Does an Aquarius Woman Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to show you all the information we’ve got on Aquarius women and their cheating habits, we’re gonna tell you the answer to why an Aquarius woman would cheat and what are the dead giveaways to look out for that can determine if your Aquarius woman is cheating on you!

An Aquarius woman has the potential to cheat on her partner if she’s inclined on her shadow side, she thinks that settling on a committed monogamous relationship is restricting her freedom and full capability to experience fun, an Aquarius woman also cheats to regain control or she just struggles with commitment in the first place.

The Aquarius woman is the deeply quirky and unconventional woman of the zodiac, smart, fierce, loyal, and independent, her energy radiates progression and collective understanding, this woman values freedom and genuine understanding of the world around her. 

The Aquarius woman is also the fiercely independent woman of the zodiac wheel, she knows she is more than just her outer appearance and strives for more knowledge, she is smart, outstanding, brilliant, and one of a kind.

However due to her social awkwardness and heavy introversion, this woman can be seen as unconventional and quirky by other people, nevertheless, her erratic and moody behavior can make her emotions volatile and can sometimes make her try some impulsively and rebellious things in his lifetime.

When in love, she’ll be a wonderful friend and at the same time lover, she can show her love in the most unconventional of ways and can be extremely fixed in loving and devoting her life to her partner…As long as she still gets space and freedom.

With that said, there can be several ways why your Aquarius woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Aquarius woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if she’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s find out!

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Are Aquarius Women More Likely to Cheat?

Not really, Aquarius women aren’t promiscuous or the types of girls who would enjoy flings and occasional romantic escapades, they rarely fall in love and if they do, they struggle with expressing their emotions and would rather build the romance through friendship.

It is best to say that Aquarius women aren’t the ones with the extreme emotional desires to want love and passion, they are rather interested in their pursuits, usually, Aquarius women are stuck in their world of thoughts, usually, their interests are seen as “weird” and quirky by others, they might be interested in conspiracy theories, aliens, other dimensions or the occult.

With that said, the amount of information they know about these topics can make them great conversationalists, but they are also not the types of people who would like discussing mushy gushy conversations about their sentimental values.

With that said, terms an Aquarius woman in a relationship, she will usually be faithful and extremely diligent in making sure her partner feels loved, she will not however tolerate any bad behavior or disrespect, this bad attitude can result in her shutting down her emotions for you.

The Aquarius woman isn’t likely to cheat even if there are circumstances given to her that will make her be tempted to, she has a great amount of self-control that no other zodiac signs can have, she can however cheat on her partner to prove a point or to exert power and dominance in the relationship…

With all of that in mind, the Aquarius woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has similar Air placements (Libra, Gemini) and fiery fire placements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the relationships formed with these placements are deemed long-term because they are compatible in terms of outlooks in the relationship!

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Why Do Aquarius Women Cheat?

There can several reasons why an Aquarius woman would cheat on you, to start, Aquarius men aren’t known to be promiscuous, it takes time for them to fall in love, and sometimes it is even impossible for them to fall in love.

First and foremost, a prominent reason why Aquarius women cheat is that they’re trying to prove something to their partner, usually, they will deliberately emotionally cheat rather than physically cheat, this can be a form of entertaining other men on social media or talking and flirting to other guys.

This unhealthy and toxic way of trying to gain approval by proving something usually stems from their trauma and past insecurities and can be rooted in her family problems or relationship problems in the past, either way, both can wreak havoc on her mind.

Another reason why an Aquarius woman would cheat on you is that either she is in a mutually-abusive relationship or she is exerting her freedom in the relationship in which she feels she is being heavily constricted, she feels that showing her partner that she can and she can cheat will give some form of humiliation to her partner.

An Aquarius woman demands space and freedom, the kind where she can still be herself and express her creative pursuit without her partner trying to control everything she says or do, if this boundary is disrespected, she can retaliate by cheating on her partner.

Another reason why an Aquarius woman would cheat on you is that she feels she is not compatible with you, she thinks both of you do not mutually understand each other and she feels she is being neglected and misunderstood.

She feels alienated most of the time because of her thoughts and unusually creative ideas so if she feels she’s not getting enough support in the relationship and she feels that her partner doesn’t understand her or even mentally connect with her, she’ll be more likely to try cheat.

