Where does an Aquarius Woman Like to Be Touched?

Do you wish to please your Aquarius woman more and you want to know where her erogenous zones lie? Do you want to know where your Aquarius woman likes to be touched, massaged, and caressed? Do you know how to work on these areas of sensitivity and pleasure?

How do you massage, caress, and touch these areas of your Aquarius woman? What is she like during foreplay and how does she react when she gets at ease, relaxed, and pleasured? What massage techniques should you do with these erogenous zones?

Worry no more! In this article, we will talk about how your Aquarius woman likes to be touched in her erogenous areas! We will tell you exactly how your Aquarius lady likes to be touched during foreplay and the erogenous zones that you can massage to make her feel relaxed.

Where are her pleasure spots and how should you utilize the power of touch to bring immense sensations to these body areas? Alongside that, we will also give you some insights on how to properly massage, touch, and caress these areas of sensitivity!

We will give you some insider tips on the useful techniques especially techniques of massages that you can do to make your Aquarius woman relaxed!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Aquarius woman is particularly sensitive around the lower portion of the body specifically the calves, the lower legs, and the ankles. These are your Aquarius woman’s erogenous areas that you can effectively utilize to arouse and pleasure her.

If you want to give immense pleasure and sensations to her body pay particular attention to these areas.

Also, your Aquarius woman tends to be sex-positive and pretty open-minded so talking to her about what feels best during sex is good as it helps both of you explore and become adventurous in your sexuality.

Be wild, fun, and passionate when touching her, and be sure to always show intense emotions when touching her. This makes her highly engaged and aroused.

Aquarius women are the epitome of beauty and intelligence. Extremely bright and logical they are the trendsetters of the zodiac and they unknowingly attract attention and the spotlight with their unconventional and quirky attitude.

They possess extremely “cool” vibes which can make them a bit intimidating to some people. Cold to the front yet extremely warm-hearted. Aquarius women are genuine and extremely kind-hearted.

Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the zodiac so they can be quite fond of building organizations that can help people.

Aquarius women are quirky, intelligent, logical, and creative and are the men of the zodiac who are often marked for their bravery, intelligence, independence, and sometimes rebelliousness. 

Aquarian energy is about disruption and dismantling old limiting beliefs so Aquarius women or women with heavy Aquarius placements may be capable of creating great change in society.

They are influential and powerful when they use their creative talents and passion. Their power comes from not following the crowd and staying unique to their passion and true selves.

Aquarius women are the frontiers of making progress through rebellion. They do not sit around and follow the tradition or the rules they are the ones who question the rules that can be questionable and undeniably unfair. This is why they innovative change and progress.

Aquarian energy is all about dismantling old belief systems and traditions that no longer serve us. Aquarian energy has brought many powerful and influential changes in the world such as technology and the internet! Aquarian energy shakes the world you live in!

You might notice that your Aquarius woman can be quite detached no matter how friendly or sociable she might be. Yes, she is quite extroverted and can be quite playful and friendly with friends but she remains a closed book to many people.

You’ll also notice that she’s pretty open-minded and won’t be the type of partner who’s demanding, controlling, or jealous. She knows that each of us has our individuality and there is no point in controlling someone’s actions.

Aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac wheel so it makes sense that there is a sense of maturity and groundedness regardless of being an Air sign. Alongside that Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn and its modern ruler is Uranus.

There can be some sort of god complex that inhibits the Aquarius woman from truly empathizing with people. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and is the eleventh sign of the zodiac wheel. Aquarius exhibit both heavy and strong influences and their independence can often pave the way to a successful life.

Aquarius women when evolved and have learned how to truly open up and realize that sharing emotions is vital in building strong connections with other people can be some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Truly kind, understanding, friendly, sociable, helpful, and will fight for you no matter the cause.

They can also express their humanitarian, observant, analytical, artistic, and creative attitude when they’re at their best and they can properly organize their thoughts and emotions because they logically think without letting their emotion hinder their decision-making skills.

At worst an unevolved Aquarius woman can become cold and can quite put impenetrable barriers that hinder people from truly getting to know her. She will have a god complex and will think she’s better than everyone and she uses her intelligence to scare off and intimidate people.

She can be detached, emotionless, and rebellious just to spite people. This robotic approach to life and relationships can make her life stale, boring, and devoid of passion and love. She can also be aloof and quite sarcastic when angered.

In romantic relationships, your Aquarius woman can be more of a dynamic friend and lover than a traditional wife who you expect to do the cleaning and chores. She’s more of a great companion who will be your shoulder to cry on and a friend to rant on whenever life gets hard to type of way.

She’s also more experimentative and adventurous when it comes to intimacy she needs independence and emotional space to thrive so try not to be too clingy or touchy with her as it can ruin your chances of getting her aroused.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Aquarius woman and scratched a little bit of her personality let’s dig deep into how your Aquarius woman like to be touched, massaged or caressed. How can you turn your Aquarius woman on by touching her during the foreplay act? 

Let’s find out!

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Where does an Aquarius Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Aquarius women have their lower legs, calves, and ankles as their erogenous zones meaning that these body parts can be extremely sensitive and pleasurable when touched, massaged, or caressed.

Alongside that, you also have to remember that her ankle is the centermost part of her pleasure area so particularly emphasize this one body area by gently massaging and caressing. 

The calves and ankles are especially sensitive and highly pleasurable when you gently massage them. To massage these areas you must let her sit down in a chair as you carefully gently glide your fingertips and the palm of your hands to create pressure.

You should however pay attention to making the strokes and glides lighter as you move toward the ankles as these areas can be highly sensitive and putting too much pressure can make it ticklish for her.

