impress or please her but rather to seek improvement out of you. Exude strength by being rational and decisive also exude physical strength by keeping your body healthy and by training.

Train your confidence by speaking up, being more active in social events and gatherings, and practicing assertive body posture and language. Being outspoken not being afraid to speak for what is right, by standing up for the people who don’t have a voice too.

By embodying these traits, you can make your Aquarius woman feel more at ease with you because she feels feminine towards you, not only she will be insanely attracted to you, but she will also express her genuine compliments about you!

Believe in something and fight for it

This is related to embodying an outspoken personality, as said above. Remember that your Aquarius woman is deeply moved by the idea of activism and radical change, with that said, it is best to have a certain idea or cause that you truly believe that’s worth fighting for…

Keep your sex life wild and interesting…

Tap into your raw sexual energy! To keep an Aquarius woman you must satisfy her deeply erratic sexual energy, be sure to incorporate lots of sex and intimacy into the relationship!

With that said, you should try taking on a variety when having sex with her, try doing more interactive role-plays where both of you can enjoy the role that you are assuming.

You can also try doing a variety of sex positions that can be pleasurable for both of you, remember that communicating what feels good and what doesn’t is the main key to making the sex more passionate and exciting!

Be patient with her…

On the last list goes… to show her that you can be trusted and that she can truly express her vulnerable feelings about you, your Aquarius woman must feel safe!

Remember that deep inside that cold exterior of your Aquarius woman is her deep sensitivity and genuine kindness, try to be understanding and tell her that you can wait and that it’s no big deal if she truly expresses her love for you.

Tell her and reaffirm to her that you truly want her and love her, try pouring more love by being emotionally open to her but do not force her to give it back the same way you’re doing.

Instead, understand and be patient, know that your Aquarius woman deeply expressing her love through her own words can be quite difficult and can take some time…

However, when done right, she can and will certainly get to express her love for you making the relationship more stable, fruitful, and long-lasting!

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How an Aquarius Woman shows love (& how to receive love from her!), final thoughts…

Your Aquarius woman’s love runs deep and it shows in her thoughtful actions and acts of service, her love is transfixed, she is openly honest and straightforward about things, and she believes that real love should be given selflessly without the want of being reciprocated back.

She loves with all her heart and soul and it might not be shown expressively by the words she is uttering, you can truly feel it with the things she is capable of doing just to make you feel loved and protected…

Take note that applying the tips mentioned above will deeply encourage her to allow herself to be more vulnerable and open about her romantic feelings towards you, although it will take time, trust in it and surely you will have a fruitful relationship with her in no time!

Also, remember that this is a general overview of how an Aquarius woman expresses her feelings to you, there can be other ways she might express her love to you depending on her full personality.

Remember that your Aquarius woman has her sun in Aquarius, but her Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and her rising sign can be different, amplifying or tweaking her Aquarian traits…

The only way to find out is by setting up an accurate birth chart for your partner, you can do that by finding out her birthday and birth time as well as her location of birth, remember that the placements of the signs, houses, and planets in her birth chart can give a wholly accurate and precise depiction of what your Aquarius woman’s whole personality is!



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