This can happen when her ideas are being invalidated or she is being shamed for whatever creative pursuit she is into, either she feels disrespected and now she would rather be away from you than stay in your relationship which she deems as “not progressive” and toxic.

The other reason could also be the fact that she never genuinely loved you and was non-committal all along, remember that this sign holds the energy of disruptive energy and rebellion, she might feel like she can and she would cheat because she feels she is expressing her freedom more.

This can be incredibly toxic and draining to the other partner who gets the short end of the stick, if you are a partner of an Aquarius woman and you feel she is showing this unresponsive energy that is devoid of love and trust, it is best to see things in your perspective and see if you’re getting any benefits.

If you’re not getting any and instead you’re just feeling tired in the relationship, it is best to properly talk things out to her and move on…

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How to Find out if your Aquarius Woman is Cheating on you?

There can be obvious signs that your Aquarius woman is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you, these potential signs must be an early warning sign to leave and cut off the potentially damaging effects of the toxic relationship that will be brought upon by the deceit and lies of cheating.

The first red flag sign that your Aquarius woman is cheating on you is that she’s treating you more like an acquaintance rather than a lover, if your interactions with her become less and less flirty and romantic, this is a giveaway sign that she has her sexual energy on someone else.

An Aquarius woman who is not quirky and shows no positive energy with you is a dead giveaway that she might be seeing someone else, this is also a bad sign that your Aquarius woman is keeping something from you and she is pushing you back into the friend zone.

Another bad giveaway that your Aquarius woman is cheating on you is that she is creating a field or fortress that pushes you away, she will be less and less talkative to you day by day and will not engage in any meaningful or positive experiences with you.

She will be emotionally and physically distant, she might not even respond to your messages or calls, this is a bad sign that she’s on the verge of “ghosting” you or temporarily or even permanently getting rid of you.

There will be a lot of silence at home and you will not hear her talk even for days, a sign of disconnection is a primary sign of a disinterested Aquarius woman. The last giveaway that tells she’s cheating all along is her telling you so!

Listen to her! Your Aquarius woman might directly or indirectly tell you that she’s not happy with the relationship anymore or that she’s bored or she feels she’s not compatible with you anymore, if she tells you she is unhappy and then accompanied by a lot of more frequent going outs with her friends or coworkers, then she’s probably cheating on you.

An Aquarius woman can justify her mistake or cheating by thinking that her cheating is a way to get out of an unhappy and dreadful relationship, she might also think that she is exercising her freedom by trying out an affair, she believes that it is acceptable to cheat if she deems the relationship not worthy of being saved.

Overall, a cheating Aquarius woman will make your relationship unlikeable and unwanted in the end, she will be extremely nonchalant about things and will not pursue any passionate or sexual experiences with you, when you feel this is where your relationship is going, you have the power to break off the relationship and be the first one to move on.

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Final Verdict: Leave your Aquarius Woman and Live your life to the fullest!

Love it or hate it, the Aquarian woman’s urge to exercise her freedom can be her greatest strength or downfall, she can be fixed to fighting what’s right or she can be tempted to use her freedom at the expense of other people’s feelings and boundaries.

Always remember that a cheating Aquarius woman probably has a lot of unresolved traumas and issues within herself and that it was never your fault, her cheating on you was her own choice, she deliberately chose that path and now she has to suffer the consequences of her actions.

The best advice when dealing with a toxic and cheating Aquarius woman: show her you can match her level of detachment and aloofness, observe your situation with her in a third-person point of view, look at yourself and see how you’re being mistreated,  by then you’ll realize you need to get out of that relationship that has been disrespecting your worth.

Time to let go, move on, do not try to forget the attachments but rather seek insight as to how it happened, try to be more inclined to put self-compassion, you’ll need it more in this breakup journey…

In the meanwhile, live, love and see the beauty of the world around you, time for appreciation and forgiveness, this is the best revenge you can ever have for her — living life happy and unbothered without her.

Do not be afraid to love again, be open to the good side of life and be open to receiving any kind of form of love, this is the greatest step in healing and improving yourself and your life journey, realize that it was her loss in the first place and not yours, only by then you’ll truly realize the amount of power you have. 

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