You can also ask her to lie down and relax as you do a sensual calf and leg massage. To make this massage lusty and sexual you can put more oil or lube on the legs and begin by stroking and gliding your fingertips through the skin of her calves and legs.

Gently rub her skin and feel the tense areas as you glide through it smoothly. This will immensely turn him on and make him feel love and pleasure like no other!

You can also massage her lower legs as you go through her calves. Emphasize doing circular rubs to her lower legs and maintaining a low to medium pressure when you are working on her inner thighs. You can also touch her groin area for more arousal.

By doing these you are surely giving them enough time to arouse her and make her feel loved like no other!

Massage is just as effective as caressing! If you are on your goal to truly arouse her and make her feel special then you can try touching her legs as you sensually stroke your fingertips down to her legs and ankles.

Being a bold and dominant partner who is aggressive and knows what he wants is truly an extreme turn-on for your Aquarius woman. Timid and shyness will just dry her up so be bold whenever you are making a move on her!

Be a bold and dominant partner! Be as fiery as you can get! This immense passion highly arouses your Aquarius woman like no other and she’ll have no choice but to truly give in to your desire!

Remember that air signs are drawn to the fury and aggressiveness of fire signs that’s why you need to emphasize showing these traits to her!

Overall your Aquarius woman likes to be massaged in the lower part of the body particularly the calves and the ankle. If you want to make her feel relaxed and at ease from stress then you can massage her calves and ankles and even include her lower legs.

If you are arousing her during a foreplay session then you can just slowly touch and caress her ankles and legs using your fingertips. Remember to touch with lust and intent and see the magic happens!

Quick Overview: Aquarius Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage and touch her ankles

Massaging and caressing her ankles is the most effective way to truly arouse or pleasure your Aquarius woman. It may seem quirky or weird that this is her erogenous zone but to her, this particular area can bring immense and enigmatic sensations that truly make her feel something.

To massage her ankles, let her sit through a chair as you hold her feet then you can begin using your thumb to put pressure on her ankles as this greatly helps her ankles lose any tension. Using your thumb and index finger stimulates the blood flow in the area by gliding downwards the ankle.

This helps in removing the swell of fluid buildup in the ankles as it also stimulates blood circulation in the area!

You can also try the c-cup hand technique where you form a c-shape in your hands as you put gently to medium pressure on the ankles of the feet. This is incredibly beneficial and relaxing for your Aquarius woman!

2. Massage her calves

Massaging her calves is another great add-on whenever you are massaging her ankles. To begin the massage put some amounts of oil into your hands then rub and stroke the muscles of the calves. Gently put pressure on the tendons and tensed muscles that you feel during the massage session.

Use your thumb and index finger to create inert pressure as you glide upwards and downwards in her calves creating immense sensations as you move your fingers

You can also try the knead or petrissage technique when you are massaging her calves, this technique squeezes the muscles of the calves. Do it using a thumb or two or three of your fingers where you squeeze the muscle using the tip of your fingers.

This acts as a deep connective tissue massage where you put point pressure into the calves. When done properly this will give immense sensations to your Aquarius woman!

3. Caress her lower area

 Whenever you are trying to put her in a good mood caressing her lower area as you maintain eye contact and a flirtatious smile can be a good way to make her lusty towards you.

Touching your Aquarius woman’s lower area which includes her legs, knees, and calves is a good way to stimulate the blood flow and in turn, get her aroused.

Touch and caress these areas gently and lovingly. Sensual touching can be a great way particularly if you emphasize these areas.

Also, remember whenever you are touching her you must keep a dominant stance. Keeping a dominant and masculine frame can make her feel more feminine which makes it all the more arousing for both of you.

4. Slap her butt!

Her butt can often be overlooked but remember that her buttocks are also situated in the lower area of the body! Slapping her butt can create tension as you are putting a hard amount of pressure on this area making her whole lower area stimulated with blood flow!

Alongside that slapping, she can be highly arousing as this denotes sexual attraction on your part! Remember that it is good every once in a while to make your Aquarius woman feel like she is being lusted upon! The more effectively you can do this the more powerful and sensual the sex will be!

5. Stimulate her mind by talking to him while doing the massage!

Last but not least! Never forget that whenever you are massaging her whether you’re massaging her ankles or her calves or her legs you must pay important attention to communicating and conversing properly with her.

Ask her how she’s been at work or let her do the talking as you listen closely. You can even compliment her or flirtatiously tease her as you do the massaging. 

Remember that your Aquarius woman is an air sign and as much as she will be stimulated by touch and massage the real stimulation you need to work on is through her mind. Let the both of you have a meaningful conversation just about anything in life.

Remember the more talk the more fun and this is truly why your Aquarius woman is unique!

Touching an Aquarius Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Aquarius woman is truly a woman to be cherished with! She’s fun, dynamic and a wonderful person to be around 24/7. She is a truly fascinating individual and we can understand why you want her to be pleasured!

The most grounded air sign your Aquarius woman is sensible, logical and a force to be reckoned with! Nonetheless, she can be a sweet, kind, helpful, and thoughtful partner if you’ve garnered her trust enough!

Touching an Aquarius woman is easy…as long as you know where her erogenous zones lie and you have practiced the techniques of massages given to you. It will pave the easy way to a long and lasting relationship with her.

Your Aquarius woman may not be the most touchy out of all the zodiac signs but she will surely appreciate it that you take time and effort to touch and caress her! Alongside that, she will definitely be surprised that you know where her erogenous zones are! 

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Aquarius man feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • Her ankles
  • Her legs
  • Her calves
  • Her butt
  • Her mind (mental stimulation through smart, humorous, flirtatious, deep talking)

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