Aquarius Woman in Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Her On

Aquarius Woman in Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Her On

Irresistible is an understatement when it comes to what it’s like to spend a night in bed with an Aquarius woman. Intimacy with her is not only amazing and extremely hot, but it’s also full of surprises. So, here’s how you can get into her pants.

Your Aquarius woman gets turned on if you are verbal about what you want. She also likes it if you are submissive but can also be dominant sometimes. Be creative with her in bed and try new things. Try dirty talk if you are comfortable enough. Lastly, give her assurance and confident as well.

Let me tell you a more in-depth explanation of what it’s like and how to turn on your Aquarius woman! Let’s go!

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Aquarius Woman in Bed: What’s It Like…

In bed, your Aquarius woman is creative. She will want to try new techniques and positions with you to keep your relationship as exciting as possible. She is daring and will be straightforward about wanting you even in public. She is also verbal about what she wants and she expects you to do the same.

Details below!

She is creative

Aquarius Woman in Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Her On

With an Aquarius woman, physical intimacy is never dull. She is constantly willing to try new things and will frequently want to put what she has learned into practice with you.

She doesn’t mind being with inexperienced partners, but she appreciates it if you have an open mind. She’ll never stop attempting new and imaginative things.

An Aquarius woman enjoys trying out new techniques and is willing to teach her inexperienced partner some bedroom techniques. She just asks for one thing from you, that you should be open-minded.

She is daring

An Aquarius woman is a huge tease who won’t hesitate to attempt to get you aroused in public. She is a great tease and doesn’t mind being an exhibitionist in public. So, unless you have the same characteristics in public or can manage your emotions, an Aquarius woman is in risky territory.

The pleasure of doing it someplace else than the bedroom turns her on. She enjoys the excitement of being caught in public. If you want to have a memorable sexual encounter with her, you might prepare something interesting and daring in advance.

Make a wise move and set up a place where you will be well-prepared and not afraid of being caught.

She is verbal

Just though an Aquarius woman spends the entire night pleasing you doesn’t mean she doesn’t want the same level of attention in return. When it comes to intimacy with an Aquarian, it’s all about giving and taking, but if you don’t get the hint, she’ll make sure you do.

She enjoys both taking command and being submissive in the bedroom. In bed, an Aquarius woman may be pushy at times, but it only adds to her sex appeal. She’ll tell you what she loves, and she’ll let you know when she needs something special from you.

7 Tips to Turn On Your Aquarius Woman in Bed

Be verbal

Aquarius Woman in Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Her On

She values communication during intercourse, but she can’t predict what you’re thinking even if she tries to be intuitive without saying. Don’t be scared to tell her what you like and don’t like in bed if there’s something you want from her.

That way, the night may be spent having fun rather than being a disappointment.

She will either adapt her actions to keep you satisfied or just ask whether you enjoy what she’s doing, whether it’s through words or body language.

Aquarius women understand that communication is the most effective method to keep intercourse enjoyable for all parties involved, which is why she insists on telling you what she wants, having you explain what you want, and attempting pretty much any new idea you both think sounds interesting.

Be submissive

One of her most attractive sexual characteristics is her dominance in bed, which makes you need her even after you’ve had enough. She has the ability to never bore you. In bed, her dominating side may be exciting and stimulating to you.

Her emotions, movements, communication, and bold attitude can all surprise you.

You’ll find it difficult to meet her desires, and you’ll always want more. Her sexual preferences are occasionally unusual and will surprise you. If she sees her spouse thinking about her all day, she feeds her ego.

She has the ability to come up with unusual ideas, such as having intercourse in public or learning a new technique by viewing rated videos.

Be dominant as well

Aquarian women love switching between dominant and submissive roles. An Aquarius woman does not allow social practices to dictate her sexuality or her life. Be willing to explore the many roles you play in the bedroom, and don’t be shocked if she wants to be more dominant.

If she sees that you’re ready to try new things like this, she’ll probably become quite worked up. She has a dominating side, but she’ll grant you control too.

Be creative

Aquarius Woman in Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Her On

An Aquarius woman is typically willing to try everything when it comes to romance. She is very straightforward, which generally translates to some pretty unrestricted sexual desires.

Leave your inhibitions at the door and collaborate with her to try new things. Getting intimate somewhere unexpected, role-playing, and anything a little kinky may excite her.

Just make sure you discuss with her first about what you want to try to make sure she’s okay with it. It’s quite okay if you’re hesitant to try something new. Telling her the truth is the best thing you can do. She’ll most likely be happy to find out what turns you both on at the same time.

Try dirty talks

Words have the power to turn an Aquarius on. Try talking dirty during sex or being loud about what gets you on if you’re at ease. She’ll most likely follow suit with some words of her own, and she’ll be all over it. She is a master of dirty talk.

She enjoys it even more since she finds it immensely attractive to know that she can get you on by teasing your thoughts as well as your body. She is highly into intercourse when it is more than just physical.

Aquarius women enjoy experimenting with various forms of dirty conversation in order to determine what works best for both of you.

This can range from improper sexting to dirty discussion over dinner at a restaurant, but whatever she attempts, expect to explore new things with her all the time.

Give her assurance

An Aquarius woman must be aware that you like her intellect as well. Make it apparent that you’re not aiming for a one-night stand when you tell her why you like her. You’ll need to let her know that you like her for more than her looks or sexual appeal, even if you’re not searching for anything serious.

This act will most likely make her open more to you and this will make her trust you even more.

Be confident

Aquarius Woman in Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Her On

Your peculiarities will attract an Aquarius woman. When you’re with her, be proud of your uniqueness. Show off your character flaws and be frank about your quirks. Aquarius women are known for being a little odd, so if she notices that you’re the same way, she’ll be all over you.

Make an effort not to kneel in front of her.

If you exude confidence, she’ll be a lot more interested in you. When your confidence begins to fade, walk tall with your head held high and remind yourself of all of your qualities and accomplishments.        

Are Aquarius Women “Freaks” in Bed?

Yes. She is willing to experiment in bed and try new things. Her libido is kept interesting by her constant curiosity and needs for new experiences. She can talk dirty if you want. She enjoys being kinky, and nothing is off-limits to her. Giving and receiving pleasure is one of her priorities in bed.

Hardcore methods are her thing, but she also enjoys kissing, cuddling, and fantastic foreplay. She will be kinky at times. When she makes love, her passion and hunger for the unknown are extremely well expressed. However, you shouldn’t expect her to want intimacy all of the time.

Your Aquarius woman in bed, in a nutshell…

To turn your Aquarius woman on, you need to:

  • Be verbal
  • Be submissive
  • Be dominant as well
  • Be creative
  • Try dirty talks
  • Give her assurance
  • Be confident




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